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    December patch has added submarines?

    yes because DDs really needed to be more OP erm i meant competitive...
  2. caronmickeydevries

    Disconnect Windows 10 Issue?

    did you actually installed new drivers after the update or just went with what was installed already? Alot of people had this issue with a different game. They just went with the already installed driver, thinking that would work fine. You actually have to install the Win 10 drivers.
  3. caronmickeydevries

    This game is eating the dirt already..

    Imagine that, wouldnt be the first time that something like that happens tho, some games even get canceled just right before release date. Love the logic, back to your bridge troll. Also cant really blame the vacation for the decreasing numbers, some countries are already 1 month into the vacation time. So if it would be the vacation time, then we would have seen the numbers drop a month ago. As already mentioned tho, it is beta and alot of ppl were comming here with certain expectations and they didnt got what they hoped for. Most of them realized it is just like WoT, except on water and slower gameplay. Game is still young, so just wait and see.
  4. caronmickeydevries

    What is BAD and what is god in this game.

    So what now? First you say exp is ok but then you complain about grinding. You even read what you write?
  5. caronmickeydevries

    what is this triangle?

    well this might be it then, if it shows up for randoms aswell, then it has nothing to do with the ship or the game mode.
  6. caronmickeydevries

    Good game, still gonna quit

    well i actually just built a pc for my son using my old 9800 GT+ and it ran WOT on the standard engine with steady 40-50 fps. I was really surprised.
  7. caronmickeydevries

    what is this triangle?

    Looks like some sort of warning or attention sign. Might have to do something with your Tier VIII ship?
  8. couldnt agree more, the rest of your post sounds nice but it would be way too much micro management for an arcade game, so i am afraid it wont happen. I hope tho that they change the fire and repairtime for the modules because 45sec - 1:30min is just too much.
  9. caronmickeydevries

    Good game, still gonna quit

    How on earth do you get 50+ fps on WOT with that setup, oh wait you are using the standard engine not the improved one. In WoWS you dont have that, its the improved engine. So yes expect it to run slower. 4GB of ram is just not cutting it these days for gaming either. Also the game is in beta so there are still some bugs here and there, nontheless, you really might want to upgrade that PC.
  10. caronmickeydevries

    All upgrades

    exactly this, now that you have the info provided you were looking for. You can just make a list or would that be too much effort?
  11. caronmickeydevries

    BB captains too passive?

    Do we have to say some prayers to rngesus before the battle starts or how does it work with, the projectiles hitting where we are actually aiming at. You know, like aiming at citadel and 33% of shots is flying above the target, 33% going into water before they reach the ship and rest just puts some scratches into the enemy camo paint.
  12. caronmickeydevries

    ok tell me how to "tank" damage in a Sea battle

    Angling the ship to gain armor... LOL. This is not WOT! Most of the enemy fire comes in an arc, that the projectiles hit your deck from above. So you dont really bounce any shots but you will give the enemy a smaller surface to hit, if you turn your ship towards them.
  13. caronmickeydevries

    Where are all the registered players?

    well maybe all those people just signed up to try the game and didnt like it in its current state or got boring with the current content and they will come back later once the game made some progress. Just like me, i havent played for days, even tho i have premium running.
  14. caronmickeydevries

    St. Louis in T4-5 battles

    The St. Louis is actually pretty capable in Tier 4-5 battles. It might have a shoerter range than Tier V cruisers but it has same ammount of HP and more guns. The St. Louis can rip any Tier V cruiser apart.
  15. caronmickeydevries

    Already Boring?

    just stay with the St. Louis, it rapes any Tier V cruiser in no time.