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  1. Dbars_eu

    French Battleships : GOD in WOW !!!

  2. Dbars_eu

    Give all cruisers heal?

    t8 CA really need it imo.
  3. Dbars_eu

    Enough is enough.

    T8 wasnt that bad a few years ago. But with the insane power creep the difference between t8 and t10 is way to large.
  4. The ship is fine imo. this is exactly what a premium should be. it has it downsides and good. At least it isnt a Belfast or another russian flame thrower that can sit in smoke.
  5. Dbars_eu

    WoWS: Goods and bads

    draws kill the game for me. Also ppl who make excuses about draws sayin they are ok also kill me. Also DD t6+ are one of the worst if not the worst classes in game.
  6. Dbars_eu

    Should I skip the Colorado?

    yea like learning to hate life.
  7. this also counts for the tech tree. muppet
  8. if the Bismarck is the prem ship with 274 shell dispersion i for sure will not be buying it.
  9. Dbars_eu

    Will the German Tree be realeased completed?

    I am guessing the Bismarck wont come till Christmas. Since the Cruisers come in October.....So 2018 we will get a complete Royal navy.
  10. Its funny that you say this when they will release another 40euro + ship the Tirpitz before a actual content patch. lol......
  11. give us the tirpitz wging!!!!!
  12. They are giving away the Tirpitz premium ship at gamescom to people who are watching twitch. Question is when can we get it in our shop as well?
  13. Dbars_eu

    Bismarck sighted!

  14. Dbars_eu

    Bismarck sighted!

    After watching Quickybaby play the Bismarck it looks like a really bad ship. The shell dispersion looks TERRIBLE, it looks like a colorado shell spread . Even though quicky isnt a good player i can tell that the accuracy of the Bismarck is really really bad.
  15. Dbars_eu

    2 new US tier 10 CA (patch 4.1)

    RIP minekaze looks like that it is its replacement.