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  1. Blakk76

    Richelieu - Tier VIII

    kinda working it out last few battles, it should be played as...battlecruiser, more in vein of Hood than other ships. Fast approach, shoot from distance, get out...
  2. Blakk76

    Richelieu - Tier VIII

    Got this baby today... so far-a total disappointment...she`s a bigger Dunkerque but on tier VIII its a nightmare, while Normandie had speed AND punch to deliver, this ship has only speed, like a huge DD without torps. Burns like crazy, no armor at all...long reload, bad accuracy. As much as had fun on Normandie-this ship is completely waste of time...
  3. Blakk76

    Monarch. What am I doing wrong?

    Monarch and Lion are strange ships, just because you are on a higher tier, team works better and thus you can expect more win rate and income, but survival rate will be much down. both are "second line" battleships, that can support someone better but never will win a flank on their own. So pair with Bismark or Tirpitz for example in the battle
  4. Blakk76

    HMS Lion - you r experience

    so devs are leaking some info on next nerf of the Lion, her visibility will be increased, and times for repair parities reload will be increased to 40-60 secs....
  5. Blakk76

    HMS Lion - you r experience

    now it`s not only me who`s talking about changed dispersion for HE...look above
  6. Blakk76

    HMS Hood, review after a week and captain skills

    my last battle on Hood.... had Queen, Fuso and Texas on my flank, with some help of cruiser I sunk Fuso and Texas and pushed away Queen... so main trick is to move fast and turn around...
  7. Blakk76

    HMS Hood, review after a week and captain skills

    it is surprising, but Lion with upgraded powerplant feels like an oversized Hood a bit...
  8. Blakk76

    Russian BB line?

    not before autumn of 2018...so long time to wait
  9. Red October Oktabrskaya revolution is quite good, never had much focus on it`s stealth abilities, but 12 guns salvo with HE shells kinda makes any other ship think twice before attacking
  10. Blakk76

    HMS Lion - you r experience

    actually yes... difference between HE and AP salvos are really in your face now
  11. Blakk76

    HMS Lion - you r experience

    source- playing experience...before last patch dispersion was same for AP and HE shells, now AP shells are much closer to each other, while HE are flying all around the screen. Not in a single battle, but each and every time I was on Lion
  12. Blakk76

    Let's talk French battleships a bit...

    so no armor at all as usual....
  13. Blakk76

    Let's talk French battleships a bit...

    if you got Richelieuuyuyuyu at VIII then what will be IX and X?
  14. Blakk76

    HMS Lion - you r experience

    since last micro-patch WG has changes HE spread for Lion (at least) now it`s rubbish, but AP spread was improved a bit....so go figure
  15. Blakk76

    OKT> Revolution- limited repairs

    nikolainenum then