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  1. Every carrier i played after 0.8.0 (beside T4) on average does more damage than old ones, so for me it looks ok, after all those are ELITE achievements. Anyway balance changes are not done yet and tbh i am expecting some buffs in near future so imho its too early to judge these.
  2. fodder89

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    It is dead. BuT Funny - They do not even have a picture with - "not available"
  3. fodder89

    This new "Whoosh" sound!

    I found it funny that we can't even describe the names of those particular sounds and the forum is full of that: "WHOOSH" sound, "KLICK KLOCK", "ZOOM BOOM" etc. and we need to figure out about which one (with help of description) we are even talking
  4. I saw today @wilkatis_LV playing in broken ship.
  5. fodder89

    Bug Reports

    Performance issues, i've never had problems with fps but now it goes from 60 to 25 fps pretty quick. Especially while anti-air gunfire and related to them effects are visible.
  6. fodder89

    Armada 2.0: USS Alaska

    check tomorrow
  7. fodder89

    Poll: Which GUI improvements would you prefer to any new content?

    two points are repeated
  8. fodder89

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    Yes if there is no CV in the game hehe... if there is sometimes (but rarely) with a bit of luck you can sneak here or there. But if cv will spot you, and want to get you, no matter how purple your [edited]is you can't do a S***T DODGE THIS - HERE ROCKET DODGE THAT - HERE BOMB *triggered* I will not say that playing dds is impossible but i will say that: Playing destroyer in World of Warship has never been so difficult, as it is right now.
  9. fodder89

    [QUIZ] Meet the Ship of your Dreams

    I actually got Asashio too ! but that seems correct, because i like deep... water torpedoes
  10. fodder89

    [RESULTS] Weekend Event: Flying the Flags

    In Fly Strike Win event we had in hall of fame in EU around 50 000 ACTIVE ppl.. so we have like ~6.1 % chance to get 15 signals ? Well... ym.. ok.
  11. fodder89

    MAKE CV's able to only PARTIALY SPOT enemy ships!

    I didn't think about that kind of idea.. it is actually very interesting, it will lower the overall carrier influence allowing WG to balance them properly... things that are spotted by carrier can only be visible to him or like in the case of radar spotted ships will show up with delay :)
  12. fodder89

    Moderators :D what is the purpose of the forum?

    Please mods, close this one too :-) We need constructive feedback, such topics are only "refuse" that are wasting our time.
  13. fodder89

    General feedback

    Constructive feedback. I played hundreds of games in new cvs and i want to share problems and solutions for them 1. One of the biggest problem is an abuse of a "F" key while playing carrier. It allows to quick escape from the battle without losing any planes. What you can do is to drop first strike and then retreat. With high tier planes you can strike any ship for 9-15k damage regardless of it's AA status, while in the same time send another strike from carrier- so having full squadron or not it does not matter much since only you strike once. It shatters all AA rework concept, AA DPS does not matter in that case - same goes for fighter consumable and DFAA. Ships that are attacked just wasting them. My solution - do not allow planes do retreat immediately after strike. For example allow squadrons to retreat only when outside of enemies AA inflluence range or lock that option for few seconds after strike. After that player will have to think if he - after attack will be able to retreat or where the rest of his squadron will be placed and learn to attack on angle to receive as less damage as possible. With that change shot down planes will matter more, DPS also and usage of consumables wont be wasted. Carrier player won't be able to strike first spotted ship if entire fleet will be behind him and will have to mitigate damage by dodging flaks till retreat becomes available. 2. Bugs and problems with spotting at the beginning of the game Carrier can spot at the beginning of the game whole enemy team as well as enemy destroyers, which is game changing because destroyers refuses to push into caping points, also some ships are being fire without possibility to relocate themselves. Because of that some maps are really unbalanced and players are being punished only because they were spawn in wrong place. My solution - Give carriers a timer at the beginning of the game before they can use certain type of plane. For example as it was in old carriers - the faster the squadrons the bigger the timer (eg. Rocket plnes 30s, dive bombers 20s etc.) Thanks to that some ships will be able to relocate themselves, hide or decide to prepare for an attack. Destroyers will be able to rush into main game goals or flank and surprise enemies. Game will be less predictable and more intersting back again. 3. Problem with dd harassement Currently dds are being hunted immensely. Mostly because planes are very fast and their attacks are undodgable (even with bombs its pretty easy). Even if they are not permamently spotted - they are visible very often. That is abolishing very interesting and different game mechanics - Concealment, surprise attacks and related to them strategies. My solution - Reduce overall dds air detection range I don't know how big of reduction would be appropirate but these changes would increase currently dds possibilities back again. First of all destroyers will have a chance to sneak into point zones undetected or on the enemy flank. Second of all harrasment will be harder because when you spot a destroyer it will be much closer to you making harder to aim and hit it. If you really would like to strike them heavily you should predict their possition and start attacking (aiming) before you spot them. That involves skill from carrier player and allows for destroyer to avoid undodgable strikes. Such a change in my humble opinion would be excellent. Those are main problems with current "unbalanced state" regarding to carrier introduction but there is a lot more for example hakuryu long range torpedoes spaming etc. But to be honest i don't have that much time to point them. What i wanted to say is that this feedback is nothing new and some of these problems were pointed out in PTS and it has not been changed, that is why this is my last one. I spent a lot of time creating it and giving those ideas a thought and i am not even sure if you read most of them. Best regards Fodder