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  1. LemenNRW

    Save the USS Texas

    Items to help funding the USS Texas is in the Premiumshop. Lone Star Camo will be on my Texas this evening. :D . Thx WG for getting this here in Europe as well big
  2. LemenNRW

    Save the USS Texas

    I second that to . Please WG make a thing out of this . Update 6/11-17. Seems that WG EU are coming onboard according to I Earl Grey`s latest youtube video:
  3. LemenNRW

    please help

    Have you checked that your card is valid outside your own country or for online shopping? If there is a geo block on it, it may be the reason. Some banks have a default in credit cards that prevent usage outside your own country or online shopping. You can normally change that in your online banking service.
  4. LemenNRW

    Meanwhile in the Bahamas

    Hilarious, thx. for sharing Scylla :) .
  5. LemenNRW

    Visit to the USS Iowa

    My son is 136 cm high, so the shells are pretty large :) . It`s a armour piercing shell he is standing beside. The high explosive was a little shorter than the AP one.
  6. LemenNRW

    Visit to the USS Iowa

    I had the fortune to visit the USS Iowa in San Pedro Harbor in Los Angeles this summer with my son. I have been on her once before in Oslo in 1983, when she still was an active ship. Now she is a museum, and open for public. Se website: http://www.pacificbattleship.com/ Added a few photos as well. I will strongly recommend a visit if you by any chance are in that area.