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  1. Bigdogg

    [Bug?] Mouse pointer is off in menues and tactical map

    Still got the bug in 5.3 btw. Its quite annoying to have to alt tab or change resulution every time i login!
  2. Bigdogg

    Bug in 1920x1200

    Still broken after 2 weeks
  3. Bigdogg

    [Bug?] Mouse pointer is off in menues and tactical map

    Any fix for this wargaming?
  4. Bigdogg

    ARP Kongo stage 2 misson reward bugged?

    Yeah its a bug. I have seen screenshots of people getting 500000 xp. Its suppose to give 5000 free xp not x5000 xp. o_O
  5. Bigdogg

    Bug in 1920x1200

    Jepp many people have this bug hopfully a fix coming soon.
  6. Bigdogg

    [Bug?] Mouse pointer is off in menues and tactical map

    I have the same bug with 1900*1200 res.
  7. Bigdogg

    Incoming nerfed for CV players?

    Could be, man thats alot no wonder there is so few CVs playing these days.
  8. Bigdogg

    Incoming nerfed for CV players?

    Yeah CVs earn alot less now. Feels like ~30% nerf to xp gain.
  9. Bigdogg

    GJ WG

    Good patch expect some big gamebreaking bugs like: AP messed up - well known, fix inc soon. Dogfighting expert broken - gives 100% damage pr tier, should be 10%?, really bad for CV play. this means that stock fighters will crush upgraded fighters. He bugged for low cal guns - lots of 0 damage hits on some battleships. Much lower credit and xp gain for damage done - really frustrating, I was nr.1 on my team with the yamato on a win and I still lost 150k credits with premium account! Tier 10 queues are really long now. Things I like: New maps. Border hugging fix. New missions. This is just some of the bugs/issues i know of and its really frustrating playing after 0.5.1 so I hope there is some fixes incoming soon!
  10. Bigdogg

    Economy after 0.5.1

    So I noticed after the latest patch i make alot less credits now. Playing high tier even with premium and credit flag im barly making any profit! Its really bad when im trying to save up founds to buy my next ship. Is this intended or what? This is really frustrating at the moment
  11. Bigdogg

    [Bug?] Clear Skies award not awarded

    If you are not in a carrier you need to target the planes with ctrl+leftmouse and kill 30 in order to get the award.
  12. Bigdogg

    Special event

    I think you will loose your bonus if you play now and win with 1.5x