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  1. Zegrze

    Suggestions thread

    Definitely allow rentals in the training room.
  2. As one of those affected I could not agree more.
  3. Blisteringly fast. Thanks for the update Aslain.
  4. Any idea what could be causing me to get stuck in the battle loading screen, I can see the teams, see the countdown and then sometimes it freezes before 5 seconds often at 5 seconds and then stays in the loading screen. Strange thing is that I can continue to compare my ships with others even when stuck in the screen. I can see which ships are dead. If I don't get stuck in the loading screen it is frequently dark and camo takes ages to appear. The only remedy I can use is to exit the game and log back in. It happens in about 50% or more of all battles. This has been going on for a number of days going back at least a couple of iterations of the mod. The game works fine when there is no mod pack installed and there seems to be no probs with darkness and camo. Any idea what is causing this, I love the modpack and the utility it brings. As an aside the Amagi seems to be the only ship which does not seem to gain the advantage of the more easily seen shells in flight, no matter which variant I use the Amagi shells are a sort of tiny dark blue which is almost impossible to see. Thanks for any help with this.
  5. Yeah we have guys waiting to get into clan, it a right royal pain, damn you WG get your useless fingers out.
  6. Zegrze


  7. Zegrze

    PSA - Patch 0.6.10 problems

    This is outrageous, now i will actually have to do something in real life like hoover, do the washing up, make dinner, shower, go to work, give a presentation, train some new employees, why WG, why do you force these horrors on me.
  8. Zegrze

    [HEART] Hearts Of Oak

    Well it is a good clan for sure, as well as HAERT our other clan. It really makes a huge difference when you can do divisions and missions and whatever on the Discord voice channels. If you have recently joined then just get on Discord and jump into voice comms, no invitation required. If you see three folks already in a Division dont assume it is full and you cant join we will always split divisions so that everyone can join in and then what we do is to try and sync in the different divisions, sometimes we end up on same team and sometimes we don't, and that is when things get really fun :)
  9. Thanks for the awesome mod collection and the speedy updates.
  10. Thanks for the info, I might well use that HSF Captain now I know I dont have to listen to her silly voice :)
  11. Does this Mod change the voice of the Captain from annoying anime character to normal human? Does it work with Alain modpack? Thanks
  12. Zegrze

    [HEART] Hearts Of Oak

    Well it was certainly one of the main sellers but not the only one. I have read the whole of your recruitment topic, fully read each and every post from both members and applicants. I feel an affinity with what I have read. I am pretty sure there will be a good sense of camaraderie from what I have seen so far and I would like to be a contributing part of that.
  13. Zegrze

    [HEART] Hearts Of Oak

    No probs, look forwards to it. I have Discord so let me know your Discord server address when you get a chance, I am a terrible typist and have to look at keyboard to type so I prefer voice comms :)