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  1. wotertool

    Screenshots of those orgasmic situations

    If he could bank to the right fast enough, only 2 torpedos would have hit him.
  2. wotertool

    My ships are nerfed!

    Kawachi too?
  3. wotertool


    I am close to getting this Cruiser, currently enjoying the Kuma. However, I don't know what to spend the skill points on for the IJN cruiser line. any tipps?
  4. wotertool

    Potentional Wipe at launch.

    So far I only reached Tier 5 and I hardly see more than 2 carriers per team (most of the time either 1 or none at all). I play mostly the Kongo BB currently and I think I only died once to a carrier, because I was low on health and didn't notice the torp squadron which hit me completely. DD topedos get me more often than any carrier and the biggest threat to me are actually nasty cruisers with their non existing reload time ... Howevre, I also play cruisers from time to time and it's MUCH easier to evade carrier torpedo planes.
  5. wotertool

    Kongo captain skills?

    Yes thank you, though I already got that Fire Prevention skill before this thread was made.
  6. wotertool

    Advice on japanese cruisers?

    It might not fit to the OP's starting post, but to the thread: What skills are best used for japanese cruisers? Also, should one take the "Basic Firing Training" for faster reload of 155mm guns and +10% AA efficiency? From the Furutaka on, only the Mogami gets 155mm main guns (and those are upgradeable) otherwise it would just affect secondary of all japanese cruisers. But generally, what are the most recommanded ones?
  7. wotertool

    Kongo captain skills?

    Would like to get some tipps for that too. But not Kongo alone, ongoing over Fuso and to Tier 10 in general as BB captain
  8. wotertool

    IJN Kongo

    It's Kongo in german, it sounds Kongo, with or without that line above the o, and with or without the U at the end. I can't even write Kongo with the line. Just Kongö .... and that's not correct either. I don't even know how to pronounec an "o" with the line above it. Anyways, did you people grind the radar with it? And what commander skills can you recommand ?
  9. wotertool

    Looking for Myogi Tips and Tricks!

    Well, you know. I made a thread about the Myogi in the exact same subsection and people posted there how they played it / how they think it's best played. Maybe you want to take a look there http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/17931-ijn-myogi/
  10. wotertool

    IJN Myogi

    The infos in this thread kinda helped me, and I hope it will help others too. So I grinded through this blueprint ship nearly stock (only bought better engines) and since I use the Kongo, I have to say that I really really really really miss that speed and maneuverability. It's not great at tanking nor on dealing damage, but it's uniquness makes it loveable. For a battlecruiser, I feel like it's more a support ship thanks to it's range and maneuverabiity. I will definatly keep the ship for a while (need to put a new commander on it) and might upgrade to C Hull later on.
  11. wotertool

    independent front and rear turrets for BBs

    I support it. I noticed the problem early on on my BBs and had to plan my route in order to avoid turning the guns every 2 minutes.
  12. wotertool

    IJN Myogi

    (Idk if needed but to be sure - to clarify something. In my quote in your post, I said that I don't think that the upgrades are worth it. I meant the 2 upgrades for 125k, not the modules) To the hull: Sure, I'd always appreciate that, but I think economically. Do I need to "waste" over 300k credits on a ship which I sell as soon as the Kongo is researched? I already have 12k RP, only needing 8k more. So I think that it's not quite worth. On other, later ships which I keep or need to use longer for the grind, I'd tend more to buy such modules.
  13. wotertool

    IJN Myogi

    This is a relieve to hear! I don't hate the Myogi unlike certain tanks in WoT which I had to use to get what I wanted, but it's not a dream either.
  14. wotertool

    IJN Myogi

    Hello everyone, The Myogi Battleship is currently Tier IV and comes with following layout when bought: Survivability: 50 42 800 HP Artillery: 46 3x2 356mm L/45 Type 41 6x1 76/80mm L/40 Type 41 152mm L/50 Type 41 Maneuverability: 29 Max Speed: 25,3 knots Turning Circle Radius: 730 m Rudder Shift Time: 20 seconds Concealment: 27 Surface Detectability Range: 17,1 km Air Detectability Range: 10,7 km Main Battery: 356mm L/45 Type 41 1,8 rpg 10 000 damage with AP shells 5 700 damage with HE shells 60 seconds for 180° turn time Hull: Myogi A 42 800 HP 3x2 main artillery 22 secondary artillery Gun Fire Control System: Type 4 Mod. 1 Firing range: 13,9 km Engine: Propulsion 68 250 HP Maximum Speed: 25,3 Knots Following modules are offered: Hull: Myogi B (220 000 credits) 45 700 HP (+2900) Secondary Artillery: 20 (-2) Survivability: 53 (+3) Maneuverability: 33 (+4) Gun Fire Control System: Type 4 Mod. 2 (1600 RP / 130 000 credits) Firing Range Increase: 10% (+10) Firing Range: 15,3 km (+1,4) Artillery: 47 (+1) Engine: Propulsion: 77 000 HP Maximum Speed: 29 knots (+3,7) Maneuverability: 42 (+13) Hull: Myogi C (360 000 credits) 45 700 HP (+2900) Secondary Artillery: 22 AA Mounts: 14 (+14) Survivability: 53 (+3) Artillery: 49 (+3) AA Guns: 20 (+20) Maneuverability: 33 (+4) Concealment: 29 (+2) One can research the Tier 4 Carrier Hosho for 8400 RP and the Tier 5 BB Kongo for 20 000 RP. It also offers a Damage Control Party I and a Repair Party I. Following Upgrades are available: Secondary Battery Modification I (125 000 credits): +20% to secondary battery surviveability Main Battery Modification I (125 000 credits): -20%: chance of magazine detonation / critical damage to main battery / main battery repair time Now since a basic thread is done, I come to my questions regarding this ship. First of all, I do not think that the Myogi B modul is necessary. I see it as a waste of credits, but what about the Myogi C, should I buy it? Same goes to the Fire Control System. Is it worth it on that tier ... or that ship in special? I also think that both upgrades (at least on this ship) are waste of credits. So far I only bought the stronger engine, which really helped. Also, what kind of playstyle do you recommand. Stay in second line and cover DDs (which I prefer) or play as lone wolf and hunt others? Last but not least: please try to stay more or less ontopic (I saw a few HE vs AP threads already - it should not be the focus here to discuss what is better and what not) and don't insult others. Thanks.