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  1. fodder89

    Stalingrad OP

    Yes it is op.. and what you do about it comrade ?
  2. Since i didn't find the answer i decided to ask. The question is.. - Does acceleration of engine boost stack with propulsion modification 2? My harugumo would really like to know it.
  3. fodder89

    Massachusetts's Commander Skills. :3

    ^ This. That ~1,5 km buffor of concealment in battleships is overrated, islands are your friends, stay away from open waters
  4. fodder89

    Massachusetts's Commander Skills. :3

    It doesn't really matter, both gives you slightly better damage overall, BFT gives your more hits and then also fire chance, DE less hits but bigger fire chance per hit, for me they are equal. Concealment in massachusetts? do we wanna play like any other boring BB? or want to experience something special ? Anyway we want to close the distance so it is about hidding behind some island and waiting for right momement to pop up in the range of secondaries (do we need concealment for that gameplay? - no) More heal ? well it has some value but inmo very rarely, in most of the games the amount of heal is enough or it wouln't help anyway when inevitable death approches (or it was not enough time anyway to use them all). in 148 games i remember finding myself in need of heal only 3 times so mathematically it will be in 2,027 % of all games - is it worth it then? - Wait for good opportunities behind islands - Engage with your team - never alone - Hold your position in the middle when you can increase your secondaries influence to the maximum - Don't engage multiple targets at once - Have fun !
  5. fodder89

    Massachusetts's Commander Skills. :3

    This is fun.
  6. fodder89

    Next Ranked Sprint at Tier 6, it seems.

    Didn't like kamikaze and GC overpowered premum ship at tier V ranking ? We have T-61 premium on tier VI. It's balanced well just like silver ones, right ? don't you worry.
  7. fodder89

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    My trip has ended. I did 13000 base xp i played around 15 games with all cvs, and ships. I am glad to see that every CV differs from other very very much like even tier VI to IV is like different game and midway, hakuryu - there is so much to do there that u actually feel like beying thrown into vortex of action. Overall... i am kinda impressed, CV gameplays were enjoyable, every squadron has its unique value, dmg an purpose. You don't feel cast away or useless, still you are ship with very high influence in the game. Now u can control camera with your mouse, put it with angle u like move left right, back, forward. Flying is not so sluggish too. So for CV it was fun, a bit too fast but still fun. Unfortunately it has as many good things as bad ones. This new "style" has a lot of flawes that will be widely exploited by shifty players. Tier VIII and X carriers has so many and so fast -infinity- planes (some can fly over 300kts - :| ) that can reach you on the other side of the biggest maps in matter of seconds, that having even extraordinary AA defenses you can't defend yourself, even if u will be able to shred them fast - they will strike you 1 or 2 times, over and over again and there is absolutely nothing u can do about it. So as a player, playing in other ship than CV... i am terrified. Mode - strengthening ship's AA side is totally useless with such fast squadrons -totally-. Well to be honest in general air defense makes no sense at all anymore. - For DD's even that planes can no more spot your torpedoes it is terrible game changer, constantly spotted, constantly in smoke or you are dead. - For BB's it is even worse, there is absolutely no defense against good carrier player and it's AP bombs - u can't even dodge that - and your carrier will even no longer protects you because he would need to FLY OVER YOU with his strike squadrons (like wt hell even is that mechanics).. only catapult fighters can help you survive a little bit longer.. cause carrier will come for you few seconds after ofcourse. - Cruisers will feel a bit better than BBs and DDs they are agile enough to dodge some bombs sometimes, torpedoes and are smaller and has mostly strong catapult fighters enough, but as always if carrier will really like to strike you... i had few strikes against des moan with 15k+ damage with HE boombs - des moan turned everything he had against me, killed all my planes after first strike - ok, i went back to carrier and started new "infinity" squadron of bombers and 11 seconds later i was striking him again for 12 K dmg like.. what the bloody hell he could even do. Well i like some things and i don't like others, but most of all... i am scared. Having in mind all those changes that are incomming i couldn't stop thinking, that actually game right now is "enough well balanced" as it is, that planes and cvs should be thrown into World of Warplanes and in World of Warships we should play with ships. That conclusion came to me after participating in all those tests. In my opinion based on my feelings i think that it's a best answer, that could tell you if carrier rework is ready or not just yet.
  8. fodder89

    latest update stuck (again)

    Same here (or at least similar). Tried everything but resuming instalation does not want to end. First i reboot everything and then waited 2,3 hours and nothing changed.
  9. fodder89

    Before the open test - How I would design the CV rework

    This tipic is like this truck kun.. I feel like someone lost at least a day thinking and writing it, i feel bad.
  10. fodder89

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    What do you think about Zuiho/Bogue ? if the game will be restritcted to tier V will unicorn Bogue player dominate (with fighters) unicorn zuiho one ?
  11. fodder89

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    I will give omaha a try, dont know how about you guyys. :potatotroll:
  12. fodder89

    T10's Legendary Modules grind in Arms Race Mode

    I agree, i would like to play more but.. sometimes you want to do some "grinding" Will be very disappointed if WG after that says - this mode is not popular enough. <facepalm> Upgrade UI a bitw to make it more "visible" for ppl who never pushes "random battle button". Give possibility to grind stuff in AR - simple as that :) and everyone will be happy.
  13. fodder89

    Alena Captain Unique Skills

    My god what a mess... How about more fire chance? in the demolition expert skill ? - from 2% to 3 % - Because she is kinda hot :)
  14. fodder89

    Server down Thursday 07:00 CET

    the question is - are these the only changes