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  1. NoBounceNoPlay

    Blue Line Abuse

    this is great and probably true. It may exist but it shouldnt. Im sire wg can easily change it so the ship stays within the border. The people who use and abuse this are just scraping for any advantage despite knowing its pretty sad. I hope reaver gets the help he needs
  2. NoBounceNoPlay

    Destroyers become very weak after T5

    As above you become a really bad cruiser. The zao is as fast as a dd. Has way more hp, better guns, and has a [edited] of torps as well. After t5 you might as well be a cruiser and have more fun and make credits lol
  3. NoBounceNoPlay

    Destroyers become very weak after T5

    Im at tier 8 dd and it is dissapointing. Id be better off in ANY other class. Reasons are simple. Im slower cruisers keep up with me. Im easier to spot even with the skill and camo etc. Not to mention how many planes there are. Also turning off AA does little. Makes about 1km spot difference. I spend almost all my games waiting around until the enemy team is thinned before hunting else im just an easy and often first blood. . . I also make next to 0 credits in it unless i sink someone as a premium account this is pretty dissapointing. Maybe i could work on my game a bit but short of hiding at the back until midgame my options are little.
  4. NoBounceNoPlay

    What happened to DD's?

    DD is hard to play for sure. Unless the enemy is a moron and doesnt change direction you cant hit at all with torps and firing gun reveals you and sink. At tier 8 CV has so many planes as do cruisers snd Bb that you are spotted all the time unless you hang at the back. Im not the best DD player nor the worst but I find at T8 its difficult to make cash. My repaor bill is almost 100k per game and unless i sink something I make 80k if im lucky. I have premium. . . . This never happened to me in WoT or WoWP where it was fsirly easy to get some damage in. In this though to make money you need to play the other 3 types of ship or use a premium every couple of games. Credits seem low in this game.
  5. NoBounceNoPlay

    preimum ships are..

    Premium ships always seem op. Its because they are already pimped. HOWEVER, a fully elited ship of equivalent tier should be better statwise overall. Thats how it was in WoT snd WoWP. I have had multiple premiums in each game and they dont perform as amazing as non prem owners think they do. They are credit making machines so for those of us with money but little time can enjoy the game the same as those with no money but loads of time.
  6. NoBounceNoPlay

    Premium shop prices vary?

    Gotcha it wasnt enough to make me irritated 50 pence is nothing was just flipping between ru and eu to see if they had the T8 premium yet as i thought today was patch day when i noticed it. Thanks for clearing it up guys!
  7. NoBounceNoPlay

    Premium shop prices vary?

    Apologies in advance if this has been said before but I was looking at the premium shop shippies. If I look on the EU they cost more than the ones on the RU?