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  1. these diamonds... aaaaargh!

  2. Bought Nagato, still learning.

  3. freekdeman

    [Video Trailer] Update 0.4.1 - Coming Soon™

    I like it. I like it a lot. I'd roll with it.
  4. freekdeman

    One tester's opinion

    Shouldn’t be taken at face value, that is wat is most confusing, to me, about your post. "to believe that something is what it appears to be, without questioning it" If you want the opinion to matter, shouldn't you at least provide viable arguments? And if we aren't allowed to question your opinion or your arguments, what exactly is the point in posting? That being said, the balance and the maps aren't perfect. I wouldn't even expect them to be at this stage. But his game feels more finished then any other game I have seen in Alpha or Beta-stages. On top of that, I enjoy the game.
  5. Still trying to master the Fuso

  6. freekdeman

    Hate and other stuff...

    Just to be clear, it was an exception. Everyone else is just lovely and some even congratulate the opposing team on a good strike. To me that is the way it is supposed to be.
  7. freekdeman

    Hate and other stuff...

    Today, for the first time in many battles, a team-mate who drove his destroyer in my Cleveland was threatening to have me banned. His words: "Next time I see you is when the game is out. I have screencapped this and I am reporting you." Funny that he did have time to screencap and report, instead of steer his boat clear of teammates. I am not one to whine about abuse, or complain about friendly torpedoes hitting me. But even if I had the power to ban people, I still wouldn't threaten players with that. In my expierence, that is the first toxic behaviour I have encountered.
  8. trying to master the Fuso