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  1. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    Black Friday Containers

    The dubloons mission is compensation for people who already owned the original Sims, since it is identical to the Sims B aside from the camo.
  2. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    ST - Peculiarities of Günther Lütjens

    This is such a huge wall of text I will not begin to respond to individual comments, but there is error in your reasoning. Firstly, percentile bonuses are entirely relative. A 10% bonus provides a 10% bonus, this is obviously half as impactful as a 20% bonus. It makes absolutely no difference whether you are talking about a 3 second gun reload, 30 second gun reload, 60 second plane restoration or 40 second consumable duration. 10% is 10%, both fast and slow guns can fire 10% faster and their dpm is increased by 10%, the number of fires they can start per minute increases by 10%, it is a 10% bonus. If German ships have relatively slower reload speeds (which is not true, their DDs have 4s reload at almost every tier which is faster than every nation except the US and tier 8-10 PAN DDs and Daring, the Cruisers have almost the best reload speeds among CAs at every tier with only American CAs being faster and the BBs also have the fastest reload speeds at every tier except for tier 10) then that would be totally irrelevant anyway since the gain of a % bonus is always relative. Most German ships can obtain 140 hits in 2 minutes of firing. Also, you used Sansonetti as a comparison before, because his inferior duration extension talent only takes 100 hits to obtain. Yet, Italian CAs have the lowest rounds per minute at every tier so it would infact be more difficult for Italians, and thus the lowered requirement is more justified. Secondly, you are not looking at the bigger picture of what exactly this commander would be like if he received all of the changes you proposed. He would be monstrously overpowered. You argue that the talents are not accessible enough to the average player but A) that metric is not for you to determine and B) if you think adding a bunch of easy to access but excessively powerful talents to a commander makes it balanced it does not. And we should be avoiding powercreep where possible, legendary commanders should not exist to have a decisive beneficial impact on a ship, this is why the legendary commanders have perks that are locked behind achievements. A lot of them (because it is not just the older ones like Halsey and Yamamoto; Sansonetti also has a Confederate Achievement perk) will only trigger towards the end of a particularly good game. Lutjens already gets a number of good bonuses; reload speed, aircraft restoration time, secondary reload time and ambient healing and none of these perks are locked behind achievements. Earning 140 main battery hits or 3 spotting ribbons is trivial, getting 30 aerial hits is pathetically easy, the benefits for doing so do not need to be made any stronger. You want to give him improved AR, one of the best skills in the game, do you think it is even balanced to simply replace an improved 1pt skill with an improved 2pt skill and do nothing to reduce his power elsewhere to compensate for this buff? The reason why I use Halsey and Yamamoto as comparisons more so than Kuznetsov, Auboyneau and Sansonetti are that Halsey and Yamamoto can be used on all 4 clases of ship and thus should have perks that benefit all 4 classes of ship, there are no Soviet, French or Italian CVs nor any Italian DDs yet, have you looked at Kuznetsov and considered him for use as a CV commander? He does not have a single useful perk. Halsey and Yamamoto have a single big talent which can benefit any class of ship if you can meet the requirements (Confederate and Kraken) and smaller talents that benefit most ships also locked behind achievements (Double Strike and First Blood). They do not have universally useful enhanced skills, neither of them have skills that are useful for CVs and neither of Halseys skills are valuable for US DDs. Lutjens has talents that benefit multiple classes of ship with both universal talents and talents specific to classes as well as a wider range of enhanced skills to offer a skill to every class as well; DD - Iron Strike (Easily obtained with German DDs if they are playing with a gunnery focus, 4 guns can obtain this in less than 2 minutes), Exemplary Recon (Z-52 healing for 3000 every time it gets 3 spotting ribbons is an incredible boost to survivability) and Preventative Maintenance is a popular commander skill on DDs, much of the community is split between either PT or PM as the first skill on the majority of ships. CA - Iron Strike again, Exemplary Recon may not be as easily achieved as a CA until later in a game and the heal is relatively less effective but if you're one of the last remaining ships then getting a small heal for every 3rd spotting ribbon could make a difference, especially for the lower tiers that cannot heal, Preventative Maintenance again and Expert Marksman is useful on lots of German CAs so the almost +50% BB - Iron Stike again, Exemplary Recon again relatively less effective but still working, PM and EM are both useful skills but in addition to the already 4 perks available the BBs can benefit from Secondary Armament Expert for a massive 15% increase to secondary RoF is both easy to achieve when secondary specced and extremely useful. CV - Exemplary Recon is less useful for CVs not because they struggle to meet the requirements but because they do not tend to survive after taking damage in the first place, for GZ this may be less true as she can engage a smaller ship in close quarters and possible survive. The continuous healing from repeatedly spotting enemy ships could help her recover from an earlier engagement, but this is highly situational and so note hugeful valuable. Secondary Armament Expert is also beneficial, but similarly situational. Air Superiority is the 3rd talent that GZ can benefit from and it is a 10% increase to aircraft restoration time that you can earn in the first 2 minutes of every single game. PM and EM are useful to GZ but Lutjens also gets enhanced EB which should already be taken by 100% of CV commanders and since GZ gets +40knt boost on her torpedo and dive bombers instead of the standard +35 as well as a fighter Engine Cooling consumable that lasts for 10 seconds instead of 5 it makes sense that the german CV commander provides further bonuses to her engine boosting. No matter what class you play he has relevant perks that are already straightforward to obtain, if you play with secondarys your secondarys are improved, if you play with aircraft your aircraft are improved, if you play as a spotting DD you are rewarded, if you play as a gunboat DD you are rewarded, if you are aggressive early and get a good number of primary and secondary hits you are rewarded. He does not need the massive improvements you are suggesting. And some final points. The balancing of GZ is an entirely different subject, you cannot decide that Lutjens needs more buffs because GZ is underperforming. That means that GZ needs buffs, not Lutjens. (GZ does needs buffs, also give her back her Stukas). If things are difficult for unskilled players to obtain that is just too bad, you can only make things easier for everyone which means the better players will get even more of an upperhand. Not only that but also potential for sealclubbing should be avoided as some players will inevitably bring such a commander into low tier. The requirements already detailed seem perfectly reasonable and I see no problem why the average player could not benefit from most skills in the majority of games as they currently are. The monetary cost of Lutjens (the 70 eur price you have quoted is speculative as far as I am aware) should also not be a factor into how well he performs. You should not expect to obtain overpowered content just because of the cost, although that appears to be what you want.
  3. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    ST - Arms Race and other improvements.

    Yes, it would be nice if all of the hidden bulkhead armor visible only via armor model viewer was infact viewable ingame.
  4. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    ST - European destroyers

    I played a game in VU earlier with this exact question in mind and received American voiceover. I concluded that the voiceover was not ingame yet, although there may be some complicated political/geographic reasons behind that (which language, exactly, would they speak?). Which language option do you use ingame?
  5. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    ST - Peculiarities of Günther Lütjens

    The desperate resistance talent only increases the duration of consumables by 10%, the 7.5% reload speed increase of Iron Strike is far more significant and the requirements should thus be higher. I am not certain how you would expect someone to drop their HP below 10% repeatedly and I do not see how this requirement makes it more accessible to DDs than spotting, even with the spotting performed by friendly CVs. You must somehow survive a salvo, torpedo or airstrike with less than 10% hp but more than 0% to benefit from the talent, you are more likely to simply die outright. I prefer the existing design which allows a DD to potentially heal itself of a significant portion of its health by remaining hidden and performing a spotting role, a role many DDs are relegated to when their health is too low to risk any engagements. The design by WG allows a DD to heal itself beyond what would only be <10% + 3000 hp as you planned. Again, the requirements are different. The 20% increase is a reward for earning the Confederate achievement "Damage at least 6 enemy ships. Damage caused to each ship must exceed 20% of her normal HP. Can be obtained once per battle." which is significantly harder than dealing 30 aerial hits, especially with rockets. GZ can earn 32 rocket hits with a single squadron of fighters, this is no where near the difficulty of earning a confederate achievement. Not only this, but this is the only benefit that Halsey receives for CVs, in addition to his trait Lutjens also has the Improved Engine Boost skill. This is the third time you have used the argument that because another unique commander has something that Lutjens should have it too. JJ/CH Honore are not even legendary commanders. I am sure every commander would like an improved version of what is one of the most universally valuable commander skills, but the fact that these commanders have this enhanced skill is within the context of their nation and their other skills combined. You cannot compare every commander trait to every other trait. Do you think Kuznetsovs traits are strong? The concealed reserves and will to victory? Of course, he only has two. Auboyneau by comparison does have have traits as powerful as these, because he has 3 traits. So does Sansonetti. Yamamoto has 2 traits, just like Halsey and Kuznetsov. Lutjens has received 4 traits, some of which will work on the same class of ship, they are not going to be individually comparable to Kuznetsov, Halsey or Yamamoto because they have 2 stronger, universal traits and their requirements are also very different. Lutjens doesn't need to earn a Kraken or a Confederate or be reduced to 10% hp to activate any of his traits. Furthermore, unlike Halsey or Yamamoto, who have 2 enhanced skills (EM+EL and EM+PM), or Auboyneau and Kuznetsov who have 1 enhanced skill (SE and JOAT), Lutjens has 3 enhanced skills, something useful regardless of what class you are playing. You can benefit from the bonuses that Lutjens brings in every single you game you play, that cannot be said for the other commanders.
  6. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    ST - European destroyers

    My logic was that, if Gryf was not unique but one of a series of ships then a reduced tier 1 ship would be more acceptable if a more accurate member of the series could exist at another tier. But, Gryf was unique, if this version of the ship is added to the game then there likely will not be an accurate variant, there cannot be another "Gryf".
  7. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    ST - European destroyers

    I did consider her, but she is unique and this is a reason why people have had an issue with Gryf. At least the Dutch navy has a wider range of vessels to choose from, and all of the Dutch sloops of the 20th century are reasonable choices as a PE tier 1 as their armaments are suitable though they don't have much speed, much like the Black Swan as the RNs tier 1. Certainly, though, Van Kinsbergen would be an interesting option. I would be uncertain as to what WG could do with Gryf otherwise though, it's armament, armor and speed don't make it suitable for very much. Perhaps PE can be the first nation with more than one tier 1?
  8. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    ST - British event arc and Lunar New Year

    I am so bored of early access events.
  9. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    ST - European destroyers

    Will any unique Swedish commander, such as the named ones available from the armory, be considered for those that would like a historical commander who compliments the new line? Also, I can understand the disappointment regarding the allocation of Gryf. I would personally suggest perhaps the Dutch K Class Sloop as a potential tier 1 candidate for the PE line as opposed to an unrealistic representation of a unique vessel such as Gryf, although I fear it is already too late for that and since WG no longer makes low tier premiums I suppose there is no chance of her having that fate either.
  10. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    ST - European destroyers

    The Halland, whose base concealment is 8.9km, can only get down to 6.99km (8.9 * 0.9 * 0.9 * 0.97) The Smalland, whose base concealment is 7.9km, does not have radar.
  11. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    The Captain's Logbook

    The collectionist in me is very excited for this.
  12. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    Black Friday Containers

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-events/black-friday-2019/ 2019 Containers 2018 Containers There are a limited number of these containers you can buy for 250 dubloons in the armory as well as the 10 total containers that are available freely from missions.
  13. Consider this graphic from the first IFHE rework iteration; https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/120433-st-inertia-fuse-for-he-shells-and-plating-changes/ This would suggest the answer should be; no.
  14. I've seen no confirmation on the changes to the way rounding works in the calculation, and when I did a write up on the implications on the first proposal of the IFHE rework I included some notes on the differences that would result if this rule was changed or not. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/120433-st-inertia-fuse-for-he-shells-and-plating-changes/?do=findComment&comment=3084964 All guns gained 1mm of penetration due to the change " With the change, an HE shell will not only be able to penetrate armor thicknesses that are lower than its penetration value, but also those that are equal to it." However, some guns would divide their calibre by their penetration modifier, then round up (gaining 1mm) and then the calculation for effective penetration would require you to reduce by 1 (losing 1mm). Example: 113/6 = 18.833 which would round up to 19mm. The amount you can penetrate is 19mm-1 = 18mm. Under the new rules it would simply be 113/6 = 18.833 rounded to 19mm. If rounding does not occur for these guns, even with the new equal penetration then the guns that do not round up will not gain anything. Example: 113/6 = 18.833 therefor the guns can penetrate 18mm since 18 is less than 18.833 but cannot penetrate 19mm since 19 is greater than 18.833. However, it's almost impossible to accurately determine if rounding actually does not occur anywhere. For example, German 150mm guns on ships like Nurnberg are 150/4 = 37.5 which increased by *1.3 = 48.75. Supposedly, rounding should not occur here and websites like the wows wiki state this and the stats of Nurnberg on wowsft support this as displaying Nurbergs penetration with IFHE as 48mm. Yet ingame it rounds up to 49mm. However, no 49mm plating exists so whether the shells really can penetrate 49mm or if the game is simply displaying 48.75 rounded up is impossible to determine.
  15. In the universally accepted builds that optimise the use of 19 points there is rarely any "non-mandatory" skills, this is not to say that other skills would not also be mandatory if more points were available. It's just a matter of prioritising what you can skill with your points. In this context, mandatory is being overused. Optimal, higher priority, must-have, recommended, whatever terminology you want to use there are generally accepted best skills and which skills those are depends on how they can fit into a 19pt spec. IFHE is the exception, regardless of cost (and thus at the expense of other skills that could potentially be taken) this skill would be taken by every ships that can benefit even with it's own additional inherent drawbacks, because it is poorly designed. A game mechanic like IFHE should be a function of a ship, not a commander skill.