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  1. ollonborre

    Account closure

    If you feel that it's just frustrating and draws you in, consider uninstalling. Your account is still there but now there is a process to actually try to play the game.
  2. ollonborre

    HAYATE... impressions, opinions.

    Rare is an understatement, since her release in april 2020 only 60k games have been played in it since that time on the EU server. By comparison the Elbing is already up to 26k games. So there is something behind what is being said the thread. I don't own it either and it does not look like a necessarily bad ship, but with a 2 million price tag? Nope.
  3. ollonborre

    Epoch Camo – personal survey

    I put them on the Donskoi and Mogador, mainly because they are somewhat enjoyable (and I already had the christmas camo for the Kitakaze) and because I played them a lot in CB.
  4. ollonborre

    Which flags do you buy with credits?

    I buy whatever flags I'm running low on at the moment, which normally are detonation flags and the reduced fire duration ones. Then again I don't exactly have a problem with credits and not much else to spend them on.
  5. ollonborre

    bots in the game

    The forum never fails to impress me. Bonus points when an apparent bot is outperforming you as well
  6. ollonborre

    Andrew Cunningham on british battleships

    Gun feeder. The others are meh where as gun feeder does allow you to be flexible and not just spam HE.
  7. ollonborre

    C.Colombo Citadel

    No, not on a regular basis because it has a turtleback. Some fluke shots here and there but as a rule of thumb don't rely on it. But again like I said, it is sort of chunky so it will still take loads of damage if it's showing broadside. EDIT: Just did some training room testing with a Montana. Two broadside Colombos, one at 17 km, one at 10 km. The one at 17 km ate 1 citadel before it died, the one at 10 km ate 2. So it does have a citadel, but it is unreliable. Then again it ate 15-20k damage volleys regardless.
  8. ollonborre

    C.Colombo Citadel

    It's a hidden account, simple as that. And to an even simpler answer, yes it does have a citadel. And in all fairness unless you are angled you can punch through it somewhat reliably at range. At close range the turtleback can catch quite a lot of shells. And it is quite chunky from the side so it will still arm a lot of AP fired at it.
  9. ollonborre

    British Cruisers, are they worth it?

    Not true, from Leander and upwards they are good and quite fun, and on tier 8+ superheal and radar can lead to some hilarious gameplay. The light cruiser line is my recommendation if you have to pick one. The heavy line is just a bit boring for my liking.
  10. Settings-->Controls---> Alternative interface mode---> Full.
  11. Propulsion mod is just worth in these very specific circumstances (or really just circumstance) as you describe. You are never really going to realistically speed juke anything in a BB apart from at very long ranges. Steering gears gives you some more freedom overall as well because you can use it most of the time and not just for a few seconds. And let's be real, it is a really hard sell to give up damage control mod. Basically it is a modification that don't really offer any big benefit that can't already be solved with some planning. The other options in the same slot provides more flexibility.
  12. ollonborre

    Flint is trash

    Flint is not in a great spot, but in the current game I would much rather be in a Flint than an Atlanta. The smoke just gives you that many more options, and coupled with the long range torps you are never really lacking in the same way that Atlanta can. And while it does have 2 turrets less, in practical terms it's 1 less turrets as you can't use all turrets at the same time in the Atlanta anyways which means the DPM difference is neglible. And with the latest patch the range went up again to 12.4 km, so it's slowly creeping up towards it's AFT range. So who knows, it might get all its range back in a bit.
  13. Come join us, we always need mercs for our third team Still though the ship bans have brought some life back into it and I can honestly say I'm suprised they banned Hak and FDR. It's a good start I guess, now we just need to work out cyclones, maps, facing the same teams over and over again and perhaps get rid of CV's in CB's entirely
  14. ollonborre

    Did I missed something?

    The bots on the TST have acess to every single ship in the game, including versions of ships that have already been released like the Stalingrad version 2. So the Kitakami being there is probably equally working as intented as it is an oversight.
  15. Ignore that I misread it