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  1. crosspost from the King of the Sea Discord on the format decision Multiple surveys, what must be over a thousand discord posts, and probably quite close to that many opinions. At the very least we know people care what King of the Sea should look like. We can’t make it right for everyone, apologies if the final format isn’t what you were hoping for. We do however have to make a decision, and we’ve tried to find the right compromise. King of the Sea V will be played as: T10, 9v9, 1 CV, 2 BB Only limits we will be having is max 1 CV, max 2 BB’s, everything else goes. Given that we are moving to a completely new tier and new meta, we want to introduce as few restrictions as possible. Forcing in arbitrary rules to shape a meta that has not even developed yet seems inelegant and restrictive, in the end we settled on letting the players figure it out. We will then look at potential rules and limitations for the next iteration of the tournament when we have hard data to work with. In terms of further details the provisional starting date is Sunday January 21, with the finals on Sunday February 4th. The maximum number we can accomodate will be 64 teams in groups of six to eight, with the top two heading to the round of sixteen as in previous KotS tournaments. We don’t know how much interest there will be yet, and will adjust the exact group size and schedule when we do.
  2. I've got nothing against CV players (honest ) and CVs do need some changes. Maybe hopefully one day soontm those changes are coming I'm certainly open to arguments that the games themselves are better with CVs in them. Reasonable people can think that. But I'm not sure it's our job to try and shoehorn CVs into community tournaments if that's detrimental to the gameplay or grossly limits the number of teams that can play. Not clear to me what that achieves.
  3. that's a very valid point, and something we're concerned about. We very much want those teams that started out in clan battles to feel like KotS is something that they can take part in without being unduly hamstrung. I'll be honest I don't know what the correct answer is, or how difficult playing with CVs would make it for most of you. Hell for all I know most new teams might prefer CVs
  4. Yes you did make arguments, and we do take the ones you made on board. The survey is not useless, it gives us a indication of what people's preferences are even if they're not willing to wade into the civilized forum discourse. What it does not do is give justification for saying 'you should do X because Y number of people voted for it' for all the obvious vote brigading reasons.
  5. That's exactly what we said, same as on the discord. No one's suggesting that those with preferences shouldn't argue for them, but raw vote numbers have very little useful info in them Going on about agendas isn't really the best way to get me to listen by the way
  6. @Atherion_ fully one quarter of the votes for T8 in the poll above are from people in your clan. While i commend you on your dedication to getting your people to the polls, I'm sure you can see why we're much more interested in the arguments people present rather than just some raw vote numbers you may however have stumbled onto our secret agenda
  7. Just to add that we are having the majority of discussion on this on the King of the Sea discord. All welcome to join of course, we're particularly interested in the opinions of those teams that have taken Clan Battles seriously but haven't been playing King of the Sea (assuming of course you were interested in KotS in the first place). We have no idea what your preferences are Join link below: https://discord.gg/46PdbfE
  8. GG @lup3s, it would seem the hags malfunctioned quite severely :( I should have had the stones to brave your battleship in B at the end - if I get your Emerald down before he kills me we'd have won...
  9. Wartezeiten bim Clangefecht

    Taifun liga Wartezeiten waren bis jetzt durchweg kurz. Ausserst selten das es mehr als ein paar Minuten max sind. Komisch das es in der Boe-liga nicht klappt. Wuerde vermuten das es weniger mit der Anzahl der Teams zu tun hat und mehr mit der Tatsache das das Durchschnittsteam in der Boe-Liga weniger oft spielt und die 'Nachbarn' in Ranking oft nicht online sind. KOmmt mir aber auch nicht sehr Sinnvoll vor...
  10. Fair points - and fwiw at least we're discussing this on some kind of factual basis Whether sitting back and running radar permanently (using what, Moskvas? DMs?) will actually work remains to be seen. I'm inclined to think not and that you'll be eating a lot of broadside AP from someone who noticed you haven't moved in a good while and had time to get to your side. But hey, I might be wrong.
  11. You have RPF. You have inference about where the enemy team should be and what areas they are likely to be spotting. If they could be anywhere they're just randomly driving around the map, and beating them shouldn't really be that hard. Ye DD spotting will be riskier, but it's not like people will be constantly stumbling into each other from random directions. All ships play differently in comp compared to randoms, and ye, sending a DD out without backup is likely to get him killed when he runs into their DD that has a Zao in tow. Don;t send your underaged boats out unattended.
  12. Yes, subject to you elaborating how it will be a waste of time of course :) to start with just one point: Vision - specifically being able to move closer than you ever could when a) you would almost certainly be spotted while changing positions and b) you could never disengage when a decent CV will make 100% sure to throw planes at you to keep you spotted if you try to disengage from a fight. When we played MDIV T10 flanking Hindenburgs slowly whittled each other down at 20km because getting closer meant you would never get away. When I play Chapayev at T8 I spend a good percentage of my time sitting behind a rock, squealing in terror, and occasionally pressing 'Y', knowing full well that if I'm spotted in the open the other team will keep focusing me until I'm dead, and that unless I'm actually in smoke, I won't be dropping detection before I get Amagi'd Remove CVs and fights will be at much closer range, since you can at least try to bail if things go wrong (also why I'm not really rating the Moskva this season)
  13. I haven't said I did anything (nice try though ) I'm saying that this idea that clan battles without CVs aren't 'real' clan battles doesn't make a lot of sense, and that the gameplay is likely to be interesting
  14. I am setting aside here CV mains being pissed. I can see why they are and I would be too if I was one. Fair enough then - how are players deciding what they want, and how come everyone seems to have decided already? From a purely gameplay perspective, this idea that playing without CVs in 7v7 will somehow turn team battles into a series of random coinflips I really don't buy. Yes it will be _different_ from what we play in KotS and other tournaments, but that doesn't mean it needs to be worse. In fact I personally think it will be better. Reasonable people can debate that (and I'd be happy to), but reasonableness seems to be in pretty short supply recently.
  15. I'm not saying TTT supported this - not least as we've been asked not to talk about the details of the testing. I can say that based on having played 7v7 team battles last year, MDIV T10 league, and having spent more time than I care to remember thinking about the ruleset for King of the Sea, my presumption is that games without a CV will play better than with, if these games are T10 7v7. CVs and CV players getting screwed is a completely different issue - I'm an utterly useless CV player myself so you can get better sources on how exactly they play, but I'll second that they're all about vision, and haven't been about damage going all the way back to team battles