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  1. EM on cruiser captain

    Pretty much this. Even if you run reload module on the Hinden you still have 25.9 sec turret traverse. On the rest of the heavy cruisers it is a really nice quality of life upgrade however, and on some ships (HIV or Zao) essential if you want to keep your guns on target under a turn.
  2. Change Color

    In the graphical settings you do have colorblind filters for teammates, divisionmates and enemies. No idea if it changes the color of the cap circle.

    -Unskilled game. -91% of games in BB's, and all of them RN. K If you would have been a bit more constructive and maybe not throwed a hissy fit then we could help. But for now enjoy the fire.
  4. Atago rudder... WTF?

    In my experince it does not. Citadel hits tend to insta break the engine but the rudder is much more sturdy (well the Zao in general is by far the most tanky IJN cruiser, altough for its tier the Myoko is also pretty sturdy).
  5. Yup. Although sigma value does not automatically mean higher accuracy, but yes with higher sigma comes somehwat mroe reliable shell groupings.
  6. US Campaign

    No it does not. PTS is just that, a test server. Anything you do on the test server does not go over to the live server. The only thing that "transfers" is if there is a mission on the test server that gives rewards on the live server (like flags or camos). Other than that you have to redo the entire campaign.
  7. Atago rudder... WTF?

    It has always been laughably weak. I also run with the basic rudder module and most shots that land in the rear section will often damage the rudder or increase the chance of it breaking.
  8. German vs french BB

    On paper, perhaps, but in reality not even close. The french BB's can be citadeled, while the trademark german turtleback laughs at anything that might resemble a citadel. Also from tier 8 and up the frenchies get 32mm plating pretty much everywhere so HE and AP for that matter can melt them suprisingly quick. As for the secondaries, the germans tend to do more damage due to 1/4 penetration rule as opposed to the 1/6 for everyone else, but the french have a higher fire chance if I remember correctly.
  9. German vs french BB

    I was under the impression that the Gneis can get some pretty brutal secondaries for its tier? Atleast they should be mroe reliable than the main guns...
  10. Richelieu - Tier VIII

    You can play the Richeliue like a standard BB, ish. For only having two turrets in the front the gun angles are amazing, and the traverse great if you use the special French captain with EM. So while it is designed as a bow tanker using it to move about and kiting away when things get rough works just as well. I really enjoyed the Riche and with the camo you got from the campaign it is a keeper for me.
  11. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    IMO the difficulty change did not really make much of a difference. No you can't deal with 4-5 ships at the sime time anymore, but why should you be able to do that? The game mode is still easy if you change your playstyle from roaming rambo to a more cautios approach.
  12. Good Bye Orion, Hello... Ishizuchi?!

    Agree, tier 4 witherer for the win The Sushiboat is absolutely evil even without a megacaptain. Even with the introduction of the Orion the Sushi thanks to the number of guns and reload is pretty much the OG firestarter at tier 4.
  13. Replacing Cleveland in Ops.

    Apart from the range (which is kind of offset by a pretty good base concealment) this does not look too bad actually.
  14. Replacing Cleveland in Ops.

    I don't know what ship will replace the Cleveland, but that one should work. Other than that Budyonny, La Galissionere or Nurnberg should work just fine. The thing is since Cleveland always pretty much was a tier 8 in disguise a full on replacement is not going to be easy to find. The previous ships I mentioned offers gun power, flexibility, some AA and in some cases durability. But none offers everything at the same time like the Cleveland does.
  15. How would YOU design U-boat gameplay?

    In operations or a special PvE gamemode, yeah sure I'm for it. But they shall stay out of PvP.