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  1. Nice necro. My point was that if you try to stay in smoke you will die, better to stay angled and if you get spotted by radar, then run.
  2. Like rnat said above, mods or third party sites are the only ways you can check your daily progress so far. The most common ones are these two: and
  3. Not sure what you mean by this: They are only outperformed in raw damage by the BB's you see there, but are still way ahead any normal DD. And winrate wise it's quite depressing as well: And as for XP they are in the top 5. Removing the premium factor has nothing to do with your earlier statement "they do less damage and have lower winrate". Yeah offcourse they do less damage when BB's exist, but they outdamage any normal DD and crush the rest of tier 5 in winrate.
  4. Each to their own, I personally get more info out of PT so that is my pick for a tier 1 skill on cruisers.
  5. Offcourse knowing when you are getting shot at is nice to have, but knowing how many people are locking on to you gives you a clearer idea on exactly where they are and thus you can angle more effectively. Knowing that you got incoming shells is less important than knowing where the shells are coming from in the first place. Also when nothing is spotted and your target icon goes quickly from 1-0 you know a DD most likely just launched a bunch of fish your way.
  6. This depends for me to be honest. Due to the slower pace of WoWs and that I can type fairly fast I try to answer the best I can the first 1-2 minutes of the game, or if I get a small break in combat like getting undetected for example.
  7. The Hindy can do nicely as an HE spammer sure, but the Zao or Moskva are generally better at that role so if you do prefer that style of gameplay those two are better options for it.
  8. Getting closer does not mean torpedo range, 12-15 km is the sweetspot I find. At this range you can angle in time or even dodge if you are fast enough, and your AP murders everything if it gives you broadside. And if they start to angle you can simply switch to HE and keep on the hurt that way.
  9. I disagree. The range is good enough and it is not worth it giving up that great DPM. The Hindenburg excels at mid range fighting where the AP hurts massively and you got enough time to dodge and angle. And if you get within these ranges having more DPM outweighs beeing able to take pot shots at 20 km BB's. Gaining more range also brings out the problem of playing too passively. Yes you can farm fire damage on BB's from afar but getting closer to the cap supporting your DD's also gets you closer to the rest of the enemy team where you can almost more easily get even better damage numbers.
  10. The QE sisters are quite easy targets to hit and relatively soft skinned, so getting focused is not so odd since they eat a lot of damage and are dangerous.
  11. I never said I always put the blame on myself, there are only so many 150k+ damage defeats I can muster in a day before I start to feel it is not me
  12. The Aoba is just a slightly better Furutaka with worse MM, so it is kinda meh. La Gallisoniere on the other hand is very very nice, with solid guns, good AP, blinding speed and good handling. However you also have to take into account what comes after if you want to progress through the lines. The Myoko is arguably a stronger ship than the Algerie, with better armor, much better torps, more firepower once in range (the Algeries range does make it easier to play when uptiered though) and have more comfortable shell velocities. I'm currently at the Ibuki and Charles Martell respectively, and so far the IJN have been overall more enjoyable. The Furutaka, Myoko and Mogami offers a bit more flexibility with said good torps, in the case of the Myoko and Furutaka even nice armor that allows for agressive pushing and nice stealth starting from tier 8. The French ones offer damage, very good damage mind you, but the flimsy nature of their armor coupled with no real useful consumables apart from def AA damage is almost the only thing they can provide. But like I said, they are very good at dealing said damage. They have nice range, good firechance and in the case of the CHarles Martell the DPM is fantastic for a tier 8 with the fastest reloading 203 mm guns outside of tier 9. I would recomend going up the IJN first since they are arguably easier and offer some sort of team utility, but I would recomend the French ones aswell. If possible, why not grind both?
  13. This is actually not a bad way of thinking. If you try to put the blame of the defeat on yourself instead of the other 11 I find that for myself atleast it relieves a lot of stress, and gives me a carrot so to say to analyse my own performance and gameplay deeper thus gaining better results.
  14. He is most likely not serious. On topic, handing out a tier 8 ship for free is not a bad idea as far as the whole giving out free stuff for everyone policy. But the problem is the same as the whole premium ship issue, you offcourse end up with a large amount of players that have no clue what to do with it.
  15. Must be euros (nothing wrong with that, support the game go ahead) since I have done most of the camo related missions and I am not even close to that amount of camos. Or just so insanely lucky with supercontainers that it's disgusting.