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    tonks & colourful horses <3
  1. Muffins_Are_People_Too

    The ban the person above you game remade

    Banned for not banning the Kitty
  2. Muffins_Are_People_Too

    Closed Beta Test is Over...

    Long live the tyrant king Tuccy! I mean erm... Yay now I can play with my scrub friends who didn't get into the closed beta now to destroyer platoon and find some unsuspecting Battleships
  3. Muffins_Are_People_Too

    1st game of the day

    Also I'd recommend the mod which makes the port open sea, way faster to load. huge improvement. can't find it at the moment but it should be somewhere on the forum!
  4. Muffins_Are_People_Too

    1st game of the day

    It might be your storage device. slow and filled hard drives make loading times horrible. I know your feel. I play on high with pretty good fps. but loading times are killing me x_X it seems a SSD is in order!!!
  5. Muffins_Are_People_Too

    Changing main gun ammo - bug

    It's not really a 'Bug' more of a feature. the feature makes sense as not doing this would cause turrets to be loaded with two different ammo types. they could fix it by reloading after all the turrets have fired. but then you have guns doing nothing while the others are shooting. its annoying yes, but it has to stay.
  6. Muffins_Are_People_Too

    I just done something really stupid

    The captain must have been very confused. suddenly fired for no reason. RIP his wife and kids
  7. Muffins_Are_People_Too

    So this happened to me today....

    looks like a mutiny
  8. Muffins_Are_People_Too

    Portal - Missing profile in Member Page

    This happened to me last night :o the main site was working fine but the only options I had from this menu was profile maintenance and log out :/ and now I cant even get on the site at all
  9. Muffins_Are_People_Too

    Is there a way to make texture mods only visible on my ships

    No I don't think there is a way to do it on only the ship you're currently using unfortunately :/ it 'might' be possible but I don't think its much of a priority for devs either.
  10. Muffins_Are_People_Too

    New Seaman here, Hello all

    Helloooooo <3
  11. Muffins_Are_People_Too

    WoT who?

    WoWs will never beat KV2 shenanigans tho
  12. Muffins_Are_People_Too

    Xbox controller in WoWS

    I tried Xpadder with WoT but I didn't like it too much. I can totally see it working on WoWs though. I might have to see if i can get muh old dusty controller out.
  13. Muffins_Are_People_Too

    XVM... for WoWs?

    I like XVM and can't wait to see it in WoWs
  14. Muffins_Are_People_Too

    Permission to come aboard!

  15. Muffins_Are_People_Too

    Just bought into beta, so here to say hi.

    Ahh yes, I had some spare dolla lying around so I got the sims. but I hear that's a pretty nice ship!