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  1. ollonborre

    Småland- 2Million XP?

    Use it to get the legendary modules when the inevitable NTC roles around. 2 million free XP is easily 2 full line resets and a headstart on a third. So that for me is a higher priority then getting one single ship that is not overly different from the tech tree one.
  2. ollonborre

    Remove ship health status bars,

    If WG completely remove HP bars the game itself would die quicker than the helpless potatoes complaining it is not realistic enough
  3. ollonborre

    Pan Euro DDs - Visby WTH?

    The consistenty was mainly aimed at the torps. Low damage but quick-ish reload and they are fast with narrow spread means that in my experience you get reliable hits out of them.
  4. ollonborre

    Pan Euro DDs - Visby WTH?

    Just picked up the Visby and have only managed 3 battles in it so far, so this is a very very very early first impressions. I put a 10 point captain on it with PM-LS-SE-CE. - Speed and agility are great. I was surprised how nippy it is, and with a speed flag you do 41 knots which is really comfortable. - Sustain wise I would say it is respectable. 11.3k HP and 3 heals gives you the highest theoretical HP pool of the tier 5 DD's. The lack of smoke does mean that even though you can soak quite a bit of damage, avoiding damage all together is in general the better option. - Stealth is really good. 6 km with CE and camo is only outclassed by the Kamikaze-Fujin sisters if I'm not completely mistaken. As for the rest it is either tied or better. - AA is nothing special. Only "good" thing is that the AA range is 3.5 km and plane spotting 2.8, so if you do get harassed by a CV you can just leave your AA on as soon as you are spotted. - Gunpower is awkward. I'm pretty sure that the port is wrong because I swear one of the guns reload 1 second faster than the other two guns. Traverse is also pretty glacial and requires main battery traverse mod or what it is called to be somewhat manageble. Ballistics and alpha are also not very good and the DPM is trash. Not a fan of the guns. - And finally the torps. 6 torps, 8 km range, 55 sec base reload and lower damage per torp than the Ruyjo. This might seem awful on paper, and sometimes it kind of is. But for some reason I do like these torps and have had sucess with them. 55 sec reload is fairly short, and the torps do travel at 65 knots meaning you can spam them with relative ease. 1.4 km detection on them is also pretty good and the narrow spread is really narrow so with good prediction (or not enemeis that don't pay attention) landing these torps are really easy. Overall they have managed to make a torp boat that trades damage potential for reliability and consistency, and honestly I'm oddly ok with that. Need more games though before I can truly make my mind up.
  5. ollonborre

    about the new pan eu captain,

    I would not say he is OP or anything (speculation obviously) when put in the same light as the other commanders. 5% reduction per 8 torp hits might seem alot until you remember that the torps don't do a lot of damage in the first place and the reloads are ok-ish at higher tiers. And at the end of the day we are talking about torpedoes. Speed, stealth, reload, with all those things into consideration torps are still the most unreliable damage source in the game.
  6. ollonborre

    Red Mist [-RM-] Recruiting!

  7. ollonborre

    Engine Boost Mod 1

    Engine boost is a special type of upgrade. They are not standard modules and can only be aquired from the Armory for coal. Each one cost 17000 coal so early on they can be a hefty investment. Currently only the engine boost, radar duration and spotter plane duration are the ones that are worth the price and are the most useful.
  8. ollonborre

    Torpedo Acceleration Skill For Torps With 10km+ Range?

    This has been the case for quite some time. Guns are reliable, torpedoes are not. Which is why you often see hybrids or gunboats generally do better than torp focused DD's.
  9. ollonborre

    Why is improved engines a highly recommended skill on CV's?

    The arming distance gets worse, can't remember of the top of my head but it is something like 100+ m. So you get 5 knots more speed but can't drop as close to your target and it gives your target a slight chance to turn into your torps and causing them not to arm.
  10. ollonborre

    Why is improved engines a highly recommended skill on CV's?

    For IJN CV's it is basically the only 2 point skill you gain benefit from and you need a 2 point skill to progress further down the tree. TA is not that good as 50 knots of speed is plenty enough for your torps and it is not worth screwing over your arming distance for it. On US CV's it is also a nice skill as your planes are quite slow from the get go, so anything that helps is welcome. And personally I don't use CE on the Midway so I don't feel that the 2 point skill is a waste.
  11. ollonborre

    Fire on BBs by CA;s

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but after the IFHE rework german 128 mm secondaries have a base pen of 32 mm right? This means you "only" need AFT and MANSEC in order to get full benefit from your secondaries and can pick either CE or FP without loosing firechance and still gaining that raw damage buff. If this is truly the case GK secondary build is right back on the menu.
  12. ollonborre

    mODS !

    For me personally? Not that much difference honestly. Last mod I tried was the angling direction mod I think, and while it was kind of nice I never really felt it made a huge difference. If a ship was angling I could see it and just readjusted my aim, no need for a mod to tell me that. None of the mods avaliable that are sanctioned does not strike me as hugely advantageous and I don't see any real issues with them. I will happily sail around with my vanilla client that is as uncluttered as possible thank you.
  13. ollonborre

    3 Smolensk's MM

    I see. Hopefully it will still be enough "meat" in the ship to atleast warrant some weird normal pens. But you never know for sure.
  14. ollonborre

    3 Smolensk's MM

    Thing is with 16 mm of armour everywhere every single BB (and some cruisers) will overmatch it from every single angle pretty much. So normal pens are still very likely to happen on a more regular basis. Broadside it might still be annoying to punish however, or cruisers will eat them alive if given a chance. No way to tell for sure without testing which is something they should have done before dumping this live, but oh well.