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  1. ollonborre

    Match making and really bad teams....

    The easiest way around this "problem" of catching torps is not quite the answer you want, but that is to sink some hours into mid-high tier DD's yourself. That way you get a feel for torp reload and how inconsistent of a weapon they truly are. Torpedoes rely heavily on your mistakes or tunnelvisioning, and from the receving end all you have to do is to change course and speed up and down in intervals. If an enemy DD manages to torpedo you within 10 km changes are you did not anticipate it enough, and if you did and still get hit chances are that only 1-2 torpedoes will hit you and that is rarely fatal unless you missmanage your damage control or have already been shot to crap.
  2. ollonborre

    Game Mechanics Suggestions

    And if I remember correctly they have said this mechanic would make sense for quite some time now, so I would not hold my breath. Still they did finally make that BB AP change so what do I know.
  3. ollonborre

    Question about German DD shells

    Disagree a bit. Yes the HE in general is lackluster and the AP while the damage is great the pen is also not brilliant so angling negates your damage potential greatly. However the AP is suprisingly effective against DD's and absolutely murders more thick DD's. HE while low on damage is still somewhat reliable thanks to flat arcs and decent reload so you can still stack upp damage. And at the end of the day the Germans are hybrids, with torps becoming more of a primary weapon at higher tiers. And in that context the guns are good enough.
  4. ollonborre

    Question about German DD shells

    Thanks to the flatter arcs of the German guns you can get decent results even at 10+ km with AP, and if the target is not angling then the AP will be a more reliable damage source than HE and hoping for fires. So in my experince I would say a greater mix of HE-AP is the way to go and avoid over reliance on the other like you would in let's say a US gunboat.
  5. ollonborre

    How to fix dispersion

    You can't, they are generally terrible across the board. Only on the higher tiers does the dispersion get slightly better.
  6. ollonborre

    T8 BB's in T10 games, an idea for survival.

    I'm calling confirmation bias on this. The default pen on the KGV is 89 mm, and IFHE boost that up to 115 mm of pen. But the amount of ships with a belt armor between 89 and 115 mm are very few within your tier spread and anything below that gets penned regardless and anything above will still shatter. So IFHE can help you pen a handful of ships everywhere. But without it you save 4 points, you still cause monstrous damage and set fires often. And if you hit a lot of belt armor, well aim up and hit their deck or aim for the bow and stern regions. IFHE is a waste on british BB's.
  7. ollonborre

    Looking for an tier 10 cruiser

    Zao IMO is not exactly squishy. The armor far surpasses anything in the IJN CA line and the stealth is top notch so anything you can't tank you can usually disengange from. It does suffer from BS citadels as most other IJN cruisers in my experience. HIV is not bad by any means, I just find it underwelming. I have not played it much with the reload booster so my oppinion of it might change there, but currently I say go for the Zao instead. The Zao is stealthier, has much better torps, arguably better (more trollish) armor, 12 guns with great velocity, AP damage and great HE.
  8. ollonborre

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    To many variables after just one game. His secondaries could have been wrecked, not having manual secondaries, you could have been saturated etc. With manual secondaries, AFT and intact secondaries the FDG would in most cases have the upper hand in a secondary battle. Not saying the Musashis secondaries are bad, just that the platform and overall stats of the FDG are better at it.
  9. ollonborre

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    I would debate that. A full secondary build FDG will have longer range, fling more shells downrange and can cause more damage due to built in IFHE on the 150 mm guns. So with manual secondaries and the armor profile of the FDG he "should" not have lost that fight.
  10. ollonborre

    Ernst Gaede - Hydro removed?

    If possible, yes. CE makes the Gaede a pretty good cap contester hybrid capable of stealth torping and gunning down other DD's in cover of smoke thanks to Hydro.
  11. ollonborre

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    *Double post*
  12. ollonborre

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    Those point values mean very little or anything at all. What matters is the raw damage values and not the rating. And in this case the Mushashi is complete garbage where as the Gneisenau has pretty OP AA.
  13. ollonborre

    What do you wish you knew when you started?

    Only the Yamato and Mushashi can overmatch 32 mm. The rest can't as you need a gun with 457.6 or higher caliber in order to do it. The Republique and 457 Conqueror can overmatch 30 mm though, which is most tier 10 cruiser decks so it is still a valuable threshold.
  14. ollonborre

    Rate of Fire

    And from what era is the magic radar then? And that whole BB will now camp more beacuse of *insert recent change/new shipline* is very much a strawman argument. Bad BB players will always find and excuse to camp regardless of reason.
  15. ollonborre

    NO torpedo detection info.

    This is sadly too hard for him as he seems to have a huge problem mousing over things in general as evidence by around 3-4 whole topics.