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  1. Finished all of them. Only had to move a captain (to the bis) and buy a st.louis. The requirements were mostly fairly simple also, though I didn't have to attempt any of them in the lousiest possible ships for them. Getting the final achieve is a nice touch for those who actually plays a wide range of ships (seemed to come with 2mill credits bonus too, or at least I can't see any other source for getting those at the same time), with all the actual "rewards" (ie cammos) being easy go get from just doing a couple of them multiple times. No CV achievement though, but then WG have done little to nothing for them the last year. And a couple could maybe have gotten a broader range of ships allowable (like the bismarck one). None of them really required playing stupidly though.
  2. I'd say it would be fairly "hard" feelings just by that post alone, but if you can't be arsed reading what I say, don't then reply to any of it since you might stick your foot in your mouth like you just did, or "gasp" hear a different viewpoint from what you want to hear. As I said, I merely accept your apology, so there's no further need for you to reply and try to hide an insult in that reply.
  3. Ah, so one of the "sticking my fingers in my ears to not hear things I don't agree with" sort. Well this is what happens when you try to avoid seeing anyone who might have different viewpoints, you make posts based on a narrow (and given how you jumped out to attack, from personal bias) viewpoint. Apology accepted though.
  4. Er.. I'm not sure what you're on about, as my point was that it becomes worse in competitive, not that it's not an issue elsewhere. As should be clear by my earlier posts in this thread.
  5. It's not merely bad for handing out an advantage, but it carries onto clan/community issues. It would hardly surprise me to see recruitments like these "looking for member for clan battles. We need someone to play ship X. Only players with legendary captain Y trained for it may apply.". Especially given how many similar requirements I've seen people have in games where such specific things would be fleeting (pun no intended) unlike an advantage that you might never be able to attain.
  6. It's often a case of Dunning-Kruger. Or simply not realising that there's a reason why veterans don't go there, and ask you not go to there, and that that their "amazing new clever idea" really is just a "old bad idea that people learned not to try".
  7. I assume this is a parody of people going "but I want to have a gameplay advantage over others just because I played on a week they did not!!!"
  8. But these do not have to be ones that gives a gameplay advantage. You could easily merely add such a captain during the event, with some added bonus for those who got him during it (perm cammo or some other non gameplay advantage thing) and then leave him available through some mean (even one that would actually take more effort).
  9. Every ARP ship is the same as easily available tech tree ships with a slight drawback (no cammo bonuses). They're however a "bonus" if you like grinding daily bonuses (particularly on 3x weekends etc). Any of the "legendary" captains are strictly better and gives a straight gameplay advantage. This is not comparable.
  10. Because a permanent advantage people can't even work towards themselves is a bad idea in a pvp game. More than that, it's semi gamebreaking in a competitive enviroment.
  11. Lets just retell this as it actually happened, and less as you seem forced to twist reality into to cover for your clan mates behaviour. I go in first, as basicly the ONLY BB to be the focused target (with my division mates). YOU and the other BBs hang back. As I'm down to a sliver of hp, having been focused by their CV, a smoked kutusov, 3 BBs and a DD, burning, with dmc and repair on CD (yet still with several repairs to use, and a lot of potential healing from being on fire for 5 minutes straight), I have to twist my way past the other BBs (including you) going sideways to the battle lobbing shells yet doing nothing to take any heat away from me. Including them not going anywhere near enough to use secondaries (again you included, though as you had nothing like the secondary range of most of our team I didn't really think much about that). (was it my scratching your paint as I did my best to angle against 5 enemy ships firing at me that sent you two off into kindergarten land? maybe) (And no, 15k hp, burning with no CDs available isn't "complaining you got shot at", and my 115k damage received at the end certainly tells enough of me not running away from getting shot at. Well, beyond being the FIRST BB to push, while, again, you were sitting behind yourself.) As I'm finding a little cover, getting a little hp back up, so I can actually be able to re-engage, I see our two full HP T8 BBs head for the corner of the map. I then ask them to take part in the battle, upon which cherry2blost starts a series of insults and personal attacks basicly out of the blue. After a little of that he then hurriedly tries to find some justification for it, and a little later you join in, apparently out of an obligation to twist reality into his behaviour being in any way justified. By this time, with two T8 BBs actually not taking part, the battle is basicly over. As for who where "less" offensive, you can't honestly think this in any way was an equal situation. Particularly as I had said nothing about him before he started his tirade.
  12. So it means nothing to those who either didn't really play all that much, or started far more recently. These rewards scale with the dedication you've had to the game.
  13. Except prior an IJN CV could just throw his fighter at the USN fighters to occupy them, as he used his far larger strike package to deal enough damage to be a much larger threat. The ability for fewer but larger squads to annihilate multiple smaller ones is a larger advantage for the USN CVs. And the reason Saipan is "broken" is far less the ammo (since USN overall have a huge amount) but that they can leave an engagement without losing planes, combined with extremely fast planes compared to their opposition, making them able to far more easily do the tricks needed to dominate the skies.
  14. Had the misfortune of meeting cherry2blost on my team (with some division mates). What he kept typing can't really be shown in screenshots due to forum rules, but suffice to say he and his clan made total asshats of themselves.
  15. This is indeed true.