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  1. Concealment Expert overrated?

    AR is a better option than EM. And the Cleveland can get away with picking IFHE first due to the sheer firepower, durability and the 12 km concealment is workable. But CE should still be a skill to take if you plan to keep the crew on that ship as it does enable you to get closer before firing, and in those ranges the Cleveland is brutal.
  2. Smoke Gameplay

    Such as the one where I said that the smoke meta is a direct result of massive amounts of BB's and removal or nerfing of smoke counters? Nope, none at all.
  3. Smoke Gameplay

    Yup the smoke meta for divisions have risen due to fear of beeing blapped by 5+ BB's per side. Calling it World of Cruisers when cruisers are by far the least seen class in tier 9-10 games (apart from CV's) is a bit silly don't you think?
  4. Should I skip Izumo ?

    I played the Izumo ages ago (and the Yamato for that matter) but from what I can remember once you get rid of that god awful stockhull she is not halfbad. The guns are nice, punchy, accurate and the pen seems nice. If I had the money I would maybe like to rebuy the Izumo, but I'm grinding to many lines at the moment.
  5. tears of desert

    The map itself is just boring and dull. Epicenter as a game mode is not perfect, but it's alright. The problem is that you can't move anywhere without getting shot at by 90% of the enemy team, so you use the only cover you have, which is located at your base... Honestly Ocean is a more agressive and fun map than this piece of crap.
  6. Forum Update Incoming

    I like the theme. I don't like that a new update in any form of UI for most platforms means moving around all the buttons. And I don't really like the whole emoji buisness.
  7. I actually think the camo looks quite good, call me weird but I do have a thing for angles.
  8. This reminds me of something my Lieutenant used to say: "How can someone work for so long and still accomplish so little?" On topic, World of Warships has hit my additcion spot a bit better than WoT did in the beginning (mainly because I'm better at ships and slower gameplay than tanks). And WoWs is still fairly young compared to WoT, and WoT has taken some big risks and changes throughout its lifetime, some worked, some did not. If I'm honest no online community I have been apart of has ever been overall nice and friendly. Online gaming in general is pretty toxic. Hell even some singleplayer games have toxic or "git gud" flavoured communities (Dark Souls springs immediately to mind). It's a shame really since there is no reason to be toxic 99% of the time.
  9. Vampire - Bat out of Hell?

    Got the Vampire in 2 days. Pretty fun mini campaign. And as for the Vampire, well I played one game in it, used PM-LS-BFT and it was a pretty good little gunboat. I was suprised with the torps, you either got the massive useless fan spread or single fire. And 62 sec for 3 torps is a fairly long time (considering the Wickes for example can launch 6 per side with ~60 sec relaod) but the gun power was suprisingly effective. All in all a good little ship but for me it's going to be more of a collectible than a dedicated sealclubber.
  10. Rather not have another Belfast like ship if I'm honest. Just having a different skin Leander preferably avalaible via a campaign, premium shop or best case scenario both will do just fine.
  11. Possible to find certain player statistics?

    This site offers a bit more statistics: https://wows-numbers.com/player/518961992,judge_von_death/ I tend to use this site more since you gain more info out of it. Not sure you can see your entire career but you can track quite a far bit back.
  12. Collection of ultimate bad battles

    Well yes but those issues and possible solutions have already been brought up numerous times and yet not even a word has come from WG in order to adress this. We have been asking(yelling) for proper tutorial missions or something in that order to force players to actually learn for over a year now, but utter silence. WG does not listen, they are happy with the clueless potato player since they are the greatest income source, where as the rest of us in the minority are just here for the ride. So with all that, yes trying to fix it on an individual level is not optimal. But for now it's all one can do really. And if WG can't create proper tutorials, atleast I can educate people in private messages after the game. Most of the time the response is positive, other times not.
  13. Collection of ultimate bad battles

    No clue either. Personally I tend to have some crappy battles (my 13k damage Tirpitz game this evening springs to mind) but for each horrible game there are 3-4 good to great games to balance it out. Normally the main reason why things are going badly is sort of a self fulfilling prophecy in my case. If I get tilted and just focus on my team, bad RNG or personal idiocy I will perform badly. If I take a break or focus on doing my best in the current situation it is still possible to salvage games.
  14. For clarification, this is a mission: You can play any ship as long as it is above tier 4 to complete this. You don't have to select it and you don't have to go into the mission screen and press battle in order to progress. It will update automatically. This is a campaign/task: This one you have to manually select in order to activate it, but when that is done it is the same as with the missions. As long as fulfill the criteria that is described on the task it will update automatically. Hope that cleared it up somewhat.
  15. Any tier 8 CA/CL eats a tier 6 BB without much difficulty unless the cruiser player is a complete potato.