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  1. Bert_da_Derp

    Astro-Hungarian battleships?

    Isn't her faith worth it? :sceptic:
  2. Bert_da_Derp

    Astro-Hungarian battleships?

    :bajan: :bajan: Weeeeee!!! :bajan: :bajan:
  3. Bert_da_Derp

    Astro-Hungarian battleships?

    SMS Szent Istvan should be in because of mercy. Her first mission was began in 1918. jun 9 when she supposed to break the defences at the Ontario strait. At night when it was foggy an Italian torpedo boat spoted the Szent István and shot 4 torpedos on it. It began to sank inmediatly. Unfortunatelly one of the torpedoes hit the bulkhead and 2 other have hit the engines. The sinking could be stopped for a few minutes, but when her twin sister tried to pull her back to the docks the tow rope have torn apart. Nothing coulld be done to save her any more. It was the biggest and most expensive ship that the Astro-Hungarian Empire ever built and it was sand on her 1st mission by a small boat. She couldn't fire even one shell. That's why I would like to play with her a bit so she can die in battle at least virtually.
  4. Bert_da_Derp

    Astro-Hungarian battleships?

    As far as I remember ( I won't start searching again ) Tier 1 and 2 ships will be mainly WW I ships. Can we see a couple of ships in the german tech line from the Astro-Hungarian Empire? like SMS Szent István or SMS Árpád? Like T2 Premium tanks in WoT, I would love to see SMS Szent István as a T2 Premium ship. I would play that all day and night :bajan: Oh and Yamato and USS Nimitz too :izmena: He is also mentioned as "The Titanic of the Adria" http://en.wikipedia....Austria-Hungary Also a question about her. Do you think she has a place in WoWs?