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  1. Blackout_Ego

    Torps are becomming stupid.

    I really enjoyed reading the response on this. Many of you reacted exactly as i thought. Attacking me for being a total noob. And thats fine by me. I would never behave like this with my fellow players in forum. In chat i get angry sometimes, like i did in one of Jingles videos he put out where i went bananas over a cv in our team when he decided to attack the entire enemy team with the guns on his cv in the first 2 minutes of the game. Not the way I think I would have done, but anyways I am a noob so what do I know. I have no issue dodging torps in cruisers and other ships. In a bb it is sometimes much more difficult and thats fine.Depends were you are and when you spot the torps. I also picked up some years ago that it was a good idea to vary speed and course. This doesnt really mean that you are safe from torps btw. I also see that no one but me gets hit by torps. But i normally see ingame that players actually get hit and sunk by destroyers or cv even cruisers hit with their torps, and shockingly enough not only me. You can also check out the averedge dmg for dds in game and they often lie some over 50k dmg for higher tiers. I really do not think this is mainly caused by their guns. But I am a noob so what do I know. This is fine off course. Some of you insists that I am not good enough to play tier 10. That I suck at it. Also fine. I can take that no problem. I am a noob. But either how I think I will deside what I wanna play. I play everything in the game ALLWAYS alone, never ever played 1 game in a platoon or division or what you wanna call it. I will however still mean that torps do a bit too much dmg instantly. The flooding part is totally ok. I feel it is a bit too much dmg when you meet a Midway and he singles you out when driving a Yamato for instance. If he attacks you with everything he got in the start off the game he will easily do 60-70k dmg on one run. And you have NO way to prevent this. You are able to heal 20k ish. Next run you are finished. We can easily say it is historically ok. But in a game it can also result in the game killing itself. For me that happened after some years with WOT. It was really furn and good for a couple of years, but i stopped playing it when WOWS came out. Never gone back, apart from mayby 15 games last years. I am afraid this will be the result here aswell in time. I know it is not easy to balance this, but feel it might be important to address the challenge of it happening. I hope you all will continue to call me a noob and attack my post hehe. That is why I put it out in the first place. And I got some response hehe.
  2. Blackout_Ego

    Torps are becomming stupid.

    It is now only game of torps. I am seriously considering to stop playing and using money on this game. Torps from planes dropping from close distance totally wrecking your ship in start of game ruins the fun for me. And playing should be fun. Also torps from shimas are a menace. One torp hit me in the last game in Montana 60kdmg.
  3. Blackout_Ego

    New Destroyer wanted

    HNoMS Stord (G26) I would LOVE to have this in the game. She carried out one of the most daring attacks during WW2. Going into 400m from Scharnhorst to sink her with torps. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For the Kobben-class submarine, see HNoMS Stord (S308). HNoMS Stord in December 1943 History United Kingdom Name: Success Builder: J. Samuel White Laid down: 25 February 1942 Launched: 3 March 1943 Fate: Transferred to Norway Norway Name: Stord Namesake: The island of Stord Commissioned: 26 August 1943 Fate: Sold for scrapping 1959 General characteristics Class and type: S-class destroyer Displacement: 1,710 long tons (1,740 t) (standard) 2,530 long tons (2,570 t) (deep load) Length: 362 ft 9 in (110.6 m) (o/a) Beam: 35 ft 9 in (10.9 m) Draught: 14 ft 6 in (4.4 m) (deep) Installed power: 40,000 shp (30,000 kW) 2 × Admiralty 3-drum boilers Propulsion: 2 × shafts; 2 × Parsons geared steam turbines Speed: 36 knots (67 km/h; 41 mph) Range: 4,675 nmi (8,658 km; 5,380 mi) at 20 knots (37 km/h; 23 mph) Sensors and processing systems: Radar Type 290 air warning Radar Type 285 ranging & bearing Armament: 4 × single 4.7-inch (120 mm) Mark XIIdual-purpose guns 1 × twin Bofors 40 mm AA guns 4 × twin QF 20 mm Oerlikon AA guns 2 × quadruple 21-inch torpedo tubes 4 × throwers and 2 × racks for 70 depth charges HNoMS Stord was an S-class destroyer built for the Royal Navy during the Second World War, which was transferred to the exiled Royal Norwegian Navy in 1943. Contents [hide] 1Description 2Construction and career 2.1Postwar 3References 4Bibliography 5External links Description[edit] Stord displaced 1,710 long tons (1,740 t) at standard load and 2,530 long tons (2,570 t) at deep load. She had an overall length of 362 feet 9 inches (110.6 m), a beam of 35 feet 8 inches (10.9 m) and a deep draught of 14 feet 6 inches (4.4 m). She was powered by two Parsons geared steam turbines, each driving one propeller shaft, using steam provided by two Admiralty three-drum boilers. The turbines developed a total of 40,000 shaft horsepower (30,000 kW) and gave a maximum speed of 36 knots (67 km/h; 41 mph). Stordcarried a maximum of 615 long tons (625 t) of fuel oil that gave her a range of 4,675 nautical miles (8,658 km; 5,380 mi) at 20 knots (37 km/h; 23 mph). Her complement was 170 officers and ratings.[1] The ship was armed with four 45-calibre 4.7-inch (120 mm) Mark XII guns in dual-purpose mounts. For anti-aircraft (AA) defence, Stord had one twin mount for Bofors 40 mm guns and four twin 20-millimetre (0.8 in) Oerlikon autocannon. She was fitted with two above-water quadruple mounts for 21-inch (533 mm) torpedoes. Two depth charge rails and four throwers were fitted for which 70 depth charges were provided.[2] Construction and career[edit] She was laid down as HMS Success, but transferred to the Norwegians before completion. She was renamed HNoMS Stord when commissioned on 26 August 1943 under the command of Lt.-Cdr. Skule Storheill. The ship served in the Home Fleet in the 23rd Destroyer Flotilla. She played an important role in the Battle of the North Cape sinking of the German battleship Scharnhorst. Stord went in as close as 400 yards (360 m) to the Scharnhorst before firing torpedoes. After the battle, Admiral Fraser sent the following message to the Admiralty: "... Please convey to the C-in-C Norwegian Navy.Stord played a very daring role in the fight and I am very proud of her...". In an interview in The Evening News on 5 January 1944, the commanding officer of HMS Duke of York said: "... the Norwegian destroyer Stord carried out the most daring attack of the whole action..." In June 1944 Stord also took part in the Normandy landings. Postwar[edit] Stord was officially purchased from the UK government in 1946 and scrapped in Belgium in 1959. A model of Stord (approximately 300:1) can be seen in the D-Day museum at Arromanche, Normandy. On 28 September 2014, Håkon Nilsen (1913-1976), the torpedo commander aboard Stord during the Scharnhorstattack, was the first Norwegian war veteran who in recognition of heroic service was posthumously awarded the Arctic Star by the United Kingdom. In 2015 another Arctic Star was awarded to Chief Petty Officer Arne Olsen (1917-1990) who saw active service for the Norwegian Navy.
  4. Blackout_Ego

    Suggestion for british destroyer premium

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_North_Cape I would hope for a Norwegian three but find that extremely unlikely to happen. But the Destroyer Stord i feel should be given a place, because off her contribution in the sinking off one of the dangerous ships of the Kriegsmarine. Stord and Scorpion fired their torpedoes from an easterly direction. Stord fired her eight torpedoes as she was about 1,500 yd (1,400 m) from Scharnhorst, while also firing her guns. After the battle Admiral Fraser sent the following message to the Admiralty: "... Please convey to the C-in-C Norwegian Navy. Stord played a very daring role in the fight and I am very proud of her...". In an interview in The Evening News on 5 February 1944 the commanding officer of HMS Duke of York, Captain Guy Russell, said: "... the Norwegian destroyer Stord carried out the most daring attack of the whole action...". Such bravery should be recognised and it would be a great way to do so by letting her have a place the most important game for us seamen hehe. And i feel that placing her in the brittish line is the most likely place to do so. She was after all a british build ship, HMS Success More info on her and her attack on Scharnhorst. http://ww2db.com/ship_spec.php?ship_id=887 I am a bit unsure about the distance off her attack on Scharnhorst, cause in this article it says 400 meters. My grandfather told me about this when i was younger and he said they got very close to Scharnhorst. Anyways whould be a nice ship to have.
  5. I would really like if the british line had the HnoMS Stord AS a premium ship. A couple of reasons, the most importantly being she played a key rolle in the sinking of Scharnhorst. Where she took a great risk and got so close to the Scharnhorst that the pocket battleship could not lower her guns to hit Stord, then Stord torpedoed the Scharnhorst. Secondly I'm from the island of Stord hehe, and where she got her name from. She also took a part in the Normandie landing. I wonder if this is possible to achieve. I hope so. Would love to have that destroyer. Who could one contact to make this suggestion. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/HNoMS_Stord_(G26)
  6. Blackout_Ego

    Fuso range

    Do you get back all range cause before i buy the ship it says 13,2 stock 14,5 upgraded And btw i know its a game. But still feels kinda stupid to have the Kongo with much further stock range.
  7. Blackout_Ego

    Fuso range

    What happened to Fuso`s range. In real life she would fire 27.800 meters here she fires well 13000 half of the real life. And the Kongo fires well much further in here. In real life 25000m Can you give a good reason for this.
  8. Blackout_Ego

    Game crash all the time

    Tired off this. Game crash because off ping like 8756321456. And i get dropped to startmeny for login. Happens once or twice EVERY [edited] game. Only happens in wows, no other game. Kinda frustrating you might say. I am on i optic fibre internett 75mb both ways. computer should not have any problems. So [edited] tired and angry. Sometimes cant log in again due to dns problems. Anyone have an idea how to fix this. Anything. please help me.
  9. Blackout_Ego

    Feeling ripped off £35 premium & warspite

    Many many ships have been sunk by destroyers. Knm Stord for instance sunk the Scharnhorst. They got in close very very close on desember 26 1943. They got so close that Scharnhorst could not lover their guns to hit Stord. And then They placced 8 torps in her. And down she went with 1800 killed. . So destroyers are not to be ignored
  10. Blackout_Ego

    CVs are redonkulous

    I wont. I just readjust and kill you from two sides
  11. Blackout_Ego

    Carriers ruin the game for me

    I do not like to be called mentally ill btw if anyone wonders. And I am mentally ill I guess. But dont need anyone telling me that I am based on me wanting a nerf for a class off ships i feel is OP. Dislike it or not.
  12. Blackout_Ego

    Carriers ruin the game for me

    And you said i was on drugs or mentally ill. All I fuckin said was CV needed to change and they fuckin do. If you are in a team and you have carriers the other team does not in 99% off the games you win. Why is that. And I play carriers aswell but i am not good in them or anything else i generally suck. But fact is I do more dmg in my carriers simply because it is very fuckin easy.
  13. Blackout_Ego

    Carrier Matchmaking needs to be adjusted

    So you are claiming They are not OP, but still cant handle a difference in number or tier. Hehehe. For me you are saying They are OP. Nerf them bigtime. So they dont make ALL the difference on how the game ends. Thats what needs to be done
  14. Blackout_Ego

    Carriers ruin the game for me

    And it is totalt stupid to claim you just have to learn to play as a team. People seldom Do that in these games. Only in ClanWars have I seen this in WOT. Just change the problem class is the Solutions here
  15. Blackout_Ego

    Carriers ruin the game for me

    just answer this. Would You prefer to have a good CV player or a good BB player on your team if you wanna win. I know what I would prefer. Why Do you think WG have set a max 2 CV in a game. Do you think it is because they are better or worse, than other classes. The answers to these questions is the reason I want them changed. Never said I wanted them out off the game. They belong, so does subs imo btw