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  1. AgarwaenME

    unsportsmanlike conduct is not working propperly!!

    I agree. As you're still in the game it's not working properly at all.
  2. to paraphrase someone smarter than you: "toxic whining is what toxic whining does"
  3. make sure to exit and re-enter the game. I see similar things semi-frequently with missions, daily bonuses etc and it takes a restart for the client to get updated.
  4. again, suiciding due to an MM that isn't ideal IS CRYING in the worst way possible.
  5. no, theres no "view" where spiting your team because you didn't get the MM you demand isn't toxic.
  6. whiner is as whiner does (ie, suicide to spite their team when things isn't to their liking) and this isn't the first time you brag about being a toxic player
  7. AgarwaenME

    Buff request for Småland

    buff the ZF-1
  8. AgarwaenME

    Hard not to say wows is predetermined!

    It's schroedingers WG, they should somehow both make sure to let skill affect outcomes, but also at the same time force RNG or MM to make "even" battles.
  9. AgarwaenME

    Penalized for Inactivity in Battle? Madness!!!

    the whatnow? how is this relevant to net neutrality? Do you even know what this is?
  10. AgarwaenME

    Dropping playernumbers

    but.. that's not a loop =(
  11. AgarwaenME

    Napoli or Moskva ?

  12. AgarwaenME

    Napoli or Moskva ?

    clearly you don't, as the moskva wasn't in the game in 2015.
  13. AgarwaenME

    how to stop cheaters