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  1. PlacidDragon

    Game crashing

    Also crashing in the same manner. Not played for a month or so (but cannot remember a problem like this ever since beta), then after some massive updates, game immediately crashes upon launch (3 or so seconds in). I run Windows 7, so its not an exclusive Win 10 issue. No error message, just a generic "this program has stopped working". Edit : While not directly comparable as such, i thought i should mention that i just went through a similar massive update craze with World of Tanks. That game launched without any issues.
  2. PlacidDragon

    Mogami! No... It's Too Long!

    Thats just you arriving at Pygmy island ;)
  3. PlacidDragon

    Wargaming stream for 3.1 update

    They did say that it should hopefully hit in a week or two. While that is not very accurate, it does give hope in that its relatively "right around the corner"
  4. PlacidDragon

    Wargaming stream for 3.1 update

    Recovering and relaunching 8 squadrons is going to take forever, hehe (usual rearming is what, 35'ish seconds for a squadron, then land/launch is 10'ish). Thats going to require a battleplan all of its own how to queue things
  5. PlacidDragon


    The game will largely have the same player base as WoT, so yes, it absolutely will be. Unfortunately. Thats not to badmouth WoT as such, any online multiplayer game has this problem. The only thing that works against it is to have a large moderator base that has a low threshold for banning people and locking their accounts. Then people would get the message pretty quickly. But it will obviously never happen as it would kill their income.
  6. PlacidDragon


    Granted i've not played that many battles, but i haven't seen any intentional team killing going on. There is the occasional accident (usually involving torpedoes), and some smack talk if people are not watching where they are going (during gunnery duels, many people become totally oblivious to where their ship is heading). Hell, the first torpedo salvo i ever fired hit a teammate. I'd contest that it wasn't my fault as such, i fired a seemingly good salvo at an enemy 3 km's or so away, with nothing behind him but more enemy ships (no friendly ships in view at all, i was the furthest ahead). But a battleship on the team got in a devastating salvo killing him before my torps reached him.. then a friendly destroyer came streaking past and a stray torp hit him. It taught me to be even more mindful of the situation around me (to the extent that i can be), and it hasn't happened again And yes, i was called a noob :p
  7. PlacidDragon

    welcome to the CBT

    Hi there The accounts are not unified yet (probably wont be until after release at some point, at least as far as i recall). So currently they are two completely separate systems, neither gold, premium time, and so on will carry over between games. @the_british_admiral & Mindfulcrane07 : Thank you very much
  8. PlacidDragon

    Server down?

    If 5k players makes the server kneel, how does that bode for open beta and release ? I mean.. one would have thought that they had at least large parts of the server infrastructure in place by now. But i guess not
  9. PlacidDragon

    Why is IJN Shimakaze slower than USN Sims?

    The Sims is one of the pre-order ships, with a speed of 39 knots and an absolutely insane maneuverability (look at a Youtube review or two of it). If i recall, its one of the fastest ships in the game right now. As for the Shimakaze, i cant say, im not in the beta
  10. PlacidDragon

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    hmmmm, i came in here to read up on the game, pre-order a ship or two (since they are on sale), etc.... But once i got a whiff of this stuff, along with WG's seemingly complete uncaring attitude towards it.. i'm holding off.. whats the point of even playing if your computer does your aiming for you ?