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  1. J0NES

    Another complaint about Matchmaking

    Yes, I was just in a game, where a little hiccup by the MM caused a disasterous defeat for our team. The enemy had two T7 BBs to our one On top of that, those two were in a divison, co-operating with some skill, credit where credit is due. Their team was supported by an T6 carrier, we hade none at all. We had a unfortunate division consisting of one T4 CL and a T3 DD I was in a T4 BB Hasn't the tier range been +/- 2 earlier? Here I was thrown against BBs three tiers higher, not even to mention the poor T3 DD, facing an enemy destroyer four tiers higher. Our team was decimated within moments. Yes, I did not play well enough, skill could've saved the day; but nonetheless, it's difficult to play by your strenghts as a battleship (your range, mainly) when the enemy has four times the firepower and half more range. I must admit that I did Alt+F4 in fury once my magazines detonated, but I doubt that was completely without reason. I'm a calm and patient man otherwise, but faced with this kind of impossible odds from the get-go I have the bad habit of becoming a husk devoid of hope. Oh well, the game has barely entered open beta, so things of this kind should be expected. However, I'm a bit confused. How come +3 or +4 matchups are even allowed to begin with? Fail platoons, squadrons or divisions are one thing, but the separation between the poor T3 lad and his T4 comrade was nothing of the kind. Every ship can damage every hostile ship, but is it not self-evident that T4 battleships are not quite adequate to put peril upon their kin three tiers higher?
  2. Quite an impressive adaption, I must admit; to use what little you've got to gain an small advantage trough unconventional means. I like it. I tought on these sort of tactics once, but expected AA to be too dangerous. Credit where credit's due, I did not expect the run-of-the-mill WoT/WoWp/WoWs-player to posess the wit and craftiness for such creative application of their scarce carrierborne resources. I am impressed, perhaps there's some hope for the community, these fellows seem to have started forming some sort of intellect.
  3. J0NES

    In what way are you related to (Navy) ships?

    Well, I'm a FDF Coastal Jaeger Sgt, so I suppose there's quite an intimate connection between those Navy fellows on their ships and boats and the us, the suicidal taffers that abandon ship at the first glance of trouble. Leap over the board of our damned landing boats not to escape trouble, but to end up in an even worse predicament. "Rip and tear!"
  4. J0NES

    Any Silent Hunter players?

    Cursed destroyers! I've always rather had the voices in german instead of english. Regards: SH3-veteran
  5. J0NES

    Best class?

    As the gentlemen before me stated, the term "best" is always bound to a specific part of performance. This applies to everything. If we wish to define what is best at something, we must define the word best itself. To look from a more historical real world perspective: If there was a ship type or class that was absolutely sterling at everything, what for would we need any of the other classes? In the end it is the skill of the captain and the state of the battle, the situation that one is in, that defines which vessel is best suited for the task at hand. A carrier has range and packs quite a pack of punch, but left to its own means, quite vulnerable. A battleship has firepower, but is cumbersome. A cruiser is the jack-of-all trades. Good at everything but master at none. The destroyer is fast and nimble. Torpedoes allow it to quickly execute unaware opponents, but it lacks in firepower otherwise and is blasted out of the water like a drenched pallet of magnesium if hit.
  6. J0NES

    no cap, kill all

    Multi-tiered victories and defeats... I must truly and honestly admit that this just might be the best idea I've heard in a long time. Congratulations, eons have passed since I was this impressed by someone. "Dum vita est, spes est", as they say. I recommend posting this under the suggestions-dept. (if only there was one) as soon as possible. I'd do it myself, but I do not wish to rob the honours.
  7. J0NES

    Water physics

    I do agree on your points, there are some clear things that need a bit of adjusting. There's no need to worry, things might not currently be perfect (though they're quite close to that, mind you) but that's what the Beta is for. Look at how far WoT has come graphicswise since launch, not even to mention the improvement compared to the CBT and OBT.