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  1. Wotichen

    Christmas convoy misson is here

    Funny thing is if you go of off the mission you could see on the PT-Server. The Spee is no requirement. You need the Mikasa, the Texas and the Tirpitz.
  2. Wotichen

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw #2 - Try Your Luck!

    I am entering, too. Thx for the graciouse prices
  3. Wotichen

    German Destroyers Nerfed Before Launch

    All this invisi fire crap talk in here to vindicate the fire penalty for the german DDs is BS imo. Imagine this: you are a Dev and uyou got some DDs on your hand that can invisi fire and you dont want them to have that ability, what would be your first thought? Maybe....just maybe, you would lower the range of the F`ing guns and not double the fire penalty. That you cant fight for a cap and get unspotted the moment you kill the enemy DD but get the bloom of a BB is the thing that in my opinion makes these DDs more or less useless.
  4. Wotichen

    What comes after RN cruiser line?

    Oh my bad! RN in my post should be read as Russian Navy not Royal Navy.
  5. Wotichen

    What comes after RN cruiser line?

    If they can work out Russian Navy battleship tree, they can work out a full tree for any navy in the world. I suspect Swiss BB-Line around 2018 along with Liberian DDs and Austrian CV´s shouldnt be far off.
  6. Wotichen

    Gneisenau wider beam then Scharnhorst?

    I have no idea either if it makes a difference in game. I just found it a bit peculiar because i thought that both ship hulls should be identical.
  7. Wotichen

    Gneisenau wider beam then Scharnhorst?

    I have both ships so i can tell you regardless of the angle, the slope of the turtelback is diffrent. ok maybe it has a longer bow, but that should do nothing to the width of the ship. If you hide the bow armor in the armor viewer, you can see that the armor actually starts for both ships on the same spot, right before turret Anton. So it shouldnt have any bearing on the angle of the turtelback. Only an increase in width of the Gneisenau would make sense imho.
  8. Wotichen

    Gneisenau wider beam then Scharnhorst?

    Ok so i am not crazy...there is a diffrence What a relieve.
  9. Wotichen

    Gneisenau wider beam then Scharnhorst?

    Hmmm if they are both the same width, then why is the angle on the turtleback different? Top picture is the Scharnhorst, bottom picture is the Gneisenau.
  10. I was wondering if anyone of you knows why the Gneisenau has a wider beam than the Scharnhorst? If you inspect both ships in the armor viewer you can see that the angle on the turtelback on the Scharnhorst is much steeper then on the Gneisenau. I switched back and forth between the ships and actually came to the conclusion that the Gneisenau is wider. Why is that? Any ideas? P.S.: sorry for typo in the threat topic
  11. Wotichen

    Bayern the beast - The best T6 BB?

    I have a question about the Bayern, maybe some one can answer it. Why has the BAyern a max armor of 260mm on the citadelle? I thought the citadelle armor is including the belt armor, maybe i am wrong here. But if it includes the armor belt, why is it not up at 350mm. According to the armor schemes of the Bayern i should have a 350mm belt.
  12. Wotichen

    Bayern the beast - The best T6 BB?

    i actually found the armor not really strong on her. The ships before her could take more abuse. I regularly got shot for 9k. The guns are ok though. So far i think it got the weakest armor of the german BB`s. And on a side note i am already horrified to get to Gneisenau because she has weaker armor then Scharnhorst and i dont know why.