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  1. Pandafaust

    Post your favorite MEME build of the new skill system

    It's completely inappropriate, and insulting to people who do have to genuinely live with the condition. Regardless of the fact that you don't mean it to be personally targeted at any one individual, your use of it in this manner is at best childish and utterly devoid of empathy, and at worse morally abhorrent.
  2. Pandafaust

    Time to remove AP bombs & rockets

    There isn't a point though, it's just yet another whine thread which could just as easily have been posted in the appropriate section for it to be ignored. WG aren't going to suddenly remove a mechanic simply because you don't like it.
  3. Pandafaust

    Really ??

    Yup, that looks like a post battle report screen to me. Was there meant to be a point?
  4. Pandafaust

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system (DB 104)

    I had a check of the spreadsheet but it appears to have been left set as publicly modifiable, so I'm not sure if the details in it are still accurate.
  5. Pandafaust

    Dont buy the Black Friday bundles...

    I used some of the freebie doubloons gained from the anniversary supercontainers to get the various 250-doubloon bundles, end results were: 1,500,000 credits (guaranteed reward) 5,000 coal (guaranteed reward) 7 days premium (guaranteed reward) 5x Hydra Flags 5x Scylla Flags 41,000 FreeXP 48x Shadow Lurker Camos 16x Type 59 Camos Considering it cost me nothing, and I don't really have any other use for the doubloons I'm fairly satisfied with that. As with all these events though, only buy the containers if you think you'd be content getting the worst possible options available, and you won't go too far wrong.
  6. Pandafaust

    Cashback %200 Coupon help

    No problem, glad it helps - the earlier post had jogged my memory of having seen something very similar before.
  7. Pandafaust

    Cashback %200 Coupon help

    Relevant link (hopefully working) to the comment from @MrConway: @Excavatus, in light of the above you may want to check/amend your statement.
  8. Pandafaust

    Cashback %200 Coupon help

    Didn't @MrConway clear this up again in the forum a few months ago? You get triple the benefit - so if you bought e.g. 10k doubloons then you'd end up with 30k doubloons. If you bought a ship valued at e.g. 8k doubloons, then you'd get the ship plus 16k doubloons. There's a cap on the amount at 50k doubloons, but I'm unsure whether that's just on the "bonus" amount received.
  9. Pandafaust

    winrate - absurd and no logic in it

    I'm fairly certain that the standard practice is to follow those instructions, then come straight onto the forums to slap out a new thread complaining that the imbalanced MM system took twenty minutes to create a match at half three in the morning on a random Tuesday, and it was a double CV tier 10 job.
  10. Pandafaust

    blacklist? what the [edited]is that?

    Seems pretty self-explanatory to me, what's the issue? It's hardly the first time that a minor bug's popped up.
  11. Pandafaust

    1000 karma

    You can't fault the logic though - technically if people get compliments from their div mates then they certainly are cheating, as it's impossible . Congratulations on the 1000 karma though - regardless of what the trolls say it's a good indicator that you're a decent player who isn't a toxic wombat in chat .
  12. Pandafaust

    CB Season 11 : Feedback & Discussions topic.

    I have to say I've really enjoyed this season so far. I was a little concerned about burn out as I'd found last season at tier 6 to be incredibly dull and frustrating, but so far I'm around 50 battles in and loving every minute of it. The only negative I've encountered so far has been the rng cyclone effect.
  13. Pandafaust

    CB Season 11 : Feedback & Discussions topic.

    Just to clarify, my point isn't that the majority of non-forum players enjoy them, but that we don't really know what they think about them as they don't tell anyone. I agree that it's possible that they feel the same way as the forum majority, but WG basing all their decisions on only the type of people who use the forums/reddit etc would be risky.
  14. Ah, you got my hopes up for nothing! :-)