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  1. Scotia

    Have you kept the Kirov?

    Cant wait to sell mine, slowest grind of tier 5 cruisers yet, dosen't help i cant get a win it to save myself, worst tier 5 cruiser in game
  2. 83 hits with HE, a whopping 8528 damage done. Nuremberg is definitely a joke
  3. Scotia

    Tier 3 Ships Worth Keeping?

    Still got my St Louis
  4. Scotia

    New Halloween contest for the weekend. EU only.

    Oh great i read this after i've played against, won battle and sunk Fūjin
  5. Scotia

    The Germans ...........

    86 hits with HE, 8000 damage, tier 5 150 mm guns
  6. Scotia

    The Germans ...........

    Just about every hit on all german CL's (up to tier 5 at least) knocks out engine, every game engine gets knocked out 2-3 times. And again, engine knocked out twice in tier 5 CL. Any1 else getting this?
  7. Scotia

    Karlsruhe, can I have my paddle back? - Rant

    karlshure, every hit knocks out my engines and or steering, every match ive played in ends with me stationary waiting for repairs or death, no other ship in game is like it. So wtf did u do this WG?
  8. Scotia

    Firing over low obstacles

    Ive seen some right crazy BS with WoWs locking system, firing at 1 ship while game has locked onto another ship close by, shots land between the 2 ships hitting nothing. Ships shooting over mountains and still hitting targets. Its as stupid as ships vanishing into thin air on an open sea.
  9. Scotia

    BBs need buffs.

    Wow you hit a ship 5km outside of your max range, how you do that??
  10. Scotia

    BBs need buffs.

    That would be true if it wasnt for the horrendous accuracy of the guns. Ive fired a full broadside at another BB from 1.5km away, I'm thinking he will be obliterated 1 fricking shell hit him, 1 shell from 10 at 1.5 km hit, i dont know about you but I think thats complete and utter BS.
  11. Scotia

    Why do I loose my camo?

    Just be grateful they don't charge gold for it :s
  12. Scotia

    Ships start turning and shells fall short!

    Ive had issues with shells falling short, last time i sunk a friendly CA that was between me and my target. I was locked on enemy ship and tracking it with my guns yet somehow shells fall well short, right on top of friendly cruiser
  13. Scotia

    British RN last to arrive? Really

    At the start of WW2 the Royal navy was the largest navy. The RN is also the oldest navy. Everybody else built there ships based on what the RN was building. The RN and German navy engaged before Japan, Soviets and US even entered the war. But hey we invented tanks and still had to wait till after french tanks were introduced (seriously wtf was that all about?)