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  1. Acacios

    Launcher not updating

    Nae. HE, AP and replacing main battery munitions with Star Shells. Cuz the anaemic AP is still too powerful.
  2. Acacios

    Launcher not updating

    Oh the irony...
  3. Acacios

    Launcher not updating

    Guess Ivan fell asleep in the sever room :)
  4. Acacios

    Launcher not updating

    The NA launcher went without a hitch yesterday. Wonder what the problem is today, with the EU client?
  5. Acacios

    Lucky Asian Server..... they are teasing us!

    As much as I so want her now. I can't help be a wee bit disappointed she doesn't come with her 4 submerged torpedo tubes... An oversight, design choice? Maybe the Dev's can look into at least looking at the possibility... Either way I am very happy The Grand Old Lady is coming to us. She will be a prominent figurehead in my port for years to come.
  6. Acacios

    Cursor issues

    All drivers upto date. Game settings: Max (except textures. Always reverts back to low after any change) GPU: GF 460 GTX Cursor as mentioned above works just fine in window mode, but as soon as I put full screen on. the Cursor disappears in the map/minimap screen in battle. Alt+Enter has no effect (except fixng the random black screen in port)
  7. Acacios

    Cursor issues

    Also experiencing cursor transparency on minimap. makes plotting autopilot and managing Aircraft carrier operations. difficult, when you can not see where the cursor is on the minimap, Only effecting me in battle. Works flawless everywhere else.