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  1. Oil collected without a Clan

    It has to be when they need that strawman to "argue" their case.
  2. I understand you either didn't take part.. or didn't pay much attention during the actual beta, but the dev cycle and feature additions then were pretty obvious. As was the completion of the basic game with the starter lineup of tech trees. And ask blizzard, they've entirely rewritten WoW how many times now? Or take WoT, which is now in version 9 or 10? Which by your definitions means it's actually the tenth game in a series.. or something.. and they're still heavily reworking large parts as the game changes over time. There's just no holy script that says what sort of version numbers a dev has to use for release versions, not that you really care ofc, it's just a crap sideways insult.
  3. Except that far back the concept of "game patches" didn't exist of course. And my point was that, they're calling the game as being released. Thus it is. Their internal numbering is entirely irrelevant. That you say you've never seen a dev do that, when this dev does it, just shows your incredible dishonesty (or amazing blindness) on the topic. /that pic is a nice point about how you're wrong though, so thanks
  4. Except this very game was annouced as released nearly 3 years ago QED
  5. Awful in world of warships!

    Hey, at least his topic headline describes him.
  6. I guess it's too much to expect you to stop spewing the absurd lie that the game is still in beta.. However, this isn't going to make selling accounts more viable. Steel isn't something you can mindlessly bot, and coal is simply another resource you'll get plenty from by natural gameplay. It's a resource you'll get far more effectively from smart gameplay. And calling it a scam.. ye, that's just more nonsense. These aren't currencies you can guy with real cash, so there's no real angle to get people to spend cash over it (beyond simply keeping people interested in the game).
  7. Says the guy that can't even get that. You've fallen off at the deep end dude.
  8. And that's a suggestion that anyone should be able to get anything just by mindlessly spamming random battles and thus not really related to the arsenal, beyond it actually going in the direction you want. I mean, why make any sort of effort or skill matter in the least bit? Why not just ask for battles to reward the same xp, win or lose, playing badly or not?
  9. Being unable to do something due to your other commitments isn't discrimination. I mean, I guess I should go demand to get the WC trophy. Why should it matter that I never much tried to play organized football, isn't on any team, and certainly not in any of the teams in the tournament, it's just discrimination if I don't get the same rewards.. somehow.
  10. how's that a response in the least? You ignored how I pointed out your self contradicting post as you went on a personal attack to avoid answering for them. Now you sidetrek the fact that you did so by going on an absurd non-sequitur. You're literally calling others "not very bright" as you claim there was no way to know how the Stalingrad was going to be awarded before this announcement. That's just ridiculous.
  11. So you're devolving into mindless personal attacks. Well. you already did that earlier against other people so.. I guess it shouldn't be surprising. /+free grammar check for the guy calling others not very bright
  12. It's not speculation when it's been said explicitly. FFS the flags you got for season 1 and season to says "Exchange 3 flags for the Tier X cruiser Stalingrad".
  13. Wait.. they're both making them only available to ranked and CW players.. and also making them available to everyone? what? just.. what? /also, I'll just go visit the closest car vendorship, demanding they make their priciest lexus "available" for me because it's for sale after all //and you're still better off than before. if your complaint is the fact that some rewards are exclusive, then make a thread that's about that, not the arsenal and currencies used
  14. Yes it was. It's been known since CW was introduced.