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  1. Kyono

    What is it with Battleship HE spam??!?

    And here in lies the problem of World of Warships. The smug little elitists who infest the forums like a bad rash who like to bash all over the newer players with their elitist views. It's little wonder so few people actually come here and instead prefer to go to Reddit where there is less elitism. Enjoy lording it over your tiny little digital empire :)
  2. Kyono

    What is it with Battleship HE spam??!?

    It's not the HE that's the problem, it's the rampant damage from fire that is the major ball ache. Why should fire damage do more damage than AP over pens? It should be a minor damage boost, not the main cause of your damage.
  3. Kyono

    Comments from a returning CBT player.

    So I've been playing again for roughly two weeks now since my return, and I'm noticing some extreme balance issues. First of all, fire damage is out of control when compared to using AP shells. I was slapped by a Nelson while angled and set on fire in three places, so repaired to avoid taking excess fire damage. He was full broadside to me at 5km and sitting still, so I aimed at the waterline in my Queen Elizabeth, took careful aim and shot at his citadel. 800 damage and 8 overpens. I was then slapped by another salvo of HE shells from the Nelson and once again set on fire in three places. At this point half of my HP was gone and I was burning like a wildfire. Fire took me down to about 10% HP and there was nothing I could do. My second salvo into his fully exposed broadside once again resulted in nothing but overpens. So, is AP useless now? Are we now in the age HE spam where even BBs will fling nothing but HE now? And yes, I'm fully aware that the Nelson is a British BB, the BB line which has excessive fire starting chances. But EVERYTHING flings HE now! And even the low % chancers seem to be starting fires with nearly every salvo fired. It's a joke. And this is the reason why so many BB players just sit back and snipe all day long. Too afraid of getting close to cruisers and DDs.
  4. Kyono

    WG Please stop torpedo missions.

    Same can be said for fire damage missions. HE spam is bad enough as it is without actively ENCOURAGING players to do it. Watching BBs spamming HE shells at other BBs at max range is just facepalm material.
  5. Kyono

    Comments from a returning CBT player.

    So getting set on fire in three places the second you come under fire, putting them out and then IMMEDIATELY getting set on fire in three places again is "nerfed"?
  6. Kyono

    Missouri gone for good?

    Either hold on to your free XP until they do the same with the Musashi and either put in the Missouri or another free xp T9 ship, or buy the Musashi
  7. First of all, I played a fair bit during the closed beta (only enough to unlock my Arkansas Beta ship) and I stuck around for maybe a week after initial release. There are a few things that I've noticed about the current meta that would be infuriating to new players (after so long away, I consider myself to be a reborn newb) Torpedo spam. Holy cow have you guys gone overboard with the amount of ships that have torpedoes available on them. I counted a match yesterday where half of the 24 ships in the match were all carrying torpedoes. Nobody is going to attack with that many ships able to fire off torpedoes. Matches just devolved into battleship sniping matches. HE spam. Problem has existed since closed beta. Get within range of destroyers and cruisers and you're just going to have a wall of HE shells flung at you for the duration of your stay in hostile waters. Get set on fire with three fires and put them out? Congratulations, you're on fire again a few seconds later. Results in the same problem as torpedo spam. Battleships too afraid to push in. Matches devolve into battleship sniping matches. Lack of AA in tier 4 / 5 matches. This is one of my biggest gripes. As a guy who loves playing battleships, the amount of torpedo and bomber spam that can be sent your way without you being able to do anything to counter other than turn your ship is absurd. I was playing in my fully upgraded Emerald cruiser yesterday and had positioned myself behind an island in the path of two incoming torpedo squadrons who were headed for a cluster of friendly battleships who were off performing the dance of their people near the edge of the map (battleship sniping in case you were wondering what that analogy meant). Both torpedo squadrons hit 3.5km from me and my AA guns opened up. They then reached 2.5km and my second group of guns opened up. They reached 2km and my final two sets opened up. I had targeted the first wave so that all my guns would open up on it. It reached me. It passed over me. It flew away. Not a single aircraft shot down.... Yes, my Emerald captain is relatively new and only has four skill points so doesn't have BFT yet, but not being able to shoot down a single aircraft from a tier five carrier when he had to travel through 7km of AA fire? Absurd. Last of all, my main gripe about what ever changes they made to citadels on BBs. Citadel hits from BBs. Was this feature removed in its entirety from low tier matches? I've been trying out the new French BBs and have yet to score a single citadel hit against any other BBs. I've been punishing cruiser players with citadels left, right and centre for daring to sail too close to me, but have been unable to score a single citadel hit against other BBs, even when slapping them with full broadsides when they give me their broadside. I've seen shells slam into the waterline hull below turrets and the smoke stacks and give me hits of 800, despite knowing that it should have been a citadel hit. Is RNJesus just trolling me hard? Now, don't get me wrong. I am NOT hating on the game. In fact I am having a lot more fun this time round than I was during the CBT and the week after launch (I think I came back for a week somewhere, played two games and uninstalled) The community seems a lot friendlier for some unknown reason. Still toxicity in the chat from time to time, but not on the levels I had seen before. I see less lemming trains forming. I see people calling for help, offering help and providing info in the chat etc. The game is actually enjoyable for me now, other than the few gripes above.
  8. So, I took a break from the game three months ago as I was sick to my back teeth of my BB doing minimal rolls with AP shells every time while every CA on the enemy team spammed nothing but HE shells and kept me on fire the entire match. I gave up and walked away hoping that if I kept away for a while, something magical would happen and that a fix would be applied (conveniently forgetting that this is a Wargaming product). I left due to the broken MM throwing my tier four CA against tier seven CAs whose superior guns and range tore me to pieces before I ever had a chance to do anything. So I came back today after a friend said "It's a much better game now!". Oh how wrong he was! So I logged in and jumped in to my Warspite, the legendary beast of a ship that she was during the CBT. "What could go wrong?" I thought to myself. The game is still a mess of people spamming nothing but HE shells in every ship they own, because what's the point in firing AP shells and going for weak spots when you can fire nothing but HE shells at set everything on fire over and over again? I went out in my Warspite the first match I got in to. Came around the corner on Two Brothers on the right of the map and ran in to three enemy CAs. Within a minute I had lost half of my health to HE spam and fires. No skill, no going for weak spots with AP shells. Just pure HE spam. I managed to get a few hits in on the closest enemy CA with AP shells, but the most I ever did in a hit was 2k damage despite going for the weak spots. Yes, I have fire extinguisher perks and decrease in time spent on fire, but if the game is still a mess of HE spammers then I'll just go on another three month hiatus. Though I doubt anything will change. EDIT: Oh and I've had numerous matches since I came back, every single one of them full of HE spam.
  9. Kyono


    Pretty much. I've been on holiday for two weeks yet check the forums every few days. All I can see on here are the same "OP / NERF / QQ" threads popping up like weeds, even though there are numerous topics on the same subject festering on the front page of the forums.
  10. Kyono

    CV silliness

    Pretty much
  11. In the 400+ matches I played in CBT I never saw a single ammo detonation
  12. Kyono

    Fix the map border exploit already

    Agreed that the map border should stop you dead, the amount of times I've been denied kills by people "strafing" their ships sideways is a joke. Also I'd recommend you remove the name from your post. Naming and shaming like that is a big no no.
  13. Kyono

    WOWS beta emblem for WOT

    I misread the title. My bad!
  14. Kyono

    WOWS beta emblem for WOT

    It's called the Arkansas Beta