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  1. Please consider giving Campbeltown some kind of ramming-related bonus! It's not exactly a powerful ship so it's not like it would upset game balance.
  2. Hello, HWB is not a competitive clan, but I am looking for those interested in events which recreate historical naval battles to join my discord server. Details here:

    Warship History series

    Hello, I've recently started a Youtube video series which summarises the origins, specifications and careers of World of Warships ship classes. Videos so far: No plans to show gameplay, screenshots from the game do come into use, though. This series focuses on history, so no discussion of in-game stats, tactics etc. but does include historical photographs, paintings, and fairly comprehensive information on the ship class and its combat history. If you're interested in history and want to learn more about the steel beasts you command in World of Warships, this series might be for you.

    Q for owners both Atago & Kutuzov

    Kutuzov has great DPM. If your aim is good (especially at long range) it will probably do more damage. But the Atago is definitely easier to play, and less reliant on a competent team. Kutuzov has fantastic AA and makes a great carrier escort. But its biggest weakness IMO is the citadel - it's very big and very weak. You can be citadelled from any angle by battleship shells, and quite consistently from the side by 8 inch cruisers, you have to be VERY careful or you will receive at least one citadel per match.

    Myoko lovers

    Why BFT? The secondaries and AA are pretty bad, so adding 10% to them only makes them slightly less bad, but still bad.

    POLL: Which ships are you waiting for the most?

    First question - Rodney and Scharnhorst. Both should be a lot of fun. Second question - British BBs and Italian BBs. Italians had some really cool stuff, and I want a Littorio-class! Their WW1-era designs were quite impressive as well.

    Shimakaze Op

    Too many DDs means reluctant BB captains who prefer to stay as far from the enemy as possible, so you end up with the cruisers taking all the fire and dying. Then it's just BBs vs DDs, and you can guess how that ends. Though even if there were cruisers, they're not always a good enough counter to DDs. Seriously though, it's very hard to be aggressive in a BB with more than 3 DDs on a team. The closer to the enemy you are, the less time you have to dodge. And the further away you are, the more abuse from the team you get.

    Propose to put a limit to the number of DD

    Any ship that can be properly countered by another has a decent element of risk when playing it. At the moment the biggest risk to a DD is another DD, which can't exactly kill a destroyer easily with a torpedo hit or with continuous gun hits before it disappears. Clearly you don't know what Dunning-Kruger is. Never have I tried to pass myself of as superior to another player. I've been talking about why I find DDs frustrating, and why cruisers need a proper place in this game. At least respond to some of my blue text instead of pulling the old 'no skill, opinion is invalid' card. And I apologise for not having the time or desire to dedicate myself to playing an average of more than 70 matches a week, every week.

    Propose to put a limit to the number of DD

    @Zathras I'm not saying DD players have no skill. Some DD players can pull off incredible stunts. My problem is how high-reward low-risk the gameplay is in many cases, at least with DDs with good torpedo range.

    Propose to put a limit to the number of DD

    The point was most people play IJN DDs and their characteristics lend them to being played as pure torp spammers that, for the most part, can play their role without getting spotted, certainly not for long periods of time anyway. This all boils down to the fact that it seems DDs (IJN ones, at least) don't have to play fair. It's incredibly frustrating to be decimated by a torp strike that appeared too late for you to dodge, and you in turn don't get the chance to hit back. Here's my problem, at least when playing BBs: If i play cautiously enough so that avoiding torpedoes is easy, I get abuse from the team for 'being a coward', 'pussy', whatever. if I follow their "advice" and close with the enemy, I get battered by dozens of torps from an enemy I can't even see. Even WHEN a DD is spotted, I get one chance every 30 seconds or so to hit him. He can dodge and jink like crazy and I'll probably miss. I can't switch to HE because I won't be able to switch back and engage an enemy BB when the DD inevitably disappears before my very eyes. While all this is going on, he's firing torp after torp, laughing his way to the exp/credit bank as I watch the torps roll in and take away all of my HP in less than a second. It's that immensely frustrating feeling of being played like a fiddle and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. I don't want BBs to be killing machines with no weaknesses. I want cruisers to have a proper role. At the very least, buff the shell travel speed so hitting DD's isn't such a damn chore.

    Propose to put a limit to the number of DD

    So are you actually going to make any counter-arguments or not? 1 - yeah, I haven't played them, but you didn't deny the point I made either. 2 - use smoke. Or get inside torpedo range, then turn and jink while running away until you're hidden again. 3 - I don't see how your point helps your case. BBs can't dodge shells or torps nearly as easily as a DD, let alone a cruiser. And they're spotted for most of the game. And they actually have a citadel. 4 - again, no counter argument presented.

    Propose to put a limit to the number of DD

    @Zathras I literally meant 'there is no reason for there to be no citadels" Most people play IJN DDs, and you can't deny that's pretty much how IJN DDs are meant to be played. USN and RU DDs are less of a problem in that their torpedoes aren't a 'I can just fire these and go back to hiding" button. Reload times have been covered - they are irrelevant when there are 4+ DDs on a team. Aim indicator - Yes, it's not a way to guarantee a hit, but it gives a very clear and very simple indication of where to aim. With the number of torps most DDs have in high tiers, sending out a few clusters in and around the general suggested target is usually enough for at least one hit.

    Propose to put a limit to the number of DD

    There's no reason for that!

    Propose to put a limit to the number of DD

    Couple of things: Even when a DD is detected they are not easy to kill, mainly because of shell speed (and of course their speed/mobility) they can turn and jink, fully spotted by a dozen ships, and get away unscathed unless there is something like a Cleveland or Mogami with stock guns closeby. I've never citadel'd a DD, and I'm not sure it's actually possible, seems like the citadel is completely below the waterline. What I think needs to be done is CA/CLs need a buff to shell speed so it isn't so easy for DDs to dodge shells. Second point: Getting close to a DD doesn't work. You're going to be torped to death OR they deploy their cloaking device and fire torps through it. Either way, you die before they do, or best case scenario, you both die. And on the point about torp reloads: that would be something that could be exploited if there weren't 3/4/5 enemyDDs in every match.