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  1. Kreeft

    This new "Whoosh" sound!

    ^^ This ^^
  2. Kreeft

    5x Sierra Mike Bonus Code

    Thank you
  3. Kreeft

    Ultimate Frontier any changes im missing?

    I agree that the changes made to this operation have made it very difficult for a group of randoms, some may say broken. On Thursday 12 April after 8 straight "fails", I brought this issue to Customer Services and got the following response:- I guess, that players might need to adjust their play-style, as it might not work the same as it did before the changes. Of course, data will be collected on how it affects these missions, as well as forum feedback will be analyzed. Hoping that it is not too long before operations are made more enjoyable again.
  4. Kreeft

    Other Improvements

    Making the BOTs in Operation more of a challenge is a good thing but from current evidence "The Ultimate Frontier" (Operation w/c 12/04/18) is almost impossible. Think someone there might needs to look at this one again. Enjoying the game still mostly. :-p Keep up the good work! Edit 19/04/18 "Hard Mode" for operations has continued into this week. Is this the new normal? It would be good to get a comment from someone at WG. K.
  5. Kreeft

    Server Down

  6. Kreeft

    Public Test server restart

    When I logged in I had T8 ships and T1 ships however I was kicked off the server after 5 mins and can no longer gain access. Guessing there has been a server restart. Is the PT server status posted anywhere? It would be good to know when it is not up. Cheers K
  7. Kreeft

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    Hello, Not played or updated my client for 3/4 weeks and having applied latest patch the game crashes while loading. I will also raise a support ticket.
  8. Kreeft

    Need help with game client.

    My WOWs client keeps crashing too, with almost the same error message.
  9. Kreeft

    USN destroyers... Do they get any better past tier 3?

    US DDs do take some getting used to. I love the Wickes and Clemson. The following is an overview of how I play them. I hope this helps. While every battle is different and a tactical situation may require direct, aggressive action, in general when in a DD, I consider stealth to be my greatest asset. I will not give away my position by using guns to do maybe a couple of thousand damage when I may well sink an unsuspecting ship with torps. While the Clemson when fully kitted out has great guns, I would only use them when really necessary: (i.e. If you can finish off an enemy; you need to damage an enemy who is capping; to drive off another DD which may be spotting you; to set fire to and cause panic in a CV you have been hunting.) At the start of each battle I consider the range at which I can be detected by another surface vessel (Wickes 6.7km, Clemson 7km) and I try to use it to my advantage. While your torp range is short if you place yourself where enemy ships are advancing (flanks and cap points) torps can be very effective. It is possible to break up an attack and sink ships by running in front for them, firing off alternate salvos of 2 x 3 torps from the left side/right side launchers. Use islands, smoke and engine boost wisely to stay ahead of an advancing enemy and you will quickly accumulate sufficient exp to advance. Once you get to tier 5 and beyond and are in battles against more experienced players that have learned not to chase a US DD and where there are more aircraft to spot you, things really get tough and new tactics will be needed. For me there are few situation in WoWs as satisfying as a anticipatory,speculative torp salvo hitting home. I would urge you to persevere. It is worth the effort. Good luck. K.
  10. Kreeft

    Happy 17th anniversary from WG

    Happy 17th Birthday WG. Thanks for the gift!
  11. Kreeft

    Condeferate achievement doesn't give signal flag

    Only on the US server.
  12. Kreeft

    Collision Warning in the middle of open sea

    I had the same problem in a CV, i.e. collision warning and becoming stuck in an area of sea with no islands. Initially thought that I had been in contact with another player however no one else was with 5 km. I reversed for a minute or so and was able to proceed. Screenshots taken and incident reported.
  13. Kreeft


    Sitting in the login queue for WoWs CBT.... Well done WG for having so many ppl wanting to play. Time for a server upgrade??
  14. Kreeft

    0.3.1 tomorrow 14 May ?

    https://eu.wargaming.net/support/News/NewsItem/View/395/world-of-warships---031-patch-release Hope so... edit Thanks to the German Language forum for spotting this. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/13037-endlich-patch-031/page__st__60__p__234806#entry234806
  15. Kreeft

    The ban the person above you game remade

    Banned for use of RED text. And NOT banning. And being a Senior Moderator