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  1. gwilku

    Performance problem

    Hey, I had a two day break from the game and when I got back today the game started to act wierd: ever few seconds it freezes for a moment and then gets back to normal. I haven't changed the settings, I have just made a two day break. Was there any micropatch yesterday? Does anyone else experience similar problems? BTW: just after I filled in the ssurvey for aircraft bugs stating that I haven't seen any of them I got to see them in my first battle. what the hell?
  2. gwilku

    Torpedos over powered?

    I'll get the Wickes and see what she can do. If I get a steady set of results like yours then yes, I'll admit that torps are OP. If not, I will keep to my POV and I will envy you luck or skill or both ;) EDIT: I took Wickes, and all I can say: were all of your enemies off-line? blind? or otherwise incapacitated? because Wickes is an incarnation of the idea of a glasscannon. Any mediocre CA or BB player can sink her in a matter of a few salvos. So the mere fact that you managed to launch all those 20+ torpedoes means that you were extremely lucky, invisible, or kept out of the fight letting your team do the hard work and you were just killing off the wounded. And yes, torps are powerful. But at the same time DDs that launch them are vulnerable. So it's all about setting your priorities right. When you are in a BB and can choose to shoot either a CA or a DD - shoot the DD ffs.
  3. gwilku

    MatchMaking question

    I am aware of +2. That's not the point. I'm just wondering why are tier II-III matches so rare, although the player queue seems full of them. And, it happens, that tier III ships appear in a match dominated by tier II (e.g. 2 tier III and 8 tier II), but I've never seen a match with 8 tier III ships and only 2 tier IV or V. It's always the majority of IV and V and a single poor tier III (ok, maybe two of those). In other words - it seems that tier III is designed to be passed ASAP, and not stayed at, while tiers I and II actually encourage players to stay for a while, as the matches are fun and generally balanced.
  4. gwilku

    St Louis good or bad?

    The only problem with St. Louis is that I haven't got to a tier III battle with her even once. (And I've met her while playing tier II ship in Tier III battle). And she's really just a target dummy for tier Vs who have bigger gun range, and twice as much HP.
  5. This would be a great option. If I could unify the units - one way or the other it would bea really helpful and would be one small step to making this game more tactical naval combat game rather than an arcade slow-motion shooter. I would personally love to have also an ETA displayed for airplanes at their waypoints, but I think this would make the torpedo planes really too easy to use.
  6. gwilku

    Torpedos over powered?

    Just read again what you've written I will answer the question you actually wrote, and let you do the rest of the thinking If you want to be repeatedly raped by torps do as follows: DON'T LOOK AT THE MINIMAP - it shows you enemy planes and destroyers, which you should not avoid if you want to be torped STOP - being immobile will definitely help you get raped by torps ok, if you really don't want to stop press W multiple times and then switch to binos view. don't look around (with RMB for that matter), and don't change your heading. hide behind an island. you have one side protected, butthank god you can't manouver - torps will rape you as much as you wish shoot the first target you see - you will be also spotted and draw the much appreciated attention of DD's and torpedo planes And now seriously: play a DD or CV. see how using torpedoes works. and then think again if they are OP. At least you will learn their weaknesses and this will help you a lot. It reminds me of players whining to nerf arty in WoT. So WG did what the players wanted and now arty is close to unplayable. They do have a minimum arming distance you know... If you let them out too close they won't arm nor explode on impact.
  7. gwilku

    Closed Beta Survey

    The solution is simple: Give us a solid, transparent way of submitting bugs (a bugtracker for instance) Give us any real feedback on our requests. We write TONS of various suggestions (both here and in WoT) which go without any feedback from your side. If you want to KNOW what we like and dislike about the game you have to LISTEN to us, and actually talk back to us (at least. the ideal option would be to use the info we give you). There was for example a discussion about a nightmode.Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am sure that the only people who talked about it where the players. Not a single developer bothered to say: "hm. interesting, we will see into that" or at least "nope, can't do because this or that" Don't tell us that bugs are features and that all actual bugs are because of mods (like WG staff does in WoT tickets - no point to submit them, TBH) And don't get me wrong - it's not a rant. I really enjoy the game already and I think it's been a great effort to make a F2P with enough incentive for premium to earn money on it while not making it F2P but Pay-2-Win. That's a really great thing. I'd just like to see the devs / staff somewhat more open to the players' voice.
  8. gwilku

    bug reporting, a.k.a. WG - make up your mind

    Thanks for your suggestion - I do see the point, but I still think that a dev team like that could and should embrace the concept of a bugtracker. Like RedMine or whatever. It would significantly improve our communication. And I think this would solve their problem with low response rate form EU community that they point out here.
  9. So... I reported a bug via support page (as intructed by the sticky topic here in this forum), created a ticket and got a very nice reply, which is fine but what confused me is the last part of the message: Now, I don't even want to point out, that the link provided is for the CAT (archived) General Discussion section. What I would really like to know is, how the hell should we actually report the bugs we find. PLEASE WG, make up your minds, and tell me: Forum or Support Page
  10. gwilku

    [request]skill category names in commander screen

    Changing the font color to white would solve the problem ;) I'll submit a ticket, as I haven't seen it in known bugs section.
  11. In the Commander screen the names of skill types (categories) are too dark for the backround they are on - they are barely legible. Should I make a supprot ticket of that? Or posting here is enough?
  12. gwilku

    MM tier spread

    Nice to hear that I am not the only one annoyed by tier III MM. I have exactly the same feelings.
  13. gwilku

    CV controls

    oh... nice, thanks. and the lock? locks the icon?
  14. gwilku

    CV controls

    What do those two little icons next to [1] Aircraft Carrier button mean? The three dots and the lock?