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  1. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    Gifting items from the shop to friends

    You can't gift containers to players in Belgium, the payment menu will warn you of this when you select the gift recipient if their region is Belgium. I don't know why you think you can't do it in the UK, theres no law against them. You will need a register an account in that region and then gift normally through that regions shop as you would for someone in your own region. The NA shop has no idea of the names of players in EU and in the case of duplicate names a gift bought in the NA shop will go the NA version of the player and not the EU one if EU was your intended recipient.
  2. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    ST 0.9.7, Unique Upgrades

    Aerosol Smoke Curtain System - Slot 5 2,500,000 Credits Allows the ship to maneuver in smoke areas at low speeds. +150% to total smoke screen generation time. –10% to ship consumables reload time. –5% to detectability range by sea. –15% to duration of smoke screen. Minotaur only. (this effectively turns the smoke into crawling smoke, allowing minotaur to continue to move at 1/4r speed for about 40s until the consumable ends, after which the smoke cloud lasts another ~90s. Yes, an aerosol is any particulate suspended in a gas. So fog, for example, is a naturally occuring aerosol. Smoke also is an aerosol. But, this more likely refers to a method of producing the smoke screen by releasing particles from a compressed canister, such as compressed titanium tetrachloride which turns into a white cloud on contact with any sort of humid air, as opposed to the more frequent method of evaporating oil into a white cloud by injecting it into the smoke stack.
  3. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    Richthoven sucks at DD hunt

    Well so far the german CVs have both the fastest moving torps and the shortest arming time, for a good CV player a targets reaction time is essentially the arming time so you're looking at 3/3.5/4s to react to the German CV torps. For me, these are perfectly adequate for hitting DDs with. DD players should beware of these torps, they do not hit very hard by they are quite a lot easier to hit with than any of the other nations so far and are reasonably a German CVs best tool against DDs. It will probably take a while for more of the playerbase to realise this.
  4. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    German cv's

    I find I have to scroll out to zoom out with the german bombers more than I did with other nations and I have lost track of the fighter reticle a few times but not had any issues with the torps.
  5. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    Where can I see my Karma?

    Click on your name in the top left, it is displayed beside your username in the menu.
  6. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    ST 0.9.8, World of Warships birthday, dockyard

    What these?
  7. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    Richthoven sucks at DD hunt

    But MvR makes up for the lacking DD hunting ability (which it is not useless at, it can hit DDs surprisingly well with the unexpectedly fast torps) with its ability to commit damage to other parts of the team. It just doesnt hunt them down mercilessly with rockets.
  8. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    Premium Shop Not Working

    There was an issue earlier with the web services such as the armory and the clan tab, but I think it has been resolved now.
  9. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    "waiting for authorization"

    I suggest trying to just log out and back in to the launcher first.
  10. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    Richthoven sucks at DD hunt

    thats the point
  11. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    ST 0.9.8, World of Warships birthday, dockyard

    I believe you get access to the armory category, you cant buy the ability to reset lines.
  12. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu


    Completing the German CV directives awards German Carrier containers which have a chance to contain a combat mission that rewards Rhein, Weser and Parseval. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/german-carriers-early-access/ This has been going on for almost four weeks, unfortunately if you do not have Weser at this stage it is most likely you wont have it in time to do the mission. Yesterday was the last day to complete the directives that awarded the above containers for a chance to obtain Weser. You can buy some premium containers and hope that you get the mission that awards Weser from that, but it does not seem worth doing at this stage because the german carriers will become freely available on Thursday, but by then it will be too late to complete the mission for the permacamo.
  13. Yes, like the RU & US variants for Ovechkin.
  14. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    How to change language to russian (wgc)?

    Since patch 0.9.5 the language of the client is no longer restricted by the region of the client so it is no longer necessary to change any preferences manually, you can simply install the client for EU and select whichever language you want. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-095-dockyard/#other-changes
  15. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    ST 0.9.8, World of Warships birthday, dockyard

    I believe you will only gain access to the Research Bureau category of the armory.