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  1. HE spam is the meta 2018

    She's not a bad shot but probably the veterans who play her inflate her stats, she is the alpha playtest reward after all.
  2. HE spam is the meta 2018

    Fire damage also depends on your targets ability to manage fire damage and 100% of fire damage can be repaired, so yeah you can rack up some great numbers but you can also do 200k damage to a Conq and not sink him, your contribution there is questionable. HE is just another form of armament like AP, torps or bombs, you use whats best situationally.
  3. Is Karma bugged?

    I don't think you ever receive notifications about complaints? Some people will use them to report you just cos theyre tilted. It's a worthless system.
  4. Daily Chain Bonus

    The rewards that it states you receive weekly are the cumulative rewards for having done each daily that week, not an additional stack of rewards for completing a weeks worth of dailies. As stated above, you receives daily rewards, and a bonus for completing 3, 9 and 20 dailies during a given month. There are no weekly rewards, but a weekly rotation of daily rewards.
  5. Moskva & Angling

    Firstly, it's important to realise that Moskvas "50mm bow and stern" does not encompass the entire bow and stern. Here you can see that 25mm armor covers the top half of the bow above the waterline. Moskvas deck is also 25 along the fore and no more than 30mm at any point across the entire deck. For completeness here's the 50mm stern plate; When bow in to any ship, even the Yamato (which has the highest overmatching potential of all) can neither penetrate the 50mm Fore End Belt due to the angle nor overmatch that armor with sheer calibre due to the thickness. That does apply only to that 50mm section, however. The 25mm armor can be overmatched by any AP shell with a calibre over 357mm (Calculation for this is armor thickness x 14.3 = required calibre to overmatch) but the smallest BB calibre between tiers 8-10 is 380mm, so Moskva is certainly not immune to AP fire from the front. Even if you go bow in so that the Fore End Plating represents an autoricochet purely because of the angle (which is achieved at 30° or 22.5° versus ships with "super heavy AP" such as US Cruisers like Des Moines) a shell of overmatching calibre will penetrate regardless of the angle (assuming it has enough actual penetration to get through the armor as an overmatching shell still has to actually penetrate, just because it can ignore the angling of the armor for auto ricochet doesnt mean it's a free penetration). Essentially, at long range you're at risk of plunging fire coming through the deck and fore end plating to penetrate and damage you (regardless of your angle most BB calibre shells can achieve this) and even at close range only shells directed towards the belt and waterline risk bouncing off the 50mm belt, when bow on the 25mm plating at 20° either side represents only 75mm of effective armor, a trivial amount for any BB to penetrate (GK with her 406mm guns can generate 430mm of penetration even when firing 20km, and penetrates 700+ at 5km). Moskvas 50mm belt plate essentially gives her a chance to prevent overmatches and autorichochet shells that would otherwise penetrate other cruisers, but doesn't provide a means to shrug off all AP shells from the front. Against BBs, going bow in seems inviting, but the plating on Moskva will only do 1 of 2 things; cause an autoricochet or fail entirely, so focus on causing autoriochets if you absolutely must take a hit from BBs. Angle the ship to expose some of your belt to try and tempt your attacker into aiming for your citadel area through your belt. When you can turn your aft turret on your target you're around the 36° angle which means your attacker is firing at a 54° plate, this is below the 60/67.5° autoricochet zone and is dangerous! Your only hope is that they aim for your waterline and go for your citadel, in this scenario any shells fired at the areas outlined in red below will bounce, no portion of the citadel is exposed here except deep below the waterline, although the superstructure, fore end plate and front turret barbettes are still at risk, as well as the risk of penetrating the turrets themselves (causing you no damage but potentially knocking out a gun); This is by no means a guarantee you'll survive an encounter with a BB, but I believe it's your best chance. BB players who understand how this works will not fall for this trick and can still cause moderate damage by targeting your superstructure, but your citadel should be fairly safe. Against cruisers, Moskva will see more success when bow on as she can't be overmatched from the front and her 20° natural angling on the bow presents a signifcant chance of auto ricochets, although many ships firing at a bow on moskva with AP in this scenario will aim up towards the superstructure instead of the hull, risk to the citadel is almost non existant as her deck armor will also ricochet most shells thanks to the thickness and severe angle. It's worth noting as well that HE shells can penetrate armor, ignoring the effective thickness, based on their calibre either at 1/6 or 1/4 of their calibre. With many cruisers and DDs aiming to penetrate the 32mm thick bows of many BBs, Moskvas 25mm bow and 25/30mm deck will rarely face a HE shell from primary armament it can resist. I hope some of this knowledge will help you avoid such scenarios are those you described in future if at all possible, Moskva isn't a ship you really want to be brawling BBs with but her long range makes her quite versatile in choosing a position to attack from (even if her maneuverability hinders that somewhat, she's fast in a straight line) and her radar can provide useful information when a lot of islands or terrain obscure vision and essential intel, most often the best way to avoid damage is not expose yourself to it in the first place and for that intel and foresight is key. I will advise Moskva to avoid open water when engaging enemies and stick to terrain where she can angle as above to attempt to resist AP fire, aware of the risk that plunging fire presents as well as attack aircraft considering Moskvas underwhelming AA suite, threat of torpedo attacks which are so easily commited to stationary, island-hugging Moskvas (luckily Moskva has hydro as well as radar) and the ever present threat of HE.
  6. Mikhail Kutuzov

    If you're present at all on Reddit you can keep an eye out for when Sub_Octavian holds Q&As on the WoWS Reddit, they're fairly regular, you could pose the question to him then.
  7. Personal Assignment 0.7.9

    You will have to obtain the 4 guineas available weekly every week for 10 of the next 12 weeks, but if you can obtain 40 of them then cossack certainly looks worth the remaining $1.
  8. Mikhail Kutuzov

    If WG were to start balancing premiums as standard practise (or rather, nerfing them, as they do buff premiums that need buffing, and they have tweaked values but what Kutuzov needs is a major change cos of it's smoke stealthfire capability) they would always have to contest with people who will demand refunds because what they own is no longer what they paid for. Obviously people dont care when what they own increases in value but they do care when they get nerfed. Anything they offer freely as compensation is a loss, even if it's super containers or something that isn't strictly monetary. SC contents like premium time, credits, flags etc all affect how much money a player spends themselves. They dont have to pay for premium if they get it free in a container, they dont spend as long playing the game in general if they get a bunch of flags that expedites their progress, etc. And then you make a big event about how kutuzov is being nerfed so it can return to the shop, but the stigma associated with it is a once-OP ship, now nerfed. It will be a collectors item, less desirable and not expected to sell well. Whether it will feasibly offset the loss is really down to WG to analyse to a reasonable degree of accuracy and pressumably they already came to the conclusion; no. It's a practise that outdates WoWS and was first implemented in WoT back from 2010 so I wouldnt expect them to change course on this policy any time soon.
  9. Compensation for Guineas

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/royal-navy/ This article says; but then goes on to say about guineas specifically thought it doesn't state the rate, 25k each may be a safe bet.
  10. Personal Assignment 0.7.9

    The RN DDs that you can obtain from personal missions (Acasta, Icarus, Jervis and Lightning) are currently promotional ships, which is a type used for premiums that cannot currently be bought ingame via the tech tree, and have the following features as indicated in game; Although they infact, do not have free permacamo, nor grant bonus credits (to the best of my knowledge), they do allow you to use any RN commander without retraining them which is a promo ship feature that will be lost when the line goes live. They will become the equivilent standard ships when the line becomes live and behave like other normal standard ships, the line can be previewed in the tech tree ingame. The event does allow you to obtain a Premium t8 RN DD Cossack for almost free, if you obtain 40 of the 48 available guineas through the event missions over the next 12 weeks you can buy a pack of 10 guineas for €1 and obtain the Cossack from the arsenal ingame.
  11. Mikhail Kutuzov

    WG don't want to offer compensation because they've nerfed a ship because they would have to offer a monetary refund which would constitute a loss.
  12. I got Acasta from my first non premium container. I got the remaining 3 within 9 premium containers.
  13. Payment Issues

    I assume your PayPal payment method is the same card and that you're not using your PayPal balance, essentially making it the same payment method? Probably best to check your bank account online, if that appears fine maybe attempt to move a small amount from your bank to your paypal balance? If that reveals nothing, I would suggest you contact your bank if it continues to be an issue, if transactions are attempted and refused they should have details of when and why.
  14. Payment Issues

    I believe that connecting the visa requires a transaction to take place to verify the connection, although this doesn't involve any money being moved. Neither the card option nor PayPal are working on any platform?
  15. Payment Issues

    Have you tried making the purchase ingame?