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  1. That's just a silly strawman (as are really all your attempted arguments just fallacies), as them using a copypaste reply that doesn't tell you anything about any result is a standard privacy concerned way to handle such things. It's the same reason you're not allowed to name and shame on this forum (well, that and reducing toxicity). Well, it's also the standard way to reply to unsubstantiated claims of cheating.
  2. Your problem here is.. aside that this is just copy-paste wording invented to make you think what you did was of any use, is that NOTHING is also a "right action" to take. Those words does in no way whatsoever prove that this player cheated, or that WG did anything to him.
  3. WG isn't going to tell if if they "take actions" against any specific player. "we're going to look into it" is not "taking action".
  4. Problem being. Those are not replay files. You have no evidence that the overlays weren't added in post processing. You have no way to see from an actual replay file if such a mod were used.
  5. Except.. just no. When you fire you're literally going to be "watching" where you want those shells to land. Though an experienced player will try to predict turns and will fire appropriately. And if you're "behind" a mountain, that matters nothing for where he's aiming. For him to "always land on ur ships middle" would require him to have access to the servers, ie to be hacked into WGs servers and somehow be able to change values on the fly. Ie.. it's not something that's actually happening. You just did a good job of proving my point, you see what your ego needs you to see, and have no considerations for what's actually possible to do from the client side in WoWs. You cannot fire more often than the server allows you to, and when you've fired, then the rng is determined by the server. Nor can you spot ships that the server haven given you locations to. Though of course you can blindfire, and VERY frequently hit or sink those who think themselves safe the second the detection icon disappears.
  6. Losing half a team in two minutes? Really? Since you so love replays, show us a single replay where this happened. Also.. how the effing hell is losing in coop.. cheating? Just to throw in a little story: During beta there was an ACTUAL "allowed" aimbot (by allowed I mean, not bannable to use while WG tested the effects it had) which was possible due to an accessible code snippet in the client (it was literally the same code used by actual AI bots in the game). This caused quite an uproar (obviously) and the scattered aimbot claims previous to this became a torrent of cheat accusations from anyone you put to the bottom of the sea, no matter if whomever it was used it or not. After a while WG announced this aimbot would be disabled (by protecting that code) and any further aimbots would be bannable. And in typical WG fashion this would still take a few weeks to be implemented. A few days before this change, there was a minor client patch, which did NOTHING to affect that aimbot, and chats (in port and in battle) was literally filled with people who missed that this small patch wasn't the one they'd been waiting for, yelling about how easy it was to see that it was gone and how suddenly "everyone" were such bad shots again. Ie, people will still shout about cheats, hacks and even "wg conspiracies" to keep them from winning as often, and with as good results, as they think they deserve. tldt, people see what their ego wants them to see. You're still a new player (and your performance goes with your lack of experience, which is fine) and thus you frequently get sunk, or fail to be able to sink others, because they know wtf they're supposed to be doing, while you do not, and often they're also going to be having other minor or major advantages in high level captains and overperforming premiums. Instead of acknowledging this, you do as so many others, invent scenarios where you're better and more experienced than you are.
  7. You do realise that a replay file only shows how your ship moves, fires etc, and other ships that were visible to your client right? If someone indeed was using some sort of cheat it would not be visible in the replay file. Not that many, if any, actually are cheating, far less likely those you "think" are cheating because they do something you in your mind think should be impossible.. because either you just can't do it, or because you confuse luck and happenstance with cheating.
  8. Pretty please, stay in coop only. Sincerely, every other player.
  9. It only "makes sense" if you think there's a need to nerf ships who does less damage and survives less often.
  10. So? As soon as you get put on fire on your superstructure location, then the fire chance for any proceeding hit to that location is ZERO. Throw in regular captain skills and upgrades, and that 50%~ chance for the first hit is even lower.
  11. AgarwaenME

    No DD battles and 4 DD per side ones

    /Bbaby-bingo card
  12. AgarwaenME

    State of BBs

  13. AgarwaenME

    How is this matchmaking even allowed???

    So you're fine with people manipulating the MM?
  14. AgarwaenME

    State of BBs

    tldr for you then: BBs dominate other surface ships both in damage done, and in survivability.
  15. AgarwaenME

    State of BBs

    That's wrong on nearly every level, all of which have already been presented in this thread.