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  1. Pandafaust

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. Good luck everyone!
  2. Pandafaust

    More premium is better dps

    Thanks for offering us the benefit of that completely objective and unbiased viewpoint.
  3. Pandafaust

    How is your ranked progression going?

    I recognise the good intent behind the "top xp loser retains a star", and it does at least mean that stars get added in to the system at a steady rate, but it certainly is frustrating (albeit understandable) to see people playing whose sole focus is to retain it at all costs. I've been out of the country for a few weeks so have only just got into ranked this season (58% WR so far after 25 odd battles so far, rank 11) but it seems to be even more toxic than before. It's rare to see teamwork, and people are far more willing to start spouting useless vitriol and insults than offer any useful advice. Case in point was the match below, names redacted to avoid shaming etc, but I spent a large portion of that match with a dead (detonated...) teammate raging at me for being a useless noob cruiser, complaining that the game was an auto-loss because the enemy had managed to take a whole two of the cap points for a minute and just generally being a massive distraction. It would be nice if people just made an attempt to empathise with others in the game, but it seems to rarely be the case, so I'll see how long I can stick it out for before waiting the rest of the season out.
  4. Pandafaust

    Separate Tier 10 from other tiers in battle.

    Well, it might have been a waste of space, but how did you keep track of it? As the saying goes, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". Without it, there's really no reason to believe you're telling the truth.
  5. Pandafaust

    Separate Tier 10 from other tiers in battle.

    Thank you for your largely unrelated response, although I note you didn't answer my question. Anyway, I think you're picking on the wrong person, I certainly didn't suggest your evidence was non-existent and almost certainly untrue. I know for myself just how possible it is for a series of unlikely events to occur - only the other day I saw a giraffe riding a walrus down the middle of the road! It was overtaken by a crocodile on a bicycle, and then I had to step over a turtle who was skateboarding along the cycle path - when I got home, my cat was looking at me quizically in the window. In fact, it had an expression largely like mine on reading your post. Unfortunately, my phone was low on memory but as evidence that all the above happened I attach a picture below as evidence for all of the above.
  6. Pandafaust

    Separate Tier 10 from other tiers in battle.

    @Anthoniusii Have you considered using your powers to massively influence the laws of probability by working at a casino or equivalent? I mean the chances of being bottom tier in 96% of your T8 battles is staggering enough, but then to further compound that by having only a maximum of one other teammate at the same tier in each of those battles makes you unique amongst humans. The casino owners may want to see a little more evidence of your powers than a few cherrypicked screenshots though.
  7. Pandafaust

    Go Navy is a Fraud

    That's a lovely gif, but it has me confused. Why on earth would such an insightful topic - with a well-reasoned and thoughtful opening post - get locked? It's hardly as though the OP just mindlessly splurged some baseless threats and inane comparisons onto the page.
  8. Pandafaust

    Clan Leader gone AWOL

    Ah, Spaced. Wonďeeful series, up there with Black Books in my opinion. Incidentally that was "wonderful" but my phone weirdly auto-corrected to that word, and I was intrigued by it.
  9. Pandafaust

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Ho hum . . .
  10. Pandafaust

    Something not in Randoms nor Operations

    Well I think that's something which we can all agree on. Look, the reason the OP got such a derisory response is that they came out with this complete nonsense post, written as though it were a stream of consciousness from an eight year old having a tantrum. It's perfectly reasonable for people to request some form of evidence when presented with such ludicrous claims, and inevitably the sort of poster who creates these threads is never able to provide it. As I'm sure you'll appreciate, when the cannon jumps frog the windy shrimp is ornate engraved saddle.
  11. Pandafaust

    Something not in Randoms nor Operations

    Rephrasing that for the OP's benefit: Goggle trains need STEEL for improvised movements? Haxx!! Explain me why WG?!?
  12. Pandafaust

    Something not in Randoms nor Operations

    If an enemy ship has thrown a mountain at you, I'd suggest sending a replay in to the WG team and asking them to explain how it happened. It must have been stunning to see though, how tall was it, and which ship fired it at you? I'm not surprised it made you wail, I think most people would do the same if a gigantic landmass was suddenly catapulted into them at hundreds of metres per second.
  13. Pandafaust

    What is a point of Arsenal

    Barn Hunter Deluxe - it was a niche indie game in the early 2000s where you had to travel round the countryside stealing barns from unsuspecting farmers.
  14. It's not getting much better :P I know it's the weekend, but still. Like I say, the ship itself is great, but she's just cursed for me - just fired up the first match today to give her a fresh attempt, and it's a CV matchup with the "friendly" CV being a 35% WR scrubber, up against with @_L0ki his over 70% WR. Amazingly, we lost, as to all intents and purposes we didn't have a CV (and no real AA cruisers either) so the enemy had effectively map-wide spotting.
  15. Pandafaust

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    She's a beautiful little ship, in my opinion. Looks great, speedy as hell with decent concealment, wonderful torps and a nice firestarter with accurate guns. Basically I find her fundamentally ideal for kiting in, a relaxing way to wind down if you've had some stressy battles. Even though she'll get dropped into a lot of T10 battles she deals with it exceptionally well.