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  1. With manual secondaries and AFT, you still got points over for fire prevention and super intendent. And with main battery mod 2 your guns still pose a threat with added fire tankiness and if something ventures within 10 km you will still be very effective. But yeah IFHE is probably not worth it as stated before.
  2. Except it really really isn't. Put on the relaod mod, DE, CE, AFT or Manual AA and congrats, you now have the most versatile tier 10 cruiser with good durability and either great AA aura or the best Hydro.
  3. The traverse speed will be bad all the way to tier 10. And again, if you want to brawl and think it is boring sitting a bit further back then probably reconsider your choice of going up the IJN cruiser line.
  4. If you want to brawl you picked the wrong cruiser line. IJN cruisers are medium to long range ships with nuclear HE and can slow down anything wanting to charge into you with their good torpedoes. And as for the bold part, what? The Myoko is a beast of a ship, with solid armor, great guns, torpedoes and is pretty fast. And with a base 17% fire chance, great HE damage and 10 guns burning down BB's is the easiest thing in the world, not to mention a spotted DD will really be punished as long as you can hit it.
  5. Just no on both of those statements. The 203 mm guns of the Furutaka are great for a tier 5 ship, because you can simply overmatch any other tier 5 and even most tier 6 cruisers resulting in solid AP damage. Aiming under the turrets and beneath the smoke stacks will grant you citadels if you manage to land shells in that area. Also your HE fire chance is by far the best, so targeting battleships is no issue, as you can easily set fires on them and farm easy damge.
  6. *Laughs in French* I don't know what it is, but this ship just really clicks for me. Yes it is squishy like all hell, yes the reload is meh for 152 mm guns, especially at tier 6, yes it does not really offer anything for the team apart from damage. But crap can this thing deal damage. The speed boost offer it some nice relocation possibilities (even though it is sluggish without it, but hey a gimmick is a gimmick), AP seems to be suprisingly punishing even at ~12 km, the torps are there, can net you some damage and a nice tool to have but are normally not used and offcourse it can set fires like a boss. So personally I'm fine without any change, but since this seems to be a disliked ship in general and that a premium exist that is more powerful (I think, have not really faced it) some quality of life changes are in order? I suppose the reload is long for 152 mm guns, and without the gimmicky speed boost it feels slightly handicapped compared to the other tier 6 cruisers.
  7. Trying to stay on topic, fire damage is fine. You need more than one fire for it to become a problem, you can heal back 100% of the fire damage dealt, fires take a long time to kill someone and even in cruisers that lack the heal the damage control cooldown is often short enough so as long as you don't instause it when set on fire you should manage fine.
  8. You will be able to unlock the ships once the British BB's become avaliable, and if you got all the flags you can get the first 3 BB's without spending any XP or credits.
  9. Honestly any tier 5-6 cruiser should work just fine, with the rapid reload on most of them and since no ship has any real armor so it's basically citadel city as soon as the first bot is spotted. I did the citadel thing in the La Galissonniére and it only took me 2 games even in random battles since you only need 1-2 cruisers to show you their broadside per game and you are pretty much set.
  10. Nothing but Schnellboots obviously.
  11. The biggest problem with the IJN DD's in their current state is that they are almost entirely torpedo focused, with arguably the deadliest torps when they hit. The problem however is that the torps have the worst concealment giving your targest the longest reaction time. And torpedoes are also a one trick pony, it relies on your enemy to make a mistake. But with all the Hydro, spotter planes and semi competent players in higher tiers landing torpedoes can be a chore. So the higher tier IJN DD's are confined to spotters and cappers if their torps fail. And since spotting relies on your team and capping relies on not being rushed by a DD with better gunpower (pretty much all of them) the problem is more and more apparent. In the current state of the game IJN DD's don't really work since their main selling point is both nerfed and heavily countered. Hybrid DD's or pure gunboats are better at cap contesting and damage dealing meaning they can dictate the pace of the game or carry easier. If you want to go for IJN DD's, go for it. But keep in mind that for example some US DD's and most of the German DD's have better overall torps (concealment, reload, speed) and to top it all off they can also engage in gunfights if your torps miss, so you are never completely useless.
  12. And if you look at the date of the thread it is almost 2 years old, the game was quite different back then. Your response is valid in the current state of the game, but not really compared to the first page of the thread.
  13. Premium ships I have to jump on the Atlanta bandwagon, for reasons already explained in the thread. Silver ships though, not sure. I currently struggle a lot with the Edinburgh (but I have only played 3 battles in it, and it is completely stock, so not sure it counts). A ship I never managed to get along with despite free XP the first hull and the range upgrade was the Donskoi. It just felt a lot more awkward than the Chapayev, and with the bigger size and slightly beefier armor it ment that shots that would overpen the Chappy instead regular penned you so you died quicker when you made a mistake.
  14. Sigh go back 10 pages and read pretty much all of the responses and the problem should be pretty obvious. But if we are going to bring this up, 1 BB volley has a reload of 30-26 seconds on average depending on modules and skills, and has a travel time of around ~10 seconds on the distances we are discussing. A torp has a reload of around 90-120 seconds, much longer travel time, can be spotted by aircraft, ships, sonar and is easier to dodge. The keyword you are using here is "potential". There are a lot more factors that makes torp have a lesser effective damage on average than guns.
  15. Not sure what you mean? Apart from the fact that the Dunkerque had a better game and the Bayern had a horrible game?