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  1. Fysope

    Server down every night for the last 3 days

    Can we have compensation for the drreadnought marathon. I have small kids and very limited time to play. I hate when the server is down specially as I have paid premium since closed beta.
  2. Just played game we failed escort tranny objective after 1 minute and 10 seconds. EDIT
  3. Got some T5 or 6 dd forgot the name. Only played the atlanta missions 21 containers.
  4. Fysope

    Weekend warriors part XXCIV

    Wait what? Can you actually play this game while sober?
  5. Fysope

    Graf Zeppelin is pay2win

    I want same stuff that Triumph has been smoking.
  6. Fysope

    The sound effect after receiving citadel hit

    Still million times better than heartbeat sound few patches ago. I liked the screeching hull sound after closed beta.
  7. Fysope

    Instant chat ban needed

    Don´t be a Nagger if you do not want to called one. Every one of us prefers civil chat with fellow captains. Nagging is really disrespectfull.
  8. Fysope

    Aftvent SC hype: what did you get?

    2x 1000 doubloons
  9. Fysope

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to participate in raffle #1 Printz Eugen #2 Dunkerque #3-35 doubloon when there is a choise. Thank you and merry xmas.
  10. 3 months no supercontainers and then 4 with in a week with nothing usefull in them.
  11. Fysope

    The fun and engaging game mechanic

    I find detonations really rare I have lost 2 bb:s and about 30 dd:s to detonation in 8k matches.
  12. We sometimes played wot with Tier 2 T7 machine gun wagons against enemy tier 6 and lost gloriously.
  13. Fysope

    6.12 marks the end of World of Warships

    I thought that the game died 3 patches ago with the radio location skill.
  14. Fysope

    Annoying CV players

    I suck as a CV player. I am semi decent at bombing but enemys straferape me whole time. I just cant figure how to defend against it.
  15. Fysope

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    Is there a mod which allows ship carousel to filter non elite ships? This would be most welcome because I grind many diiferent ships with different tiers.