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  1. An invite the the King of the Sea discord is below. Please join if you are planning to participate in KotS: https://discord.gg/TV3weJ7
  2. Eclaire

    KotS VI Announcement

    Hi @MungoKiller I'm sorry you feel like your clan has been intentionally excluded - I assure you that's not the case. We do get support and prizes from WG, but ultimately we're a community run tournament that depends on people volunteering their time in order to happen at all. We can only make the number of spots so large before it's beyond our capacity to pull off. 48 was the number this time, and we received 83 applications. You can see the list here if of interest. We announced ahead of time what the selection criteria would be. Unfortunately your team did not make the cut but we have teams from Hurricane, Typhoon, Storm, and Gale leagues playing. In three tournaments that all have the same prize pool - the winner of Hurricane gets no more than the winner of Storm. I don't think that's elitist, and in fact we explicitly structured the Poseidon Cup in such a way that it would give the broadest possible spectrum of teams the opportunity to play against evenly matched opponents. I hope that goes a ways to explaining why your team did not get a spot and why we had to make a cutoff somewhere. If you're looking for more, bigger tournaments with broader participation we're always in need of volunteers to help make them happen. as a sidenote, this is the thread for the old KotS6, best to continue here
  3. Eclaire

    September Clan Battles Tournament

    Sign-ups are now closed, you can find the preliminary team lists here and WiP tournament pages below: Hurricane Typhoon Storm We are also still missing the following two teams from Discord: Toratoratora! PL Stalowi_Renegaci Please join the King of the Sea discord (link here) by tomorrow, or your spot will go to a waitlisted team.
  4. Eclaire

    September Clan Battles Tournament

    ok try this one. Brand new, just for you ;) https://discord.gg/46PdbfE
  5. Eclaire

    September Clan Battles Tournament

    try this one @_Keepo_ http://discord.kingofthesea.eu/
  6. Eclaire

    September Clan Battles Tournament

    Portal article is available: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/community/poseidon-clan-bang/ also @silence5 has very kindly put together a trailer:
  7. Eclaire

    September Clan Battles Tournament

    Sign-ups are now open! Please make sure you join the King of the Sea Discord as well if you plan to participate: Discord link: http://discord.kingofthesea.eu
  8. The King of the Sea org team have a small event to announce; light and short and a lesser time commitment for teams than a full King of the Sea (which this is of course not replacing) A set of one-day clan battles tournaments on Sunday Sept 2 The Poseidon Clan Cup The basic outline is as follows: Three simultaneous tournaments will be played in the clan battles format One each for Hurricane, Typhoon, and an Open Class for clans in Storm and below 7v7 on clan battles maps, with ship restriction of zero CVs and one BB. Each of the three tournaments has space for a maximum of 16 teams Unlike in clan battles, the maps and spawns will be known before the game starts, so map-specific setups and tactics are possible Structure Each tournament will be played in two stages: a swiss group stage, followed by knockout semifinals and finals the group stage will be played a five rounds of best-of one. All teams will play all five matches the knock out stage will consist of best-of-three semifinals and best-of-five finals, as well as a third place match Dates and Times The tournament will be played on Sunday September 2. The provisional start is 14.00 CEST, however the exact time may yet change slightly. Prizes Prizes are equal across all three tournaments, eight are available for each team Teams that play all their allotted games without dropping out are guaranteed a participation reward Prize Structure 1st 30000 Coal + 1 CC container 2nd 25000 Coal 3rd 20000 Coal 4th 15000 Coal 5th-8th 10000 Coal Participation 5000 Coal Additionally, there will be CC containers as prizes for outstanding individual achievements such as fastest first blood, most torps spotted, and so forth Ruleset The full ruleset is being finalised will be posted soontm Discord We use the King of the Sea discord server to run all our tournaments. Your team must have at least one member available on discord for planning purposes and on game days. Further members are of course welcome :) Discord link: http://discord.kingofthesea.eu Registration Sign up will open on Aug 12 and close on Sun Aug 26. In the event we have more than sixteen registrations for one of the tournaments preference will be given to the 16 highest ranked sing-ups from the eligible league. Register Here
  9. Eclaire

    KotS VI Announcement

    trailer :)
  10. Eclaire

    KotS VI Announcement

    Update: See below for the map rotation - further details and sign-up link in the portal article here
  11. Eclaire

    Distribution of ship classes by tier

    that ... must have been a ton of work impressive, and thanks for doing it
  12. Eclaire

    King of the Sea VI - Seeding

    @maoxeu sections 2 and 3 will play each other: E <-> I F <-> J G <-> K H <-> L Group winners will remain in their section, group seconds will move so that two teams from the same group are not able to meet again until the finals
  13. Eclaire

    King of the Sea V

    Sign-up is now open!
  14. Eclaire

    King of the Sea V

    @t3h3th32 Sign-ups close on Jan 14 at 23:59. Or, if we fill up, whenever we fill up. Provisional date for the draw is the 15th, we'll announce a time once confirmed
  15. Eclaire

    Looking for Team!

    yes this is the right spot @kingkazimo best to add a brief description of the ships you play, and maybe a link to your stats on WoWS Numbers or Warships Today feel free to join the King of the Sea discord as well to ask there: Discord invite link