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  1. bocabipa

    Iwaki alpha

    After move to OBT our great reward Iwaki Alpha is like paper ship, and make less credits than standard ships tier IV ! I'd like to hear what others think?
  2. bocabipa

    Equipment price !

    "premium tier IV ship" We have gift with ridiculously a large amount of credits for Equipment
  3. bocabipa

    Equipment price !

    In CBT it took me 600 battles to buy tier X, in this economic system which will not change,I will need about 1700 battles with 2 premium ships for money, BUT why, for God's sake equipment price for premium tier IV cost 3 mil+ 2 mil+1 mil+500k+250k ?
  4. bocabipa

    Premium ships

    Can we talk about ships please?
  5. bocabipa

    Premium ships

    Yes but ship like aurora is useles in tier IV game especially against CV
  6. bocabipa

    Premium ships

    Premium ships only have a purpose if they get into game with their or lower tier!!! Im playing game with iwaki alpha tier IV with 5-6 ships tier V on other side, and with Aurora tier III with 5-6 tier IV on other side, especially against CV, and it is very difficult to make some credits! Therefore, we must ask what is the purpose of premium ship ?