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  1. ollonborre

    Farewell Fourmites.

    Welp, I guess it was fun while it lasted. Closing my wallet has been easier and easier for the past year and with crap like this it's not even a difficult choice anymore.
  2. ollonborre

    Name one thing

    Despite all the annoying padding around it, the core is still there and can still be fun.
  3. ollonborre

    FDR or Incomparable

    Get Incomparable then. FDR is a bit different but if you don't click with the main CV lines then just go for what you find more comfortable.
  4. ollonborre

    Premium ship return

    What was the Belfast "nerf" again? I think it was smokefire penalty if I'm not mistaken. Not that it changed anything at all since the Belfast is still absolutely bonkers.
  5. ollonborre

    Which premium Tier 7 BB should i get?

    Florida or Scharnhorst. Smaller caliber that requires a bit more positioning, but more interesting ships than the other options.
  6. ollonborre

    Starting Bronze Ranked in Tier X is a bad idea.

    I would argue that heavily depends. Higher tier ships possess exponentially more firepower and other goodies that can end your game quickly, that's true. However you also have access to more modules and tools, heals and concealment to play around that. Many lower tier ships in the tier 5-7 bracket do not, so a mistake or getting caught out can be equally devestating.
  7. ollonborre

    Starting Bronze Ranked in Tier X is a bad idea.

    I see no difference with starting ranked at tier 5-8 or tier 10 if the main discussion is player skill. Yeah it's annoying when you have people in tier 9 or 10 ships that have no clue, but is it any more "fun" to carry some even worse players, granted because they are new but worse still? I don't think it is. And on the flip side, would those newer players also have a fun experience if someone like me decided to pick *insert broken premium ship* with a 21 point special captain? The answer is no. So yeah, in my opinion the tiers for each Ranked means diddly squat in the overall scheme of things.
  8. ollonborre

    Show your weekend performance

    The thing is about bad teams, is that there are only so many bad teams you can get matched up with. At some point the only constant is you, unless you also are part of the consistent bad teams. Every one gets bad teams or teammates that can't be carried no matter what you do, I don't disagree with that. But saying you have a bad team curse over hundreds or even thousands of games is just an excuse to cover up your own mistakes.
  9. ollonborre

    Premium ship return

    My 2 cents on this. AB- Considering the intelligence level of most tier 4 CV's, the no AA business is in my limited experience not that big of a deal. And I don't think you can overstate how powerful a fully kitted Arkansas with Halsey really can be. IN- Don't own it. GC- Possibly the most broken premium along the original Payfast. Downtier, uptier, does not really matter, it's still such a powerful ship.
  10. ollonborre

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    New kill record and apparently damage record for me in the Alaska:
  11. ollonborre

    Show your weekend performance

    This must clearly be because I have not spent any money over the past year on this game: On a more serious note, if you get a bad streak, just quit for the day honestly, it saves your sanity. A few days ago i got shotgunned by a sub while I did 0 damage and that meant no more Warships for that day.
  12. ollonborre

    [POLL] How do you like new Asymmetric Battles ?

    I decided to try an Ohio game for the lols, and I think I get what he means. Yes you will, kind of, get shot at. But the bots have such horrible aim or RNG, or whatever, so you can basically just W and get through unscratched.
  13. ollonborre

    [POLL] How do you like new Asymmetric Battles ?

    Because it is essentially just coop where you face more but lower tier enemies without any exciting objectives, it is in general a more boring version of Ops. Did some runouts in the Jinan, and after 3 games I felt it was enough If the mode is boring chasing after the "perfect and epic omegalul ownage score" is pointless.
  14. ollonborre

    Fdg Full Secondary Build

    And yet concealment is arguably one of the better picks still. You can both go for full secondaries, and slapping on a concealment module and concealment expert you get that down to 13.5 km, with a secondary range of 12 with flag. That is honestly not a bad gap to have, and once more conealment will also in general help you disengage, push closer without being spotted instantly and you don't get farmed down as easily before youc an utilise your secondaries. If I would build this, I would go for something like this I think: The first point is not overly important, most things work. I do like Brisk though on some of my BB's and I think a point could be made for it on a secondary spec BB especially early on in the match.