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  1. TheFierceRabbit

    DDs - Concealment expert or RPF

    RPF is a waste of 4 points in my very humble opinion.
  2. TheFierceRabbit


  3. TheFierceRabbit

    Just need 12 more players...

    Played one game after reaching 10. That was more than enough for me.
  4. TheFierceRabbit

    I don't want captain slots when I ask for signals and Camo!!

    Aye, totally agree. I think it might be nice if WG did some kind of check to see if player has more than 'x' spare captain spaces and give that player 500 free xp or something instead.
  5. TheFierceRabbit


    I am not going to accuse you of anything, but I would guess that most of that negative karma came about in games in which you preserved your star?
  6. Two consecutive crates gave me captain slots, yesterday. Please, please, stop giving me them. When I ask for signals and camouflage, I really do want signals and camouflage.
  7. TheFierceRabbit

    My personal premium ship wish list

    That has to be the oddest/weirdest most dumb looking turret I have seen
  8. All I neeed to know. Myself and others are trying to protect consumers like yourself and all you can do is attack us. So funny.
  9. No. What they intend to do with premiums in WoT may have a huge impact in WoWs. It is very relevant.
  10. What do you think of my stats? I notice yours are hidden. Are yours better than mine? Sorry. Can we please keep on topic. This should be about purchasing premiums and them being changed over time without refunds. If a premium is changed signifcantly for the better or for the worse, the owner of that premium should be entitlded to a refund as that premium no longer matches the description of the item they purchased.
  11. I can cope with them, but when the stupidity is so high, I have no answer for them.
  12. Seriously, I don't understand why as a player and a consumer you would support giving away your purchase rights. Unless you were 'minted' or 'retarded' why would you allow a company to change your purchase after it was made? This behaviour exhibited by WG is akin to a garage selling you a Ferrari 350 to use every weekend for the rest of your life. In the small print it says, we are allowed to change the contract over time if we feel any of the parameters of that car no longer fit our guidelines. The result being they give you a Reliant Robin to use every weekend.
  13. Seems people seem to think it is OK for items to be put on sale with 'x' description and then for the company to change them how they wish after the fact. If I started a company, I would hope these same people would be my gullable customers. It doesn't matter if there is a disclaimer saying that items are subject to change or that an item is granted as a licence to own. There are limitations in which both are allowed and applicable and lawsuits would follow.
  14. It's worse than that. You buy a premium 'item' and then they change it so badly it no longer resembles the 'item' you purchased and then they say, "no refunds!"