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  1. Zegrze

    Container collection screen guy.

    You know the guy I am talking about, the torpedophile, holding it lovingly with his left hand and fondling it with his right. Could WG not at least give him a visible rag or cleaning cloth in his right hand to make it look like he is polishing it or something?
  2. Damn, Microsoft refusing to let me install this again, same problem as before, no idea how to fix it. EDIT: WIndows defender has changed its default from warn to block apps that it sees as a potential threat. I changed back to warn and now all is working as intended, so if anyone else has this issue you know what to do
  3. I also normally have the same option as you but not this time. I also mentioned that I am running as admin. Just tried loading the same files as I already downloaded and now they work no problem, Weird.
  4. The second image I posted shows the result of clicking on 'more info' and as you can see, there is no option other than 'DONT RUN' I recognise that more info does normally allow an option to install, but this time it does not.
  5. My windows refuses to install it. Although it gets the all clear as clean from Avast, Malwarebytes and Spybot Search and Destroy. I tried run as Administrator and that did not work either.
  6. Zegrze

    Which 750k exp premium ship to get?

    Thanks for the info guys. I went with the Kronstadt as I already have the Yamato. Loving, the Kronstadt, very fun to play.
  7. I quite like the new carriers.
  8. Zegrze

    CV Rework: Some tips for beginners.

    Perhaps instead of being incredibly unhelpful and not at all constructive perhaps you could write your own guide/advice if you think pikka is not qualified to do so. All you seem to be able to do is whinge rather than help.
  9. Did someone forget to close the seacocks or left a hatch open? Anyway the test server is still up so time to play a bit on that.
  10. Zegrze

    Which 750k exp premium ship to get?

    Ah that sucks, I should have looked better at the tech tree.
  11. Well I finally got around to saving up 750k exp instead of spending it and I am pondering which T9 premium ship to get. My available choices: Kronstadt Musashi Missouri I already have Kutuzov and Alabama at T8. Is Missouri still the best credit printer, are the other two more fun? Would appreciate recommendations. Thanks.
  12. Zegrze

    Suggestions thread

    Definitely allow rentals in the training room.
  13. As one of those affected I could not agree more.
  14. Blisteringly fast. Thanks for the update Aslain.