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  1. They're artificially inflating these prices to deal with the "issue" of too many players having too much free exp, which they caused themselves. It's like Missouri 2.0.
  2. Wargaming wants all players to spend gold on free exp to skip ships, modules etc., but most of the good players have a lot of stacked free exp and economic flags; thus, no need to buy free exp and Wg doesn't like that. Those insane prices for Smaland and presumably Hayate are just another pathetic attempt to milk those players of their stacked free exp, just like the regrind bureau.
  3. The game itself is region free, as many Playstation games (mainly Japanese) are region locked.
  4. You can get Yamashiro from every enemy fleet that has at least 2 triangles in its icon.
  5. Pre-dreadnoughts in major navies were usually scrapped to make more dreadnoughts and the only still existing dreadnought is Texas simply cuz it's so freaking expensive to keep such a rusting hunk of metal afloat.
  6. MK1D

    16 SEZON - Rankedy

    7 i 9, bo nie ma cv.
  7. MK1D

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    Georgia is also free.
  8. I think they're based on this. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNJAP_5-50_t1.php
  9. MK1D

    CV Rework - Oficjalny temat do zbiórki opinii

    Dawać DD myśliwce też trzeba umieć. Ostatnio miałem sytuację, gdzie myśliwce mojego cv zdradziły moją pozycję, przez co padłem. Meczyk był do wygrania, wróg już nie miał DD, a wroga lotnia męczyła BB po drugiej stronie mapy. Idealna pora, by wejść wrogom na flankę i kogoś rozwalić, bo przegrywamy na punkty. Piszę nawet na czacie, żeby nade mną nie latał, to ten i tak nade mną latał i jeszcze puścił myśliwce zanim odleciał. Wrogi CV przyleciał zobaczyć co tam się działo, latał zygzakiem i szybko mnie znalazł (AA off) i od razu HE bomby na ryj za 10k i moje Asashio idzie do portu.
  10. MK1D


    Let me guess, you only play in a a 3 man tryhard div?
  11. MK1D


    Overall the CV situation is fine as it is, but the moment you get 2 CVs per team the game becomes cancerous garbage, due to constant strikes and spotting. WG needs to cap the number of CVs on tiers 6 and 8 as well.
  12. MK1D


    It's so hard to play these days with all those damn dds running around.
  13. We'll most likely see AL shipgirls fighting alongside normal ships, just like in the game.