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  1. DK63

    Bug Reports

    Looks like it. I run Aslain''s mod. Just removed it and game now works. However, I'm now PINK, through no fault of my own. WG, how do I get that removed please?
  2. DK63

    Bug Reports

    I'm having a problem with the Halloween mode. Basically, I'm getting stuck in the 'loading' screen (skull picture), just seeing 'IDS_NULL_DESCRIPTION', 'IDS_NULL_GAME', etc and can't do anything. Having to use Task Manager to quit the game. Have tried verifying game data, still does it. Not happy as I'm getting disciplinaries for being AFK!
  3. DK63

    Move Captain to another ship

    When you move a captain up a tier, you will need to retrain him for the next ship. This resets all his skills, so yes, he 'loses' the concealment skill. However, he still has all his points so after retraining, you just reassign the points as you want.
  4. It happens to me all the time because I actually try to cap or deny a cap, and suddnly I'm radared and a plane nearby shows them to be on the OTHER side of an island. This is fact, not just me crying!
  5. Of all the ideas, THIS is the best. But I want WG to acknowledge that you can't radar THROUGH an island or against an island and fix it!
  6. DK63

    Bug Reports

    Thanks. That solved the problem. Can't zoom out as far as I'd like, but certainly much better now.
  7. DK63

    Bug Reports

    I too am having this problem. Select torps (RMB), fire, press 1 for guns, have to then zoom out to see the game. Also, unusually, I had to reassign buttons, first time in many patches I've had to do this. (Artillery view mapped to thumb mouse button)
  8. Thank you to those that have sent in game invites. I can't be online as much as I'd like at the moment, but I will get back to people.
  9. Excuse my ignorance but is that a TS2 server, or just an address for TS3?
  10. I'm looking for a clan to contribute oil to, and division up with. Play irregular hours, but will put time in if needed. Would like to play competitive and hopefully join in some training. English, with TS, No idea what discord is so probably don't use it.
  11. DK63

    Radar spotting THROUGH islands

    Statistics are meaningless in WoWs. You get no credit from spotting, or smoking over a team mate, which I do a lot. Damage, capping and decapping are all that matter. I know how to play all the other classes, I choose to do so only to understand their limitations. I play a Bismark for instance, so when I meet one on the other side, I (hopefully) know how to not die! However, this thread is about radar, not my stats.
  12. DK63

    Radar spotting THROUGH islands

    I don't consider it a radar nerf, but otherwise I agree completely. Ships should not just 'vanish' from plain sight. It really annoyed me in Tanks when you could see a tree being pushed over but not the tank doing it!
  13. DK63

    Radar spotting THROUGH islands

    Vulnerable? The Pensacola defines the word vulnerable! I couldn't wait to get rid of it. Great guns, but pen'd by everything. I have the NO but rarely play it, I still prefer DD's.
  14. DK63

    Radar spotting THROUGH islands

    I know how the game works, and how to play. And good players do smash you with surprise tactics. (I don't like how you're auto spotted when you get to close, even through islands, but that's another thread.) Just because you don't agree, doesn't make my post any less valid.
  15. DK63

    Radar spotting THROUGH islands

    First link; it was a tongue in cheek thread designed to catch the unwary! Second link; it was their view. I play as many games where I'm the only DD on my side, or in the game, as I do where there are 4 or more on each side. It's a MM issue. Third link; again, an MM issue. Most complaints about too many DD's are from BBabies that think it's fine to sail broadside on across the map and never use ASD and then wonder why they eat half a dozen torps! My complaint is about the game mechanics of radar. I have no problem with it's use in open water or a hurricane, but it should not work through an island.