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  1. Pandafaust

    instead of the usual 2 teams

    Nice idea in concept, but I can imagine the griefing already. "Hey teams blue and yellow, let's smash green". Also, 4- way CV matching would be interesting.
  2. Pandafaust

    Wrong balance

    Well, it's random, so . . . yes?
  3. The concept is "difficult to grasp" because it's mathematically not possible. The end result of your system inevitably pulls people towards a 50% winrate, that's just pure statistics at work. The fact that you can't see that is neither here nor there. If you want to prove it to yourself, just do a simple test. Create a spreadsheet with some 'players', winrate random between say 40 and 60%, then split them up into two teams so that the average of both teams is balanced. Toss a coin to see which team works, work out their new win % then apply the new percentages, redo the teams and repeat for a while. Check what has happened to each player, and you'll see that almost all will have been moving towards 50%.
  4. Pandafaust

    If you want a little Fun

    Any chance of a summary for those of us not interested in Flamu/Flambass' latest clickbait videos?
  5. Pandafaust

    Karma - why it’s pointless

    Karma is essentially just a tool to blow off steam in the game, and hopefully to reduce the amount of abusive messages that get sent. If you annoy more people than you entertain, then it'll stay at or around zero. If it bothers you to see it, I'm fairly certain there's a mod in the official modpack to disable it (karmaflage or something similar?)
  6. Pandafaust

    New Codes.

    Cheers, all worked for me too :-)
  7. Pandafaust

    Petition: Petropavlovsk needs LONGFIRE_BIGFLOOD

    I'd have to take your word on it - I was just casting around there for "generic currentish anime" and have heard of Azur Lane due to the WG collaborations.
  8. Pandafaust

    Petition: Petropavlovsk needs LONGFIRE_BIGFLOOD

    He's the new Viking character in Azur Lane.
  9. Pandafaust

    Wrong balance

    Couple of further notes @StrongestAI as I've just seen your modules and commander build: Why have you taken IFHE on Montana? I can't see any realistic occasions where that is going to be a benefit rather than a nerf. Concealment Expert and Fire Prevention Expert would be handy skills to get. Slot 4 module, I'd advise taking damage control mod 2 rather than the propulsion mod you have there. Slot 5 module, concealment module is going to be more use than the torpedo warning module you have fitted. editing to avoid double posting: Sweet Jesus, I'm not going to watch any more of this now - second match, you've sailed straight into the border, fiddled with your graphics settings and then looked for a few seconds at a broadside Neptune in the cap in front of you, then deselected it and fired the salvo at a bow-in Montana some 4km further behind that cap. What on earth did you think was going to happen there? You're either trolling or completely clueless, your winrate issue is clearly down to your playstyle.
  10. Pandafaust

    Wrong balance

    I've not watched the whole hour yet, but in the first match already it's clear that your aim is off by a good distance for most shots, you offer far too much broadside to the enemy as you want to keep your rear turrets on target, and you provided absolutely no support to your DDs in the cap in front of you. If you'd have fired at the enemy dd whilst it was being spotted, you'd have probably won the cap and they could push on, but instead you just poured shot after shot into angled longer distance targets.
  11. Pandafaust


    I don't recall being part of that survey, where was it hosted?
  12. Pandafaust

    Research berau ships

    Yes, but realistically in the case of the OP DDs aren't an option, and neither are any of the squishy cruisers like Colbert. Ohio is too easy to overextend with in the hands of an inexperienced player, and whilst I considered Slava to possibly be effective (assuming aim is good) it's very vulnerable when broadside. Of the available options, I think Siegried is the least worst.
  13. Pandafaust

    Research berau ships

    It really doesn't matter which one of them you choose, if you're desperately keen to play at that level. Siegfried is probably the most forgiving of the lot.
  14. Pandafaust

    does tier 4 see tier 6 CV ?

    It's not other people's fault that you've contributed an utterly meaningless post in response to a specific question about tier 4 ships' ability to meet tier 6 CVs. It's the same as if someone had started a topic asking whether Asashio torpedoes can hit cruisers, and you've popped up with the response that FDR torps hurt battleships. It may be a true statement but it's completely irrelevant to the topic at hand, it's not "expanding the discussion" but instead just going off on its own unrelated tangent.
  15. Pandafaust

    Idea concelmeant

    I'm sure we'd all be delighted to see a video of you playing a round with the monitor turned off...