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  1. Benser

    Boise\Julio Mission

    The mission to unlock the other is no longer obtainable.
  2. Benser

    National Flags?

    I'd assume national flags are too generic for WG to want to mix them in with historical and reward flags, but maybe some day.
  3. Benser

    Does any of you play in 4k resolution ?? BIG BIG problem with aim

    I play at 4k and had a few issues shortly after scaling my UI up when the feature was added, I still myself missing with ships I was pretty familiar with previously because I use dynamic and static is adjusted to a different speed than dynamic (20knt for static, 30knt for dynamic).
  4. Benser

    The most uninteresting tier 10 ship

    As I said, the burden of proof is on the accuser. I accused you of being the sort who probably play Conq in typical braindead style and my conclusion stems from your ignorant dismissal of statistical data and differing opinions. And to prove that without a shred of irony you then continue to ignore any previously provided statistical data and dismissed any differing opinion from my post to repond only to a single select statement and insult me, which can only mean that my above conclusion is correct. Would you care to prove otherwise or else elaborate on your original point since you're so insistent that your, so far non-specified, claims are in fact not the typical complaint that sitting back and spamming HE is boring?
  5. Benser

    The most uninteresting tier 10 ship

    You're proving it for me.
  6. Benser

    The most uninteresting tier 10 ship

    You'll find that, as the accuser of Conquerors status as "uninteresting and OP" the burden on proof falls on you.
  7. Benser

    The most uninteresting tier 10 ship

    Literally in your original post. You find it uninteresting to play as a HE slinger and despite getting 150-200k damage games find it unsatisfying. If that is not how you play the ship please elaborate on what about it is so uninteresting yet so overpowered as you have thus far failed to do so, thus wasting everyones time so far.
  8. Benser

    Vanguard: lacking something to be good

    I've only played 1 game with her so far but she did pretty well despite what was ultimately a loss. Also, for everyone who keeps pointing out she has the same guns as Warspite, that is correct, however, she fires different shells. Her SAP shells have increased penetration, damage and reduced fuse time, making them better shells than both Warspite and Hood fire, despite using the same guns to do so.
  9. Benser

    The most uninteresting tier 10 ship

    To address the subject of your topic, you've said a few times that you think she's boring because HE spam is easy to play. Since you finding her boring is almost entirely subjective and is because you play her in the typical braindead style, like you explained in your first post, I'm really not sure what sort of response you expected. I can agree that playing her as HE spammer is boring and can get good numbers (I currently hold my damage record with Conq played as such) but this is not the best way to play her, as explained repeatedly. I can only conclude that the reason you find her boring but with the misconception that that style is OP is because you're just ignorant, as you've demonstrated when you dismissed both opinions and statistical data throughout this thread simply for differing from your opinion. I'm sure you'd be unsatisfied with any response provided because it won't fit your misconceptions. Your question was answered, a proposed nerf is to raise her citadel. I hope that added risk makes her more interesting for you.
  10. Benser

    Just a fleshwound. How long do I have to be dead for?

    Kills have to occur at least 1.5s after your death but I don't think there is any maximum time limit. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Achievements
  11. Benser


    As Wilkatis has mentioned, the 4 mission reward RN DDs were promo ships, not premiums, they don't come with free premacamo.
  12. Benser

    The most uninteresting tier 10 ship

    Why do you assume that the nerfs to Conqueror are a result of her average stats, perhaps they're intended to affect the less common outliers who actually play Conq to all of her strengths, which the average Conq player does not? Just because 90% of Conq players can't imagine doing anything other than throwing HE from A1 doesn't mean that the remainder aren't taking advantage of her nigh-invincible citadel to actually get wins instead of just farming damage.
  13. Benser

    The most uninteresting tier 10 ship

    @ColonelPete I don't think we said what he wanted to hear.
  14. Benser

    The most uninteresting tier 10 ship

    I've got no idea what point you're trying to argue and just dismissing responses to "Conq is boring and OP" makes you seem ignorant. Then again, the ignorant are exactly the sort of players who sit at 24km firing exclusively HE with Conq thinking it's OP.
  15. Benser

    Arkansas Beta, AA-less.

    I like her AA-lessness, it makes her feel unique. Until Dreadnought came along at least.