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  1. Pandafaust

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Apparently so! I do generally find them quite tricky to play against, so at least it's good practice!
  2. Pandafaust

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Another forumite! @Saltface this time, in his Harugumo against my Akizuki; he played well around the caps, but wasn't overly supported by his team so eventually fell in a hail of shells. Wasn't a great game for me in damage terms, but managed a couple of caps and some defences. We also managed to surprise the other players by having a pleasant conversation instead of hurling abuse/haxx claims.
  3. Pandafaust

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Just met @Excavatus in his harugumo - he very skillfully avoided dying to one of my spotter plane assisted salvoes on 100 hp or so, before succumbing to a team mate. Sadly, my team lost on points when we had all 3 points and I had a full salvo of torps less than 0.5km off a Yamato. *shrug*
  4. Thank you for your reply - I'm currently at work myself, so unable to provide a detailed response, but I believe that I now understand WG's reasoning to not want to link the NTC to purely economical or cosmetic rewards. I'm not sure that there is a simple solution to this, but will continue to think of and comment on suggestions from the wider playerbase. I'm not sure whether your last paragraph was genuinely aimed at me, or was a general request that happened to be tagged to my original post. I don't believe that my comment was lacking in civility, but apologise if it was interpreted that way - it was not my intention to do so.
  5. Just worth reiterating this point - this is essentially what they're currently doing (although thankfully we're continuing to complain).
  6. Basically, it's the same as this one but I'm informed with more swearing - when I asked last night it was "273 really toxic comments here'" and has gone on from there.
  7. @Crysantos I feel for you, genuinely I do, because what you're essentially trying to do is to sell a system which you've been instructed will be happening to a player base that is overwhelmingly (and so very nearly unanimously) opposed to the concept. However, what is more frustrating than anything is the simple fact that no matter how many well-presented, thoughtful and constructive suggestions people are putting forward in this thread as specifically requested by WG, the fact remains that WG is willfully misinterpreting and then rephrasing those comments. I recognise that there may well be backing data to the assertion that cosmetic upgrades only are not sufficient to encourage people to re-grind their lines, but almost without exception the playerbase is clearly and repeatedly telling WG that we do not want any form of gameplay advantage to be linked to the NTC system. Is it really that hard to simply recognise the opinion which we are broadcasting? There have been some excellent suggestions regarding concepts that we are willing to consider as "rewards" for going through the grind again, including (but not limited to) the cosmetic upgrades, conversion of silver ships to a "quasi-premium" status to allow captain transfers, some form of minor economic buff such as gaining a small proportion of coal or steel on a win, and more missions/campaigns focusing on completion in low-mid tier matches. Should WG decide to designate these sort of bonuses instead of the "better dispersion/more hp/better torps/better steering gear" route then I'm sure you will see a significantly more supportive approach. I really don't like to end on a negative note (and frankly don't expect a response to this question) but does it not concern you that the group of people within WG who took the decision to design and propose this system are so fundamentally disconnected from the (subsequently) expressed wishes of the player base? The concept has seen such a negative response both on the EU forums, the Russian forums and the NA forums (my language skills aren't up to confirming with the Asian forums, but I doubt they have a significantly different viewpoint) that I don't believe it should have ever been floated on the public forums. Anyway, there's been 27 new posts since I started writing this, such is the level of attention that we, the players, are directing onto this subject. Hopefully my post has not been overtaken by events, but I really want to express my frustrations, and that of my fellow players, that we are not being listened to.
  8. Leaving aside the people that would legitimately spend their lives grinding the lines out there, there are plenty of people sat on literally millions of FreeXP. To go from tier 1 to 10 is roughly a million or so, so on day 1 of release there will be those who can simply reset/rebuy a line in a day - depending on how WG limit the number of resets will be the only limiting factor on whether people are rocking up day 1 with a tier 2/3/4 Stalin.
  9. Not literally everyone bud, check the reactions on the first post. Barely 99.4% of the people responding hated it, so well over 0.5% of them were completely in favour!
  10. Oh, @Jvd2000 you had to give them the opportunity to say that the feedback they got was "a mixture of positive and negative"...ruined our perfect record.
  11. There's one here, not a huge range of options to choose from but it's better than nothing.
  12. It'll let you choose to either buff them up the wazoo by grinding lines belonging to the same nation, or accept that they're less competitive than they'd otherwise be. Fun and engaging!
  13. @Faolchu as I understand it, should this utter abomination of an idea be implemented, then the important aspect of the re-grinded line would be that it belonged to the same nation as the ship you wanted to upgrade. Therefore you'd be able to upgrade the Stalingrad for example by re-grinding the Russian DD, BB or Cruiser line. There also looks to be a small proportion of "free xp" style material given which you could use to upgrade any another nation with, after sufficient numbers of re-grinding.
  14. Pandafaust

    ST: Improvement of battle chat

    Just to back Ug up on this point, if the change allows blocking of commands/map pings from an individual user then yes this is definitely a positive (and much overdue!) update.