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  1. ollonborre

    improved PM = no LS?

    I have Yamamoto on my Harugumo, and I get a broken engine or rudder atleast once every game if I take return fire (which I do because gunboat Harugumo) but not to the same extreme as in my Z-52 or Daring for example which I run without PM.
  2. ollonborre

    improved PM = no LS?

    Can confirm that stuff breaks less often, but will inevitably break even with improved PM.
  3. ollonborre

    Unique Upgrades - which are you still using?

    I mean technically it can go faster via the research bureau if you have enough free XP and credits stockpiled. Playing standard, well you need ish 750k XP for a cruiser, 800k for a BB and 700k for a DD give or take a couple of thousand. So you are looking at 400-500 games for one line reset depending on how many flags and camos you are willing to spend.
  4. ollonborre

    Unique Upgrades - which are you still using?

    I use the Hak one, because AP bomb special delivery go zoom. I also use the Wooster one, the DPM sacrifice vs the utility is IMO a decent tradeoff. And that's it currently I think. I only tried the GK one for one game and it was just a bad game overall so I did not get much out of it, need to do more testing before I decide. I have not yet tried out the Zao module but I might demount it because the loss of rudder shift is just meh.
  5. ollonborre

    Anyone tested out the new CV modules?

    -Midway: IMO not worth it. The damage increase is neglible, and while 10% speed increase does translate to preserving HP it is preserving HP on the squadron with the most HP anyways. For me I get more benefit out of the 7.5% increase to all squadrons. -Hakuryu: This one I like though, the speed increase is great and the reduced boost is not that noticable. This one is replacing the HP module on my Hak.
  6. I agree. The ship overall has a long way to go ro reach Ruyjo or Ark Royal levels of power, but it is still kind of fun to play, mainly due to the rockets and bombers. In ops it is fine, in randoms it is ok. I find that running Lütjens helps a tiny bit with the low reserves and slow plane replenishment but it is more of a band aid.
  7. ollonborre

    Azuma, Alaska or Agir?

    Alaska, because she can do almost everything and is the tankiest to boot. The Azuma has better HE sure and is a better long range support ship, but the Alaska will stay in a fight longer, provides utility, has murderous AP and can still fight at ranges anyways. Can't really comment on the Ägir but my guess is that the Alaska is still a more complete package.
  8. ollonborre

    Strange defeat after just 7 minutes ?!

    You get snarky comments because this is something you really should know after the amount of games you have played regardless of game mode. If you loose too many ships too fast, your points will drop quicker than a single cap can give you (which you also see if you press tab) and you loose. And considering you lost a lot of ships and the enemy none, the simple asnwer is this is not a "strange" defeat, you just got crushed.
  9. Might be mistaken here but are they not completely identical? So how can it be powercrept by what is essentially itself? As for the topic meh, barely see them and even if I do there are ships I find way more annoying to deal with.
  10. ollonborre

    wheres the gameplay thread?

    It got renamed into General discussion.
  11. ollonborre

    [LOW & MID TIER] Are the old Premiums the best?

    Stuff like Molotov, Arizona, Perth and Shinonome for example are still pretty solid ships that have endured all these years and still remain unique thanks to gimmicks or qualities that still work today.
  12. ollonborre

    british dd still needs IFHE?

    So any DD that has good guns is a noob if he uses those guns and by limiting his impact on the game and being a burden to his team is a good player then. Gotcha.
  13. ollonborre

    british dd still needs IFHE?

    - By that logic everyone who dies first should not even bother to spend any captain points. - That is literally the way some DD's are supposed to be played. IJN gunboats and UK DD's have great gunpower for a reason, and not using it in one way or another is wasting more than half of the ship. - DD players that don't get spotted or lay a smoke the entire game are very often even more useless than the early suicide rushers. And there are some DD's that for example don't have smoke or are gunboats so that is a weird argument. Oh and if there is a CV in the match every DD player by definition is not a "real" DD player then?
  14. ollonborre

    british dd still needs IFHE?

    That you did, my brain seemed to gloss over that for some reason
  15. ollonborre

    british dd still needs IFHE?

    This is not really true, as before you could not pen DD's without IFHE. So unless you just wanted to fire AP or try to set fires on everything you could skip IFHE, but if you actually wanted to have some form of fighting chance against other DD's then IFHE was a must. IFHE is no longer needed nowadays, as the reduction in fire chance is not worth dropping for the chance to pen cruiser bows and sterns, targets that you will not hit all the time and there are rare occasions where you get to farm something that rushes you bow in. The 4 points are better spent elsewhere.