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  1. How to play Algerie?

    The Martell is very well at the top for tier 8 cruisers thanks to impressive reload and range, usable stealth, very fast, good enough AA and powerful AP. The Saint Louis is so far more fun than the Henri atleast for me. 8.8 second reload with good range, heal, great AA, still powerful AP and the trademark gotta go fast boost made it a slightly bigger Martell which was fine by me since I love the Martell. It's the Henri that rapidly shift in playstyle, or rather limits you in what you could accomplish previously.
  2. Richelieu - Tier VIII

    I like it so far. It has much less guns than the Lyon but for me the guns have been behaving more than on the Lyon. When angled it is also very durable and while the speed boost is a gimmick it atleast means that if you get locked in a bow on position moving forwards and backwards is atleast not a big problem. If there is a complaint than it is the 32 mm plating that covers the entire ship, meaning you just eat shitloads of HE damage.
  3. Buff Cruisers! / Remove Flooding!

    Flooding adds a mechanic in where you must always be vary on how you use your damage control and repair, not to mention it forces you to think ahead if you enter a DD heavy zone. It also slows you down making you an easier target and it deals significant damage. Basically it adds a mechanic in where you actually need to plan ahead and think unless you want a seriously painful DoT on you.
  4. Buff Cruisers! / Remove Flooding!

    Implying that the tester tag have any meaning what so ever. On topic removing flooding is just a weird idea. The damage control on cruisers is much faster than on BB's, and with the reduced fire duration you should always have the damage control ready for crippling effects such as flooding or rudder/engine damage. And since cruisers are much more agile from the start eating torpedoes is more down to misjudging a situation or derping out. And if you do take a hit well see my first point about damage control. All in all I fail to see what removing flooding even adds to the game.
  5. Question about consumables

    Sadly you can't. The only way to get big sums of consumables is through containers or missions.
  6. Really need some help here

    The thing is that MM can not even handle the distribution of radar ships and DD's in domination games, so asking it to also take into account winrate (it is called random battles for a reason, not Ranked), flags, loosing streaks and whatnot is laughable.
  7. Really need some help here

    1. It really doesn't. MM can not possibly take into account the amount of flag combinations players pick and anything that points elsewhere is just confirmation bias. 2. Yup, the quality of play arguably gets a bit better at higher tiers but there are still a vast majority of players who have no clue what they are doing. And I had no idea not knowing what you are doing made you into a troll. 3. Fair point (still better than WoT forums). 4. Yeah most of us that have hanged around for a while come from WoT, so you are bound to run into a familiar name at some point.
  8. Lyon

    It certainly sits on the more OP side of the fence with large amounts of guns and for some reason also great AA even when you don't spec for it. However I found the guns very tempermental, and the low caliber provides problem if a target tries to angle. So far my sucess in the ship has relied on that people just will not stop giving broadside to you, and at tier 7 there are still quite a few newish and inexperienced players to prey upon. Also I'm not overly impressed with the durability. Lower than average HP and with armor that atleast for me catches penetrations from weird angles. But with that being said I would not shed a tear seeing this thing tweaked in some way.
  9. Z-46 struggle

    Sorry for reviving my old thread, but I wanted to say thank you for the tips. I have been playing the Z-46 a bit more recently and it has finally clicked a lot more for me. I have understood how to play it effectively and I'm finally feeling useful.
  10. Hello to Every Man Jack

    If you really really want to buy it no one can stop you. As a general response, yes the Atago is good. But for you at the current level of experience you have with the game, I would say it is probabbly going to be very frustrating and a bit of a waste of money since you probaly are not going to be able to fully utilise it. Any of the tier 6 premium cruisers are a better alternative for now if you feel the need for a premium. They are more similar to the ships you own, offer different playstyles and make more than enough money at your current level of grinding. As for the Ranks, ranks can only be achieved during Ranked battles, you can read more about them here: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Game_Modes#Ranked_Battle
  11. Hindenburg AP damage decreased

    My Hindenburg is working just fine. AP pen angles is awful as they always have been but the DPM is still fantastic on broadside targets. And as for it beeing made of paper all of the sudden because someone "feels it" is laughable. It is still very durable for a cruiser and tricky to citadel at closer ranges.
  12. set io mogami-capitan skill

    This is a good start and works well on the Mogami and on the Ibuki and Zao. My personal build on the Zao looks like this at the moment: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1010000000100010000001110000000119. Going super intendent after demo expert is great for when you reach the Ibuki with that extra heal, but it is not so useful on the Mogami so going demo expert and concealment expert first is a must. Even if you want to move the commander to a heavy cruiser and not go for IFHE, the 155 mm guns on the Mogami are arguably the best guns on the ship regardless. The 203 mm guns have a great firechance, but the faster reload and higher amount of shells on the 155 mm guns means your actual fire starting potential is higher with the 155. Also the 155 absolutely shreds destroyers to pieces, and with your good concealment you become a lethal threat.
  13. Year of the cruiser when?

    T7 cruisers have it much much easier thanks to the MM algorithm. The best option overall is to not give out more gimmicks, but rather rework the MM algorithm so you are not bottom tier every single game you play in tier 5-6 and 8.
  14. Year of the cruiser when?

    I'd say no. Tier 6-7 manage without heal, but tier 8 cruisers are in such a brutal enviroment since everything overamtches them and CV's don't give a damn if you spec for AA or not.
  15. My review of this game

    Oh but the MM is not fine. There is for example no proper distribution of DD's or radar ships, tier 7 is a mess of powercreep and with the current MM algorithm tier 7 are almost always top tier which means that tier 5-6 play in uptiered games 3/4 of the games.