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  1. Deanfransen

    Gdzie celować i czym strzelać

    If only it was in English...
  2. Deanfransen

    Tech Tree(s)?

    Oeh, Thanks for the direct acces link Tuccy !
  3. Deanfransen

    The Person Below me (GAME)

    False, I don't eat ships True IF you ment chips The person below me has a dog in his house
  4. Deanfransen

    Armed Merchant Ships

    I didn't knew they could transform a "regular" ship to an awesome carrier !If you didn't mention it I would have believed it was a carrier from the start. Thanks for sharing this with us
  5. Deanfransen

    Royal Navy do Bohemian Rapsody

    Old but gold !
  6. Deanfransen

    Trident 2 class battleship (Garrys of warship) own creation

    Good, keep us up to date if you're doing more boats
  7. Say WHAAAT!? I'm going to munch through those documents this afternoon / evening. Holy ! Thanks ALOT IChase
  8. Deanfransen

    ABCM Campaign

    I must say I've enjoyed my afternoon watching the little movies in class. My professor even passed by me asking what site it was so he could learn more about the different navies of the world.
  9. ^ Very interesting to read. Luckily the camo did the job
  10. Deanfransen

    WoWs reaching 200.000 likes on Facebook.

    I must admit I laughed way to hard at this
  11. Deanfransen

    WoWs reaching 200.000 likes on Facebook.

    The well known "Soon™". Used by so many by WoWs staff lately.
  12. Deanfransen

    WoWs reaching 200.000 likes on Facebook.

    it seems WoWs has two pages: /WorldOfWarships.NA and /WorldOfWarships. Seems they are linked to eachother since they have the same amount of likes
  13. Congratulations Wargaming on reaching 200k likes on Facebook ! It seems the community is vastly growing each day, even on the forums I see more and more fresh sailers (like I am ) Peace
  14. Deanfransen

    The battle of Dogger Bank

    Oh god ! Almost pi**ed my pants in here
  15. Deanfransen

    Random Warship Facts

    7 barrels ? Seems deadly. How the accuracy of the gun ?