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  1. Tzoli

    Sweden in World of Warships

    I know two mid-1920's proposals which for one we have a drawing of but for the other I'm not sure it was existed or get the data wrong: The 1925 design: 130 (wl) x 18,5 x 6,5m Displacement: 7.650tons 32.000shp, 2 shafts, 44km/h Armour: 50mm Deck, 150mm Belt, 40mm Slopes Armament 2x2 283mm/50 6x1 149mm/50 4x1 75mm/60 2x1 40mm/39 The 1926 version: Same dimension, and engine but displacement was only 7.200tons Armour: 70mm Deck, 150mm Belt, 40mm Slopes Armament 2x2 283mm/50 1x2,4x1 149mm/50 4x1 or 2x2 75mm/60 2x1 40mm/39 The official drawing I have depicts the 1925 version so I'm not sure if the 1926 one existed at all. Do anybody know more info about this 1926 modified project?
  2. Tzoli

    Tier X French Battleship Proposal

    I'm pretty liberal with copyrights but stating false information is not good.
  3. Tzoli

    Tier X French Battleship Proposal

    That drawing of mine posted a few times previously but always the original not this "Made by that person" I'm okay with my drawings posted anywhere but not if it got shown as someones own drawing
  4. Tzoli

    Tier X French Battleship Proposal

    No. Adolf Hitler was much different then Napoléon both military command and country ruling wise. And also that depends on how you view your history. Only a French could tell you how they view Napoleon. As a Hungarian I view him positively, a British and German might think otherwise.
  5. Tzoli

    Tier X French Battleship Proposal

    Nahh I just periodically checking the forums for my name if one or more of my drawings got shown here. But I would like to ask this MilleniumExodus comrade about his sources.
  6. Tzoli

    Tier X French Battleship Proposal

    How very nice of you to represent it as not only a historical design from a PUPPET GOVERNMENT of France but also added weapons from Alsace by YOU! Can I get paid for your work by illegally stating it is your drawing of a historical design? But my congratulation for you of having some very limited windows paint drawing skills!
  7. Tzoli

    Shinano or Yashima

    Also saying that the 51cm Cannons has worse ballistics then the 46cm shows how they are not competent regarding naval artillery!
  8. Tzoli

    Shinano or Yashima

    No. This "Yashima" is neither the upgunned Yamato (Official plans to upgun them replacing the main wepaonry with twin 51cm) and neither A-150 (neither versions as info about them is very sparse) Because this battleship has lass AA then the 1945 Yamato with only 10x2 10cm rather 12x2 10cm as envisioned for the No 797 subclass. Shinano would had been as Yamato launched but with 10cm AA guns and revised armour scheme. A-150 was described having "lots" of 10cm mounts so a minimum of 6 per side in my opinion. This article explains them well: https://warshipprojects.com/2018/04/24/the-yamato-class-genesis/
  9. Tzoli

    Can they go further beyond Smolenks

    At least post my updated more detailed versions of this proposal! https://www.deviantart.com/tzoli/art/The-Anti-Aircraft-Oyodo-779197354 More info since I've posted in that thread, it was actually a conversion of the Oyodo still under construction then And because there is very little info available on it I've made a number of turret layouts for it: https://www.deviantart.com/tzoli/art/Layouts-654066263
  10. I don't mind mentions and links to my images, just be accurate when posting the info. In my description I stated my ideas for the Tone-Kai
  11. My Tone-Kai version (official proposal, limited info available) features 4x4 61cm Torpedo tubes not, 4x3! https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/改利根型重巡洋艦 https://www.deviantart.com/tzoli/art/Tone-Kai-type-Heavy-Cruiser-557681807 Late war version: https://www.deviantart.com/tzoli/art/Tone-Kai-type-Heavy-Cruiser-Refit-559774477
  12. Tzoli

    Hellenic Navy research

    Your research only shows the ships which are easily obtainable from the Internet. I would not call Salamis a battlecruiser with her 43km/h only speed. Even the first BC the Invincible class could go as fast as 47km/h. There are quite a few never were designs and proposals for Greece: Armstrong destroyer designs 342,43,47 from 1903 Armstrong destroyer design 725 from 1912 Ansaldo Armoured cruiser design, an improved Georgios Averoff or a further improved Pisa class from 1907 Armstrong armoured cruiser design 585 from 1908 DNC heavy cruiser / big gun cruiser proposal from 1939 Armstrong battlecruiser design 473 and an unnumbered one from 1906 Vickers coastal battleship design 509 from 1910 Armstrong battleship design 473A from 1906 Vickers battleship designs 375,76,80,81 from 1908 Armstrong battleship designs 724,24A,26,26A,27,27A,28,28A,29,30,31,31A.35,36,37,38,43 from 1911-12 Vickers battleship designs 545,46,47,48,59,60,63,65,66,67,68,69,70,93,94 from 1912 Armstrong battleship design 779 from 1913
  13. Tzoli

    Number 13 Capital Ship prelimenaries

    And another reason I don't play WoW anymore. Their naming conventions are soo bad. The 4 Amagis were: IJN Amagi IJN Akagi IJN Atago IJN Takao Yes Ashitaka was first considered for the Takao but no IJN ship carried that name.
  14. Tzoli

    IJN Battleship and Battlecruiser Tree

    There was a design between Kawachi / Settsu and A-46 (Fuso preliminary) A 23.300ton design from 1907/08: 167,64(pp) x 173,74(wl) x 26,21 x 8,53m 23.300tons standard 28.000shp 4 shafts Steam Turbines 39km/h 7x2 30cm/45 Cannons 16x1 15cm/45 Guns 8x1 76mm/40 5x1 457mm Underwater torpedo tubes 279mm Belt, 44mm Slopes, 25mm Deck Basically an enlarged Kawachi with a superfiring pair of turrets forward with the rest the same. https://iiif.dl.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/repo/s/hiraga/document/61b73f5a-9012-4577-903d-fe87157e256d#?c=0&m=0&s=0&cv=0&xywh=-659%2C0%2C8261%2C4927
  15. Tzoli

    The Yamato class Preliminary studies

    It's not my imagination the data tables clearly says it's dimensions, displacement, armament and arrangement. I've only draw her as I see it would had looked like