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  1. Darod_Khaan

    whats the point of USA BB line?

    I´ve pretty much just unlocked the Bayern and the New Mexico and are in the process of upgrading them so I can´t say too much about their performance. However I do play the mighty Fuso a lot. It is one of my favourite ships as it is relatively fast, has good guns (and a lot of them) and it can take quite a beating. But if there is one thing I hate in the Fuso it is running into New Mexico's. Those bloody things are almost indestructible it seems! Even with the pretty good guns on the Fuso you can forget about penetrating the citadel (and that goes for the Bayern too) except at point blank range, and you do not want to get that close to anything in a Fuso anyway (she´s not much of a brawler). In my experience the US battleships tend to be a bit more situational than their IJN counterparts, primarily because the IJN´s are faster and easier to reposition in response to changing circumstances. However, when well placed, they are absolute beasts!
  2. Darod_Khaan

    whats the point of USA BB line?

    I have to disagree on this bit. Sure, IJN BB´s aren´t that good at knife fighting, but that don´t make them snipers either. Sure, they have immense range, but it´s largely a trap. Dispersion at max range makes you inefficient. They do however excel at medium range (10-15km or there about). You'll land more shells on target and do far more damage than if you stay at max range sniping. Also, staying at max range sniping means no one is shooting at you and the rest of the team have to tank damage that you could have taken in stead. Most IJN BB´s are quite tough and can take a beating. Sure, you'll loose health, but that´s why you have healing. Some of my very best Fuso games were the ones in witch I played here aggressively, starting out bombarding at medium range and then closing in to short range (less than 10km) to finish of the enemies. Bonus: No one expects a Fuso at point blank range. Cruisers are deleted instantly!
  3. Darod_Khaan

    whats the point of USA BB line?

    Angle the US BB´s and they can take a LOT of hits. Add to that good firepower and (for a BB) excellent manoeuvrability in addition to pretty damned good AA, and you have some quite powerful ships. Short range and low speed requires that you pay more attention to positioning than with IJN BB´s but with a bit of skill thats no problem at all. Actually, the extreme range of the IJN BB´s are a bit of a trap. They work best at 10-15 km range, but way to many players stay at close to max range pretending to snipe. Sure, you get the occasional plunging fire citadell (which can be very entertaining), but it is very difficult to do consistent damage at that range due to shell flight time and dispersion and you get absolutely no use out of the armour, health and healing abilities of a BB. The short range of the US BB guns makes it impossible to do this mistake.
  4. Darod_Khaan

    St Louis needs to go

    You are right. The St. Louis is a very good ship. However, I still think the Tenryu is even better. It just takes much more practice to get the most out of her because speed, agility and torpedoes are harder to exploit than the sheer toughness and firepower of the St. Louis.
  5. Darod_Khaan

    St Louis needs to go

    I´m sorry but I don´t understand this at all
  6. Darod_Khaan

    Tier three Battleships are really bad

    The low tier BB´s (at least for IJN, haven´t tried USN yet) are abysmal. I think their main purpose is to scare people into cruisers and destroyers.. As for the Matchmaker: when you are in a squadron, the Matchmaker only takes into account the highest tier ship in the squadron. So a T1 and a T3 ship gets T3 matchmaking. (In other words, up to T6 matches). This is because (in theory at least) a high tier ship is more dangerous and contributes more to the team than a low tier ship. Edit: Just a small addition: The T1 ships (like the Erie) have no other use than letting you learn the basic ships controls. I assume your friend was driving it because he had no other ship available. I suggest teaming up with him in a T1 or T2 ship, or letting him play against bots for an hour. That should give him enough xp and credits to get the T2 Chester class cruiser. It is an immense improvement and a much more fun ship to play than the Erie.
  7. Darod_Khaan

    Flooding warning

    Well, if you get hit by torpedoes you are almost guaranteed to be flooding so it should be routine to check for the flooding symbol if you are torpedoed. But it could have been improved a bit. Red borders for instance to make it stand out more.
  8. Darod_Khaan

    Torpedos too op

    The trouble with WWII sonars is that they aren't particularly effective when you are moving at high speed.
  9. Darod_Khaan

    St Louis needs to go

    Because the Tenryu is by far the superior ship. When you learn how to play her. An inexperienced player in a St. Louis will beat an inexperienced player in a Tenryu any day of the week. A good player in a St. Louis will however have a really bad day if he comes across a good player in a Tenryu.
  10. Darod_Khaan

    St Louis needs to go

    Aim at the water line at short to medium range and you´ll penetrate the citadel of the St. Louis pretty regularly. At least that is my experience.
  11. Definitely a hit to the magazine. Pure luck, but it happens. I´ve had more than one of my cruisers die that way. Annoying, but oddly entertaining at the same time.
  12. Darod_Khaan

    Furutaka - Am I playing it wrong or is it just bad?

    The Furutaka is a one show wonder. It´s 203´s can make minced meat out of pretty much any cruiser it encounters, but that is difficult to achieve and she pretty much suck at anything else. At short range she can be dangerous to low tier battleships as you can citadell them with AP, but that BB better be shooting at someone else than you or you´re dead before you know what hit you. I´ve had some great games is the Furutaka, killing both DD´s CA´s and even a BB in one single game. But that required being in the right place at the right time pretty much constantly. Most games are simply a pain in the [edited]with this thing. The sad part is that it´s pretty much just the turret traverse that kills her. If they reduced the traverse time by 30%, she´d be a much more enjoyable ship to play.
  13. Darod_Khaan

    St Louis needs to go

    That is simply not true. I regularly get citadell penetrations with the Tenryus guns when shooting at a St. Louis. And the guns aren't even the Tenryus primary weapons. 140mm´s and torpedos in combo will make a St. Louis into an artificial reef in no time at all. Sure, the St. Louis is a far easier ship to drive then the Tenryu, but the Tenryu is a far deadlier ship if you will just bother to learn how to drive it.
  14. Darod_Khaan

    St Louis needs to go

    As entertaining as the St. Louis can be, I actually prefer the Phoenix. The torps are a nice surprise if someone gets too close and it´s fast and agile enough to get out of trouble if needed, something the St. Louis is utterly unable to do.
  15. I recognise the individual words, but I am not quite sure what they mean when they are put in that specific order...