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  1. BlackOpsTuga

    USS Missouri - BB-63

    Battleship Operations | USS Iowa | Korean War (1952, 720P) - :teethhappy: this is from USS Iowa but is the same class of the USS MIssouri
  2. BlackOpsTuga

    USS Missouri - BB-63

    Big Guns - Battleship USS Missouri Shock & Awe :teethhappy: Firing Operations of Heavy Battleship 16"/406mm Guns :teethhappy:
  3. BlackOpsTuga


    LEGO Battleship YAMATO :teethhappy: very nice :great: https://www.youtube.c...yRifXI7sYQ#t=11
  4. BlackOpsTuga

    German Navy: Frigate class F125 (NEW)

    Not everything that is in Wikipedia is corret. :honoring:
  5. BlackOpsTuga

    Romanian - Mărăsti-class destoyer

    Thanks for posting :medal:
  6. BlackOpsTuga

    HNLMS Gelderland aka KMS Niobe

    Very Nice AA - ship :medal: Thanks for posting :great:
  7. BlackOpsTuga

    German Navy: Brandtaucher

    Nice post :great:
  8. BlackOpsTuga

    German magnetic mines

    Nice post :great: thanks
  9. BlackOpsTuga

    Battleships at War - Bismarck

    Great Post and great ship :honoring: thanks for posting :medal:
  10. BlackOpsTuga

    King George V (1940) class British battleship

    one more great post :medal:. thanks for sharing :honoring:
  11. BlackOpsTuga

    Veinticinco de Mayo , Argentine cruiser

    Thank you :veryhappy: for posting :great:. MR_Barbarossa you are a naval library :veryhappy:
  12. BlackOpsTuga


    I love this ship :medal: and i love the movie :medal: thanks for posting :honoring: - Yamato (Otoko-tachi no Yamato) - Trailer - very nice film
  13. BlackOpsTuga

    Chapayev class Soviet cruiser

    Very interesting ship :medal:. Thanks for posting :great:
  14. BlackOpsTuga

    French Submarine Surcouf

    Thanks for posting :honoring:
  15. BlackOpsTuga

    Italian Heavy Cruiser Trento

    Thanks for posting :medal: