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  1. Hellfoxe

    Cruisers are outrageously unbalanced

    No cv a battle can take a long time which both teams are sniping at each other. Cruisers don't need to be nerfed because they shoot faster then a bb. Dd main weapons are torps without it can't survive, i agree that torp spam can getting annyoing.
  2. Hellfoxe

    Broken game

    You are asking to play like lemmings but the you still losing the battle.
  3. Hellfoxe

    Veteran players dropout

    I don't even ask putting the best player on team that why the Rank battles for it. You get down for while if you lost more battles then you win on Random Battles. Releasing new ships can make a difference or just getting more new players which just no battle experience.
  4. Hellfoxe

    Veteran players dropout

    Veteran player who played alpha/closed beta and open beta has dropping out since the game released open to everyone. Matchmaking was one of the reason and Wow try to fix it but is to late with they last update. Update didn't change much since matchmaking on ships and not on player skills.
  5. Hellfoxe

    Possible Free ship for the EU

    What a cheap and effectieve marketing from Wow since must veteran players drop out when it from close beta to open game you only get inexperience players with researching high tier ship but don't know how to play.
  6. Hellfoxe


    Omg you talk cheat don't even execist, if every player was such skilled this kind of topic will be not talk. Cheaters using mods to hide they cheats why do you think Wot/Wow don't allow mods but not forbidden.
  7. Hellfoxe


    You didn't saw the video so you don't give answers that don't make sence. I wasn't the one who shot so read before posting. I 'm not like you spending entire time on Wow or getting started at alpha testing. If you want compare with stats then you are really wrong. Inexperience has noting do with stats. Next time think twice before posting such answer. Moaning and whining has noting do with it so stop the crap answer kid. If you can't talk like adult then don't give answer.
  8. Hellfoxe


    Forum is getting backwards in this kind of topic. Is almost they don't believe in cheat.
  9. Hellfoxe


    I don't see any scam execept the vidoe don't prove anything of cheat that doesn't mean there is no cheat used on Wow.
  10. Hellfoxe


    Pretty lame answer no cheat in Wot and Wow seems they impregnable to cheaters. I remember 2 years ago Wot give a cheater temporary ban of 2 weeks for using aimbot on his E-50 tank because he show off on youtube of his "skills" by shooting enemy tanks hatch every time.
  11. Biggest problem was the deadline and a few selected players for testing WOW and when it finally from closed to open beta it was already to late must players found they to other games like Warthunder.
  12. Hellfoxe

    Wargaming Support AWOL

    You aren't the only paying customer and I don't see others complain on forum. It doesn't mean you are paying customer you are so important. If Wargaming must answer every ticket/report then they must hire a lot of people for that and work 24/24 and 7/7 to answer them all.
  13. Hellfoxe

    Advice ignored

    I expect must of them are veterans from WOT and alpha tester.
  14. Hellfoxe

    Advice ignored

    It only works against low tiers enemy the tactic you are using but against experience players that don't work.
  15. Hellfoxe

    Advice ignored

    It seems wow advice that you need a minimap is ignored. In battles you get sometimes entire lemming team while just following the bb.