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  1. MK1D


    Let me guess, you only play in a a 3 man tryhard div?
  2. MK1D


    Overall the CV situation is fine as it is, but the moment you get 2 CVs per team the game becomes cancerous garbage, due to constant strikes and spotting. WG needs to cap the number of CVs on tiers 6 and 8 as well.
  3. MK1D


    It's so hard to play these days with all those damn dds running around.
  4. We'll most likely see AL shipgirls fighting alongside normal ships, just like in the game.
  5. They're talking about arpeggio of blue steel.
  6. MK1D

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Excuse me, but wtf Old premium ships get power creeped by new silver ships/premiums and when it eventually happens people stop playing/buying those old premium ships. Let's be honest, WG doesn't care whether we play our premiums or not, but they do care when their premiums are not selling, hence they buff those ships to entice new people to buy them. Well before uptiering anything they should improve matchmaking for tier 6 and 8 ships as those are constantly getting shafted by harsh MM.
  7. Hehe I finally decided to farm 10-4 today and I managed to get Jintsu, it costed me 5k oil though.
  8. At first I thought that it was a time-limited event, but it turns out that this core exchange is a permanent feature and the day counter there simply indicates when items in this core shop refresh.
  9. Marrying ships raises their base stats by 3%.
  10. Yeah helldivers are good and homing torps are just so much better for auto-play.
  11. I'm playing on the EN as well, but getting gear is all about RNG. Personally, I'm cursed with gold 105 AA guns and repair tools and i have a surplus of both as well as bunch of gold torps that have become obsolete since the introduction of german homing torps. On top of that there are traps such as the British quad 356 which in practical terms is weaker than purple US triple 406.
  12. Well it depends on what you already have. Since I have plenty of tier 4 gear pieces I don't find tier 5 boxes attractive. Besides it takes a lot of time to gather 500 data points and you are not guaranteed to get a useful piece from tier 5 box. For 300 points more you can get an amazing tier 4 gear that you can only be obtained through core data exchange.
  13. Torpedo is very good for Sakura dds like Yudachi or Ayanami, gold 203 is perfect for Atago and gold 381 is one of the best guns for bbs. You should skip those black boxes as they can give you crappy/worthless gear.
  14. MK1D

    Bombowce nurkujące a niszczyciele

    No chyba, że kierujący samolotem ma zainstalowany wsad.exe i nie lata w linii prostej.