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  1. skam0073

    bonus code

    Thanks a lot!!
  2. skam0073

    Naval Legends: Georgios Averof

    Let's hope it will be added to the game at some point 👍
  3. skam0073

    Memorial Marathon Codes

    Thanks a lot!!!
  4. skam0073

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    So one of the smallest if not the smallest navy at the time period will have 5 tier 10 fantasy cruisers...More than the other nations combined...
  5. skam0073

    Server unavailable, disconnected midgame

    Yep same happened to me just now and i cant reconnect.
  6. skam0073

    New Code (expired)

    Again thank you!
  7. skam0073

    New Code (expired)

    Yep, working fine, many thanks
  8. skam0073

    The game freeze when exiting

    Well, it's not a game breaking bug so I'll use the task manager until a fix comes out.
  9. skam0073

    The game freeze when exiting

    It doesn't work for me,the game still freezes upon exit.
  10. skam0073

    new update

    Dude you must be joking.You played a tier X bb without a premium account,you had a mediocre game with a loss and a destroyed ship and you only lost 36000? Thats a huge improvement if you compare similar losses before the new patch.
  11. skam0073

    new update

    Working as intended.This is exactly the game behavior WG wants to prevent.All you guys that whine about the new economy have two choices now.Either try to be more active or play lower tiers.Camping and sniping doesn't work anymore no matter how many ships you kill.
  12. skam0073

    Any info about USS Arizona?

    With 3 triple 356mm turrrets will most likely be a tier vi ship.
  13. I am just saying that i can shop from every other site in the world without a problem except from WG site.So the problem stands from their side.
  14. Sure WG has everything to do.I can use my credit card everywhere, like Steam store,Amazon etc Only WG site refuse to accept it.