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  1. KotS VI Announcement

    trailer :)
  2. KotS VI Announcement

    Update: See below for the map rotation - further details and sign-up link in the portal article here
  3. Distribution of ship classes by tier

    that ... must have been a ton of work impressive, and thanks for doing it
  4. King of the Sea VI - Seeding

    @maoxeu sections 2 and 3 will play each other: E <-> I F <-> J G <-> K H <-> L Group winners will remain in their section, group seconds will move so that two teams from the same group are not able to meet again until the finals
  5. King of the Sea V

    Sign-up is now open!
  6. King of the Sea V

    @t3h3th32 Sign-ups close on Jan 14 at 23:59. Or, if we fill up, whenever we fill up. Provisional date for the draw is the 15th, we'll announce a time once confirmed
  7. Looking for Team!

    yes this is the right spot @kingkazimo best to add a brief description of the ships you play, and maybe a link to your stats on WoWS Numbers or Warships Today feel free to join the King of the Sea discord as well to ask there: Discord invite link
  8. King of the Sea V

    After four tournaments in 2017 King of the Sea returns for 2018 on January 21 Much has happened during the past months: the first season of clan battles is over, and the KotS throne has been left empty. The community awaits its new king, and contenders from across the ocean seek to take the title home. We are excited to be collaborating with the Warships Supremacy team to bring KotS to both NA and EU, and on February 4 the three top teams from each server will face each other to crown the king of kings. We have adapted King of the Sea to the new times with the following changes: Tier 10, restrictions of 1CV and 2 BBs A new round robin group stage, playable in one day A bigger prize pool, over 500.000 doubloons worth of prizes sponsored by Wargaming More spaces, up to 64 teams can sign up to take their shot at the crown Intercontinental, the top three teams from EU and NA will face each other EU and international finals will be casted live from the WG-EU studio in Paris! Teams: King of the Sea is open to all teams. You must provide a lineup of at least nine players at registration Sign-up is first-come first-serve after the seeded teams have confirmed. If you are a top-16 clan battles team and wish to participate please contact us before Jan 10 Map pool: Trap, Warriors Path, Loop, Sea of Fortune, Atlantic, Shatter, Islands of Ice Schedule: Day 1 - Jan 21, 14.00 CET - Group Stage Day 2 - Jan 27, 14.00 CET - Round of 32 and Round of 16 Day 3 - Jan 28, 14.00 CET - Quarterfinals and Semifinals Day 4 - Feb 3, 16.00 CET - EU Finals and 3rd place match Day 5 - Feb 4, 18.00 CET - International Finals Outline schedule here Rewards: 500.000 doubloons worth of prizes. The full list is available here Discord: Discord is our main platform for answering questions and posting updates for teams. At least two of your team representative must be available on discord You can join using this link: KotS Discord Full Rules: available here (subject to change) Sign-up is now open Please read the rules fully before registering Sign up here Group Stage and Seeding Details
  9. crosspost from the King of the Sea Discord on the format decision Multiple surveys, what must be over a thousand discord posts, and probably quite close to that many opinions. At the very least we know people care what King of the Sea should look like. We can’t make it right for everyone, apologies if the final format isn’t what you were hoping for. We do however have to make a decision, and we’ve tried to find the right compromise. King of the Sea V will be played as: T10, 9v9, 1 CV, 2 BB Only limits we will be having is max 1 CV, max 2 BB’s, everything else goes. Given that we are moving to a completely new tier and new meta, we want to introduce as few restrictions as possible. Forcing in arbitrary rules to shape a meta that has not even developed yet seems inelegant and restrictive, in the end we settled on letting the players figure it out. We will then look at potential rules and limitations for the next iteration of the tournament when we have hard data to work with. In terms of further details the provisional starting date is Sunday January 21, with the finals on Sunday February 4th. The maximum number we can accomodate will be 64 teams in groups of six to eight, with the top two heading to the round of sixteen as in previous KotS tournaments. We don’t know how much interest there will be yet, and will adjust the exact group size and schedule when we do.
  10. I've got nothing against CV players (honest ) and CVs do need some changes. Maybe hopefully one day soontm those changes are coming I'm certainly open to arguments that the games themselves are better with CVs in them. Reasonable people can think that. But I'm not sure it's our job to try and shoehorn CVs into community tournaments if that's detrimental to the gameplay or grossly limits the number of teams that can play. Not clear to me what that achieves.
  11. that's a very valid point, and something we're concerned about. We very much want those teams that started out in clan battles to feel like KotS is something that they can take part in without being unduly hamstrung. I'll be honest I don't know what the correct answer is, or how difficult playing with CVs would make it for most of you. Hell for all I know most new teams might prefer CVs
  12. Yes you did make arguments, and we do take the ones you made on board. The survey is not useless, it gives us a indication of what people's preferences are even if they're not willing to wade into the civilized forum discourse. What it does not do is give justification for saying 'you should do X because Y number of people voted for it' for all the obvious vote brigading reasons.
  13. That's exactly what we said, same as on the discord. No one's suggesting that those with preferences shouldn't argue for them, but raw vote numbers have very little useful info in them Going on about agendas isn't really the best way to get me to listen by the way
  14. @Atherion_ fully one quarter of the votes for T8 in the poll above are from people in your clan. While i commend you on your dedication to getting your people to the polls, I'm sure you can see why we're much more interested in the arguments people present rather than just some raw vote numbers you may however have stumbled onto our secret agenda
  15. Just to add that we are having the majority of discussion on this on the King of the Sea discord. All welcome to join of course, we're particularly interested in the opinions of those teams that have taken Clan Battles seriously but haven't been playing King of the Sea (assuming of course you were interested in KotS in the first place). We have no idea what your preferences are Join link below: https://discord.gg/46PdbfE