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  1. ktistai228

    Submarine question

    Stick, do not that the bow planes are pretty low compared to those on the Gold of Whisky classes. Seawolf is too rounded but Balao kinda looks like it. Another big problem I'd have is the tail, which doesn't fit the 50-60s look. Any idea what to do with that? But thanks a lot for the answers, these are quite useful.
  2. ktistai228

    Submarine question

    Okay, I am considering cutting either the bow planes or the fairwater planes. After that glue them to the back of the submarine to transform them into stern planes. I was asking which I should move. And if I moved it, to what submarine would it look like.
  3. ktistai228

    Submarine question

    Yes, by plane I mean control surface. Okay, considering I could cut off one of the planes and make it a stern plane. Which should I? What would it look like?
  4. ktistai228

    Submarine question

    No, I'm not asking for submarines in the game, but since this is a big pile of ship nerds I have a question I'd like an answer to. Does anyone know of a submarine with no stern planes but having both bow planes and fairwater planes? Anything of the sorts? Short of that, can anyone tell me what these two look like? Submarine Cruiser