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  1. Hexazar

    The 45 % Beta

    Had a 2 very "funny" 3 node domination cap games yesterday. In one game the entire team except me and a Hipper camped just OUTSIDE A and stayed there without caping. Me and Hipper caped B and C, meet enemy at C Hipper sunk, managed run away in my Benson, C taken by enemy. A is not caped all is camped just outside cap still, B being recaped by enemy nobody defends. I go back into B and recap get sunk by enemy, B taken by enemy, no support from the campers outside A. A is finally being caped! Campers from A follow the enemy down the 1 line instead of recaping B, enemy won on points. In the other extremely "funny" game nobody besides me tried to cap the whole team just collected in a green blob in the middle between A and B on our side of the map........ Oh yes the third one too where "everybody" decided that sniping from the 2 line and not caping is the best way to win a domination match.......
  2. Hexazar

    Various Complaints

    Replays or it didn't happen, your walls of texts and accusations of rigged games proves nothing.
  3. I feel that the MK is more beginner friendly than Atago.
  4. Don't take much ss, but found a nice older one: edit hatez internet and gives up posting ss. Edit2 152k dmg and seal-clubbing Isokaze Spoiler
  5. Grand Master of seals ;)
  6. Hexazar

    Destroyers - what % see the end of a battle?

    I'm at 43% Destroyers:Battles 963 Average Tier 4.91Survival Rate 43.41%
  7. Hexazar

    Arpeggio missions stolen, big fail imho

    Maybe you should check when missons end.......
  8. Hexazar

    POLL: Which ships are you waiting for the most?

    You asked for it and got it
  9. Hexazar

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    Well after 5.0.3 I see a lot of bad shooters are you one ? ;)
  10. Hexazar

    What is the worst premium ship in the game?

    Trust me you do NOT want the Mikasa, basically all you can do in her is steer the ship and hope that you manage to get your ship close enough for your secondary armament to engage.
  11. Hexazar


  12. Hexazar


    Simply do not fire torpedoes when you have friendlies in front of you, and btw. you don't know how to use torpedoes.
  13. Yup, think so...... or maybe ....mmm..
  14. Hexazar

    Just unlocked both ARP ships and I'm infuriated

    Read the patch notes?
  15. Hexazar

    Ranked.... what am I doing wrong?

    Just grind on was just tkd by a rank 6 46% wr 2k+ dd for playing the game "wrong"