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  1. Just to show who's actually obsessing over stats. People who's desperate to try to dismiss those they have so they can instead inject their opinions about their own performance and how they themselves stack up against other players. "you cannot apply me provably being mostly cannonfodder as me in any and every way not being amazing!!!"
  2. AgarwaenME

    Are there Cheater's in World off Warships ?

    Much like my pictures of my date with Erika Eleniak?
  3. AgarwaenME

    So what is left.......

    But they can with... lootboxes.....
  4. It's not merely people hearing the skill is OP and then going into battle to try to use it in the worst possible way. There's also a LOT of people heading into battles to try to fill their quota of "I hate that skill so now I'm going to look for things i battles to point at as a result, even if this meta has been the case for 3-4 years already" and then that bias goes back into fueling that perception. And yes, it's an idiotic skill put into the game by people who are utterly incompetent at the actual game. But then nothing WG has done with WoWs the last 3+ years have been much more than milking players (and yes, that include me) who falls for simple baiting into fomo/sunk cost fallacies.
  5. Don't buy crates period.
  6. AgarwaenME

    Respond to DD influence how?

    Nerf BBs. That's your answer. Whenever BBs gets more buffs (direct or indirect) it leaves the ships that can survive the enduring BB meta as top dogs. Though really the only reason DDs can have this impact is the utter incompetence by your average BBaby.
  7. Just stating things doesn't change reality. "if you respond you're calling yourself this insult" is the literal definition of the poisoning of the well fallacy. You'd do well to actually read those definitions yourself before you try to just claim them to avoid responding to arguments.
  8. That post there is the very definition of poisoning the well btw. The actual one, not your silly interpretation of it that you needed to use to attempt to dismiss arguments you couldn't respond to. Of course it doesn't matter that it doesn't apply to me, my point was that you used ad hominems while crying about them. Me being one or not would not magicly mean you weren't being hypocritical. That's why it's a fallacy.
  9. Yes, just like if you took a superunicum player and put him in a ship his skills is better used in, with a slightly better, or better set up captain. You are however never going to take some guy driving a bit too fast in the highway, or driving some local rally circuit and just give him a slightly better F1 car and expect him to then compete at higher levels in F1. By reducing your sample size to "F1 drivers" you've already ridiculously narrowed the sample size to a tiny.. tiny, fraction of anyone who does any sort of car motorsport, thus comparing that to this argument of EVERY wows player just doesn't work.
  10. Your entire post is an attack on everyone better than you, with ridiculous claims about those players (calling them seal clubbers, ie an actual ad hominem) and claims made in an attempt to make the person pointing out the stupidity of your claims wrong look like your pretence of them (that's the poisoning of the well). And of course, pointing out that you've been whining similarly before isn't either ad hominems or poisoning the well, it's merely pointing out that your attitude hasn't changed. You're just spewing assumptions without merit, desperate insults of those better than you (because hey, if you can pretend they're not actually better than you magicly become superunicum right? since none of the times you won were because your opposing team had players who "just played for fun") and then throwing out accusations of "fallacies" at any counter argument, without ever caring if it applies or not. Ie, you're the same troll you were before. QED.
  11. Except there's no "garbage" in F1, there's "ridiculously amazing omg" and just "ridiculously amazing", as are every driver amongts the very elite of drivers, even those who tend to fill the lowest spots. Comparable to wows it would be like comparing consistent 65-70% solo players against eachother and pretending the worst there somehow isn't better than 99.9% of the average wows players.
  12. Wrong on both counts. Infact you're the one projecting those fallacies on others as you'd doing both yourself.
  13. I'll just end up.. not playing tbh. Can't be arsed to play to get to a point only to have WG take it away to just add to a boring grind.
  14. Math is simple. 1-19 = 19-21 Ie, to enjoy what you have now, you "only" have to grind out as much as you ever grinded out before. 5 and a half years worth. If you can be arsed to even play as much now, with all the excessively greedy events. I know I won't. This is horrible, even for WGs low standards.
  15. AgarwaenME

    Premium ammunition in WoWs