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  1. Puffadder

    Loading times

    Not really - reinstall had no influence on game/battle loading times whatsoever. Although I can play - I just have to setle with entering battles 2-3-4-5 mins later than anyone else.
  2. Puffadder

    Loading times

    I have just uninstalled and am now trying a "fresh" reinstall, to see if my problems will be dealt with this way. I too never experienced any trouble loading, untill a few patches ago where everything just went to hell. Kinda had to - loading could take the duration of the battle for me. So I need to do something to try and alter it. Everything updated and all - so reinstall is only solution I have left.
  3. Puffadder

    It's noob Day?

  4. I am not an english speaking forumuser either. And I am not pissed of about having to use the english speaking forum. Shepbur - your point loses its validity. According to your logic, there are 59% of forum users not speaking english, or at very least - gets pissed about having to speak/type english?Seriously? Those 59% are distributed out on the other nations presently playing on the EU server. Some of them are german, some are french, some are italian, some are hungarian, some are ... well you get my drift. That means ... 41% of the forum users have at least one thing in common. They are english speakers. According to your logic. Is it possible - that your argument only stands because you (apparently isn't a native english speaker) are one of those pissed of having to use the forums english board? Besides ... at what point did this topic become about languages? Do not hijack topics.
  5. Puffadder

    Can no longr dsignate secondary battery /AA Priority Targets

    Have you designated some key-bindings? If you have - try to "Set to default". If that doesn't help - only thing to do (at least that was the case in my situation. Support ticket did absolutely nothing but made me wait around a few days while it wasn't working.), is to uninstall and reinstall. It happened to me as well - and after a prolonged ticket conversation with support, that lead absolutely nowhere, I uninstalled and reinstalled, and have since been able to priority target again.
  6. Puffadder


    batfastard - if you had taken the time to take a look at the patchnotes, you would see it already was announced. for further info: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/cbt/patch-alert-0501/
  7. Puffadder

    Engine crits .... really .....

    DDs benefits greatly from lv 4 commander skill "Last Stand". The engine crit happened a lot IRL DDs, and it will happen a lot in WoWS. Usually it happens at the first hit I take in any of my DDs. I research both lines currently ... and if I get hit - I suffer crit damage to modules. Biggest module in a DD is the engine. Go figure why it gets critted so often then. ;)
  8. Puffadder

    Submarine Gameplay in "Steel Ocean" - chinese WoWS copy

    That is absolutely not my experience with chinese games. From what I have learned - both by hear-say as well as from playing quite a few (including Perfect World) ... chinese managed games are usually most in it for milking profits. No regards for their playerbase what so ever.If you think WG treat their non-native russian playerbase bad ... in my experience ... chinese game developers have seriously raised the bar for "bad".
  9. Puffadder

    Really ?

    I can't help but thinking - every time this issue comes up - that the OP is mad about getting hit/sunk repeatedly by a DD hiding in a smoke screen. And maybe fail to realise that there is in fact, a lesson to be learned from that. 1: Smoke screen usually indicates DD nearby. Evasive manouvers applicable. 2: Stop sailing in straight lines. Evaisve manouvers applicable. Did someone say: Situation awareness? OP - because you haven't figured out how to deal with DDs, doesn't mean it has to be additionally nerfed to suit your playstyle.
  10. Thing is - community managers is our (playerbase/users) direct link to Wargaming (the corporation). They have to take the heat for the playerbases discontent. If they were doing their jobs "properly", there wouldn't be a need for anyone to post a thread like this.And while it is true that "Everyone who ever worked in a slightly bigger company knows that missplanning is often your arch enemy.", it doesn't mean that nothing can be done about it. First thing is for the CMs to step up, and direct this further up the chain. While misplanning might be the arch enemy, it will never get resovled on its own. Someone needs to speak up. And while Ectar picks up the gauntlet, and addresses some of the issues, it doesn't take away the fact, that it gets viewed as a defense of CM behaviour. This leads to a fast point of view as: Us against them. And while it isn't about that, a lot of time goes by with defensive retorts to conceived attacks on someone not doing their best at their job. Nothing gets done, because noone seems to be able to actually do something about anything. Except staying in "offensive/defensive mode". It is a relentless task to be CM for an obvious grumbling playerbase. If it gets to be too much - then resign the job, and let someone in, who can deal with it. First step would actually be, to determine what excactly is the foundation of that grumbling. To me - the "staff are away at other events throughout Europe", is an excuse for passing on the buck. It is not the CMs fault, that WG has chosen this way of conducting day-to-day business. But here is the thing. It most certainly isn't our (playerbase/users) fault either. But we are the ones ending up with the shitty end of the stick. You are the ones offering a product. (WoT, WoWS, WoWP and so on) We are the ones paying for that product. Your mealticket comes directly out of our pockets. That means - you should bend over backwards to please us. (If this kind of day-to-day management was going on at my company, heads would have rolled a long time back.) So - Ectar, MrConway and everyone else - cudos for trying, but get more serious, and do not get defensive about us raising questions, issues and common discontent. The fact that these topics gets posted repeatedly should tell you something. *HINT-HINT* - you know?
  11. Puffadder

    Soviet DD stats

    Lookjs like the SN DD's are going to have to be played like a DD/CA hybrid. And forget about torps at tier 5-6-7 ... they have to be played more cautiously than the USN DD's.
  12. Puffadder

    Lots of events for October!

    Just goes to show once again, that WG could care less about their EU community. We don't bring in the big bucks - so to Hxxx with us.
  13. Puffadder

    Doubloons Package Refund ?

    Maybe direct this to Support? Noone on forum can help you out anyway.
  14. Puffadder


    True - he made fun of the dumb ones. You know - those who lack situational awareness, and refuses to use mini map and also keep sailing in straight lines.THose who are a delicious appetizer for any reasonably skilled DD/CV player. He also makes fun of CA players ... and sometimes even DD players. Generally ... you can say he makes fun of those players who are unable to learn basics about the game. Despite their own experience in it.