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  1. Thx for ending my doubtfulness then. Too bad it cannot do it. On the other hand you would grow tired always playing with that handful of players you approve.
  2. trident65

    Yoshino or Salem for Coal?

    Well it seems to me that most Yoshino players lets the anchor go in the backlines with broadside towards the enemy to be able to use all their guns and spam torpedoes and then get blapped by Yamatos or Slavas
  3. Yes I know it stops them from messaging me but wether it stops me from being matcehd in the same team is a big questionmark. Well thx for your answer anyway.
  4. The Barbarian Fleet is looking for a few good men/women to join our ranks. We aim to take part in clanbattles. We welcome all active players and can offer a fairly well developed port with high bonuses and understand that real life sometimes mess up your gaming nights. English is our mainlanguage and we have a discord server. No obligations other than switch on naval battle on weekends. ( Does not affect your playing in any way but helps the clan).
  5. trident65

    Are you going to grind the Puerto Rico?

    I watched Flamus stream on Twitch earlier today. He was flabbergasted over the directives. He immediately said that even he who plays the game to make a living would not have a chance to finish those directives. And I was stunnded when I looked at directives demanding for example obtain 350.000 Free XP and take 46 million damage in a cruiser. Or grind millions of base XP:s in a few days.Jingles has a rather striking saying: " he had a sudden rush of crap to the brains...". I guess some people had it when they came up with these directives.
  6. trident65

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.7

    Get a Georgia with all secondary upgrades, modules and a 19 pts captain with all related skills. Secondary reload time 2,7 sec , -80% dispersion, range 11,3 km. Makes dd captains spam the engineboost- and smokebuttons.
  7. trident65

    Admiral Kuznetsov's Biography

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Sea_campaigns_(1941–44) Although the Soviet navy had no significant operations in the Black Sea except for some evacuation of troops from Sevastopol and giving artillerysupport to besieged cities they really did not have any impact on the landoperations of the Wehrmacht in the beginning of the war. Preventing the axis from performing a landing in the Caucasus was easy as the Axis never had any means to perform a landing in the Caucasus. Turkey, who was neutral in WW2 blocked major axis naval units from entering the Black sea and what they had on the surface were a few destroyers, torpedoboats, gunboats and barges while underwater they had a few submarines. Hardly a fleet able to perform a major operation like transporting divisionlevel troops and supporting their landing. Admiral Kuznetsov was surely a brave man by, at least somewhat covertly, standing up against the rigid partyinfluenced command of the Soviet forceson land, at sea and in the air but I do not really think that his achievments at sea were much to write home about. History according to WG lacks reality. Earlier before the Soviet bb:s were launched I saw a video with their so called historians claiming that at the outbreak of the War in 1941 the Sovietunion was the biggest industrial power in the world. For western Europe and Poland the war started already in 1939 with Soviet turning a blind eye to German agression and later in 1939 blatantly invading Poland after Wehrmacht had crushed the polish army in September 1939 and invading and annexing the three small baltic states and trying to invade Finland, where they surprisingly, got a bloody nose and only had minor success in moving the borders after an armistice was negotiated. At the same time the Sovietunion was unable to even lay down and launch any of the planned ships ( that we have in the game) the USA laid down and launched North Carolina, Washington, Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Alabama. But not only that. They also laid down and launched all vessels for tthe fast carrier taskforces at the same time as they built tens of thousands of airplanes, tanks, trucks, jeeps and managed to produce something for the domestic market as well. The fast carrier taskforces consisted of 17 carriers, 6 battleships, 13 cruisers, 58 destroyers, 1,100 aircraft. The bb:s obviously being some of the above named. Lend-Lease helped the British, Soviets, and other Allied nations win the war. Even after the United States forces in Europe and the Pacific began to attain full strength during 1943–1944, Lend-Lease continued. Most remaining Allies were largely self-sufficient in frontline equipment (such as tanks and fighter aircraft) by this time but Lend-Lease provided a useful supplement in this category and Lend-Lease logistical supplies (including motor vehicles and railroad equipment) were of enormous assistance. Much of the meaning of Lend-Lease aid can be better understood when considering the innovative nature of World War II, as well as the economic distortions caused by the war. One of the greatest differences with prior wars, was the enormous increase in the mobility of armies. This was the first big war in which whole formations were routinely motorized; soldiers were supported with large numbers of all kinds of vehicles. Most belligerent powers severely decreased production of non-essentials, concentrating on producing weapons. This inevitably produced shortages of related products needed by the military or as part of the military-industrial complex. On the Allied side, there was almost total reliance upon American industry production, weaponry and especially unarmored vehicles purpose-built for military use, vital for the modern army's logistics and support. The USSR was very dependent on rail transport and starting during the latter half of the 1920sbut accelerating during the 1930s (The Great Depression), hundreds of foreign industrial giants such as Ford were commissioned to construct modern dual purpose factories in the USSR, 16 alone within a week of May 31 1929 with the outbreak of war these plants switched from civilian to military production and locomotive production ended virtually overnight. Just 446 locomotives were produced during the war, with only 92 of those being built between 1942 and 1945. In total, 92.7% of the wartime production of railroad equipment by the USSR was supplied by Lend-Lease, including 1,911 locomotives and 11,225 railcars] which augmented the existing stocks of at least 20,000 locomotives and half amillion railcars. Much of the logistical assistance of the Soviet military was provided by hundreds of thousands of U.S.-made trucks and by 1945, nearly a third of the truck strength of the Red Army was U.S.-built. Trucks such as the Dodge 3/4-ton and Studebaker 2,5 ton were easily the best trucks available in their class on either side on the Eastern Front. American shipments of telephone cable, aluminum, canned rations and clothing were also critical. Lend-Lease also supplied significant amounts of weapons and ammunition. The Soviet air force received 18,200 aircraft, which amounted to about 30 percent of Soviet wartime fighter and bomber production (mid 1941–45). Most tank units were Soviet-built models but about 7,000 Lend-Lease tanks (plus more than 5,000 British tanks) were used by the Red Army, 8 percent of war-time production. According to the Russian historian Boris Vadimovich Sokolov, Lend-Lease had a crucial role in winning the war: On the whole the following conclusion can be drawn: that without these Western shipments under Lend-Lease the Soviet Union not only would not have been able to win the Great Patriotic War, it would not have been able even to oppose the German invaders, since it could not itself produce sufficient quantities of arms and military equipment or adequate supplies of fuel and ammunition. The Soviet authorities were well aware of this dependency on Lend-Lease. Thus, Stalin told Harry Hopkins [FDR's emissary to Moscow in July 1941] that the U.S.S.R. could not match Germany's might as an occupier of Europe and its resources.] Nikita Khrushchev, having served as a military commissar and intermediary between Stalin and his generals during the war, addressed directly the significance of Lend-lease aid in his memoirs. Yeah the biggest industrial power.... I rest my case.
  8. trident65

    Public Test 0.5.16 Feedback - Overall Stability

    Have experienced a couple of sudden crashes today.
  9. I agree. I do not like the Bastion mode at all. 3 max is my opinion too if we have to play randomly on a Bastion map.
  10. trident65

    Feedback on Flag Packages

    I agree with you. I also think that a flagset like Juliet Charlie that completely negates ammo detonations should be nerfed at least and preferably removed. There should be some random chance to get blown up so captains dont get too cocky running around with pennants flying from the masts.