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  1. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    Choosing Clan Team Alpha/Bravo

    I have found this to be an issues when the commander changes, if we are playing bravo and change commander it tends to shift back to alpha after the first game. Never seen it go from alpha to bravo though.
  2. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    High school fleet collection 2019

    I wish Harekaze without camo was in the shop. But the collab with HSF was ended a few months ago so the only chance of a reccurance is if they establish a new agreement. And considering the real life difficulties the owners and creators of HSF are having that might not be very likely.
  3. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    3x Daily containers..

    As a minor note, you can now exceed the 999 limit and doing so opens all of them at once instead of having to open each individually.
  4. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    Musashi commemorative flag

    I think he means this one
  5. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    USS Alaska

    Until they make an official announcement no one knows for sure, but it seems unlikely it will be for coal.
  6. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    Questions regarding certain premium ship availability

    Any changes to the premiums available in the store, or advance information regarding such changes, will be posted on the home page for the public and not in a forum thread for the benefit of a select few or a specific individual.
  7. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    Quick commands

    I think when you hold TAB there is a list on the left side of the scoreboard, most of them are context sensitive based on what/who you are aimed at when you press them.
  8. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    RN secondary armament penetration, intended or not?

    I have made some changes in an attempt to clarify this particular information on the wiki pages refered to above. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Armor_thresholds http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration
  9. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    Why the Motherload pack in premium store is in discount when its not?

    You've posted a whole bunch of different numbers there, but the discount is still the 20% off the value of the bundle contents. 9,000 dubloons and 9m credits (which is a dubloon cost of 6,000 dubloons) has a total value of 15,000 dubloons. 15,000 dubloons costs, in GBP, £44.52 but the bundle, which has a value of £44.52 is -20% off, so is only £35.50. It is entirely possible that the contents have changed, but I'm not sure who else is watching these store bundles closely enough to know that. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-deals/premium-shop-december-2018/ this page also links the bundle as it is displayed right now. All I can say is that the bundle definitely does save you 20%.
  10. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    coal for steel exchange

    You can convert steel into coal, but not coal into steel.
  11. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    Tirpitz camos for Tirpitz B?

    Remember, no refunds.
  12. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    Tirpitz camos for Tirpitz B?

    Well, they were just for black friday sale, and to be honest they were relatively cheap. If they had been a permacamo for Tirpitz you would have had to already owned Tirpitz to use it, and for Bismarck it would not be much of a sale item as it'd likely be another 1k dub camo, identical is all but looks to Bismarcks existing permacamo. The B ships are cheaper alternatives and their only downside was no fancy camos, unless you like the black style.
  13. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    Tirpitz camos for Tirpitz B?

    I think someone has just copy/pasted the whole of Tirpitz wiki page to create the Tirpitz B page and missed this error.
  14. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    Tirpitz camos for Tirpitz B?

    No, they only work for the regular Tirpitz.
  15. Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu

    How to stop spamming?

    You can disable the actual spoken lines so that only the chat and minimap are spammed somewhere in the audio settings.