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  1. ollonborre

    wierd behavior ingame

    Your replays are enabled by default. Depending on where you have the game installed they should still be in this fodler and easily avaliable:
  2. ollonborre

    This is why I will never have the Puerto Rico

    Being somewhat of a completionist I felt I wanted the Puerto this time around when it is actually achievable to get it without sacrificing your social life for 2 months. But one thing that just dawned on me when I looked at the missions, CB counts toward dockyard progress up until stage 9. So this means some of the more tedious missions (base XP, credits, free XP or just XP) can actually be cleared fairly quickly. So if you don't have a clan that plays CB's, now is a good time to start mercing at least if you want some fast progress.
  3. ollonborre

    Commanders and shiptypes

    What you mean how it was before the captain rework? WG decided we didn't need that system so we are stuck with the current system for the unforeseeable future.
  4. ollonborre

    Shiki - Incomparable - Mecklenberg - Bourgogne

    This. While I would still recommend other ships above the Mecklenburg first, and it does have some mayor downsides, I think many also downplay the accuracy of this thing. You have the same dispersion values as the Yoshino or Incomparable, but with slightly better sigma than the Incom but with 16 guns compared to 9 or 6. Yes pen is a bit meh, it can't really overmatch much. But quick reload, good enough HE and just sheer volume of shells and great accuracy for a BB means you will still have crazy damage output in the proper position.
  5. ollonborre

    Shiki - Incomparable - Mecklenberg - Bourgogne

    Only own the Bourgogne and Mecklenburg out of them. Bourgogne is arguably the most unique out of all the avaliable ships with a very high ceiling. Much fun to be had. Mecklenburg is IMO a fun option if you already have the "oldies and must haves". Those 16 guns with that accuracy can give you some excellent and fun salvoes with both AP and HE. No hydro is a bit eh but you can work without it. Only thing that really sucks are the gun angles. Other than that I find it to be fairly unique because of its consistency.
  6. ollonborre

    Suggestions on Research Bureau Ship

    For BB's or overall the Ohio is arguably the most well rounded pick. DD's Vampire II probably as it is a tier 10 Haida essentially. Cruisers, well Colbert is fun, very fun. It can also be very tricky to play as it explodes violently and gets overmatced by anything.
  7. ollonborre

    How To Play Petro?

    Don't think it's a comment about Stalin being trash, I think the guns will make sure that won't happen. But it is not as strong as it used to be. With the crew rework, lots of new ships being introduced and people having plenty of experience facing it now means it is ok at best in comp, and other ships are more useful in higher leagues. Petro or Moskva takes it's place in CB, and you unfortunately have to argue quite hard why you should bring a Stalin above Storm league.
  8. ollonborre

    How To Play Petro?

    A lot of the Petro über alles talk comes from as already been said, and that it is a pretty dumb ship. It sits so low in the water (despite the nerf) and has such a good armour scheme that it is very hard to kill in most scenarious. This tankiness is the main reason why it is a top CB pick when it isn't banned because it is so annoying to get rid of. The radar is short duration yes, but it does have it do it is a valuable info tool. Add to this guns that have arguably the best performing AP in regards to caliber you get a monstrous mid-close range ship. However accuracy above 14 km is pants and it is very sluggish and slow to react. Be aggressive, find a comfortable position where you can slap broadsides and it is excellent. Be passive and fight at range and it is one of the most boring ships in the game.
  9. ollonborre

    Whats happened to camo`s/signals ?

    I want to say WG. But at the same time I think there is a graph lying around showing that apart from free XP in general you earn more XP and credits. Someone with some more insight probably has a better answer.
  10. ollonborre

    Whats happened to camo`s/signals ?

    Well you are in for a bit of a read: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/exterior-visuals-and-economic-bonuses/ The short of it: camos are now completely comsetic, all economics from camos and signals are now tied to the ships with expendable bonuses, combat signals are still the same.
  11. ollonborre

    quick game before work

    In common corporate speak they are expensive to run and buy, unless you use modifiers and don't take into account the absolutely insane potential from them so even without modifiers you can still break even at times. And if you also are like me sitting on a dragons hoard worth of credits even loosing 10-100k per game means nothing.
  12. ollonborre

    crap xp despite amazing effort

    800 base XP despite what results you get is not an "amazing" effort. It's quite average, so a detailed report would tell more of the story.
  13. ollonborre

    Competitive T8 BBs

    Special commander talents don't work in Clan Battles just so you know. Only specialised skills work, like the bonus grease the gears of Lütjens or the extra HP from Survivability expert like Philippe has.
  14. ollonborre

    Competitive T8 BBs

    It's not that surprising actually. All of the frenchies mentioned suffer from a certain squishyness, that in a focus fire enviroment can lead to a dead BB surprisingly quick. Also armament. 380 mm does not get the overmatch you want against the majority of cruisers you face. And while the Champagne gets 406 it gets fewer of them then the other 406 armed BB's in a more unfavorable layout. In Squall and Gale most setups will work don't get me wrong. But if the plan is to push into Storm, Typhoon or even Hurricane then you need to look elsewhere for BB picks. Like again, the Lenin/Vladivostok, NC or Massa.
  15. ollonborre

    Competitive T8 BBs

    Lenin, Massa, Vladivostok will be top picks. Massa for some very sggressive shenanigans, Lenin because it has all its firepower avaliable up front and a really tanky armour scheme, and Vladi when you are too poor to field a Lenin.