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  1. First impressions of CV play is it feels counter intuitive, unlike the other ship control.
  2. Loot boxes = gambling This is using gaming to draw young people in gambling, it is immoral and should be banned. By all means sell something, but we should all know what we will get for the money we spend.
  3. Blackeon

    Priority Target in COOP

    Why does this perk not seem to work in COOP battles? For example just played a match where I am being shot up by an Atlanta and Priority Target does not light up at all. Then next match it is working perfectly.
  4. Torpedo aiming - why does your target not switch when using it? Never understood why the UI is designed this way. If you are using guns and you shift your view completely away from the target to another enemy your aim shifts with it. But do the same while in torpedo view and this does not happen, you have to manually select X or shift from guns back to torpedoes. Why? Really catches you out in a tight situation.
  5. Blackeon

    Bug Reports

    1. Playing CVs in map mode clicking on the squadron or ship icon at the bottom of the screen causes the last selected unit to head to the position of the icon on the map 2. Be in the map mode have a squadron selected e.g. fighter vectored to attack enemy torpedo planes, click on the icon for your torpedo planes 3. Your fighters break off their attack and head for the bottom of the map to the spot on it that was directly under the icon for your torpedo planes 4. When you click on the icon for a squadron it does not vector the previous squadron you had selected to the spot on the map under the icon.
  6. Blackeon

    Operations - rotate the missions more frequently

    Sigh, and the new Operation will be there for 14 days! Great with those with docks full of tier 7, oh no wait only certain ships are playable! Why won't they rotate operation like ordinary maps!
  7. Blackeon

    Operations - rotate the missions more frequently

    Thanks, will do that.
  8. Blackeon

    Operations - rotate the missions more frequently

    My Clan has five members, three of us have tier 6 ships and no way could 4 of us tackle the Operations. I don't see why WG does not design a queue for any operation, or just simply rotate them just as they do the ordinary battle maps. Really is there any reason why an Operation has to be the only one available for random teams for an entire week? Sure it is not impossible to get a team and do the other operations but it is a pain to set up and why does it need to be?
  9. Blackeon

    Operations - rotate the missions more frequently

    Yes. If you have a full team and I don't
  10. Is there any reason why the the Operation can't rotate more frequently than once per week? Would add a little more variety and it is a pain being stuck with a tier 7 operation when you only have 2 tier 7 ships. Or some way to join teams doing other operations.
  11. Blackeon

    Misery ships e.g. Pensacola

    Your comments are appreciated, but one of the problems is I like to play the Operations and it is very hard to use the tactics you describe in the operations as time is often against you as you fight what are basically suicidal bots.
  12. Blackeon

    Misery ships e.g. Pensacola

    "feels sluggish as a BB" because stock the turrets are slow to turn. Does this go away once upgraded? I don't know because I can hardly stand to play the thing and not felt like that about another earlier cruisers. Tier 6 cruisers are just fine, they seem to do the cruiser job, but you are right if this is a taste of things to come I'd better not bother.
  13. Blackeon

    Misery ships e.g. Pensacola

    Never said the ship was sluggish, it is the turrets that are sluggish, you can't keep them on target as you turn the ship (when stock). Also what use is concealment when your range is so feeble?
  14. Blackeon

    Misery ships e.g. Pensacola

    Is it by design or just accident that certain ships are just awful to play and especially grind? The Pensacola is my example a ship that is worse to play than any of my tier 6 cruisers, I mean it feels sluggish as a BB with the HP of a cruiser. Turrets that can't keep up with the rate your ship turns (still with stock turrets). Is this really, as the conspiracy theorists claim, just so you spend gold to speed your way past this experience? If so that is a fail for me because what actually happens is I log in, play one game with the Pensacola, get so fed up with how awful it is to play I then quit the game at the end of the match. Is it really a design feature to put ships in that make you NOT want to play the game? [I am sure there will be those who say the ship is great and I just need to LTP, but I do just fine in my tier 6 cruisers and each of them actually felt better than the tier 5]
  15. Blackeon

    Suggestions thread

    Please keep developing the Operations mode for the game, and expand them for different Tier ships e.g. Operations for Tier 5, 7 etc (well done for cutting Tier 5 from the Operations for Tier 6 as they really were not up to it) Also the enemy bot ships are suspiciously good at spotting and dodging torpedoes, so why are the friendly Bot ships so useless at it?