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  1. Matti_pl

    North Carolina Slot 5

    Technically you could get away with DCS mk2 but then You MUST have hull B researched and mounted. And probably AA build to shoot down at least some planes before dropping torps. I only have 30+ battles on NC so far but with preferred playstyle (mid-short range brawler and heavy head-on angling) DCS worth thinking about. I currently have gears mounted, but it would be nice to burn at least little less than now (considering current dispersion, where full salvo from 8 km range falls short and other "funny" RNG occurances that causes any cruiser to spam you with HE shells).
  2. Matti_pl

    Game portal not working properly

    I just spotted that something strange is going on with game portal, gold and premium time especially. I've got more than 4k gold in WoT and 0 dubloons in WoWs, no prem time either. Yet for some time portal was showing THIS: (as time goes by) Nothing changed in-game and i hope it will stay this way.
  3. Matti_pl

    The Colorado... seriously?

    So i have played 4 battles today so far 3 with B hull and 1 with C hull. Results: 50%WR, 2 battles with destroyed main guns, 1 battle with "detonation" "award"(this one with C hull) and 1 where i got wrecked by Nagato while being at 30-45 degrees angled. just great. Shells flying like guided by drunken sailor, 1 citadel on poor Pepsi with some 5-6k hp and 10% of "0 dmg" hits most notably on pensacolas or IJN DD's. Don't know what is going on but i don't like it :/
  4. Matti_pl

    The Colorado... seriously?

    So, after 16 battles with it and with 1st hull upgrade i do struggle with Colorado. It feels useless and while i do 55k at average i don't think the ship is letting you to do better. What more i'd say it is artificially underpowered. First of all - the guns: 16" are good - not bad, not outstanding just mediocre. They usually overpen - cruisers especially (it's easier to pen one frontally than from side) on the other hand i can't make them to citadel BB's. What more they tend to have awful habit of missing target (i know that it is easier to hit with 12 guns like on NM than with 8 here) and i don't like it - one salvo goes straight into target while other in the very edge of dispersion circle and I only noticed it before in NM but here it is especially frustrating. One more thing - turrets get knocked out quite often, even with modification installed. Secondly - armour: Is it really that good ? I feel like i'm getting citadeled more often than in NM(well, statistically sh*t can happen) but what is worst 203's are raping you and i'm not talking about HE shells but AP! Myoko taking 5k per salvo every 14 second means you're gone in 2 minutes. Not good! Superstructure is very fragile so it doesn't matter if you get citadeled or not. Lastly - sluggishness: lower engine power than NM and higher rudder shift time means that Colorado doesn't accelerate and doesn't turn. I don't have last mod slot bought but honestly i don't know what to take better acceleration to maintain speed in turns or rudder mod for bit better agility - You should be able to get both in Colorado. So it is disappointing ship overall throughout the battle but then 70k dmg appears on screen. This ship is one big question mark for me so far. [Keep in mind that this opinion is subject to change!]
  5. Matti_pl


    Happened to me yesterday and today. Oddly enough that's the first time i encountered this bug, i've got no mods installed and it was running smooth up until yesterday. First i encountered this with Aoba on Solomon Islands map while trying to hit enemy DD, today it happened when i was in DD. Symptoms were as stated above - long reaction time when steering, shells passing through ships and i belive i got ammo-racked when this was in progress(in my NM, full HP and suddenly BOOM i'm gone - like heart attack no incoming shells sound, not even my HP going down really fast. Just full HP --> no HP). I don't have replays just screenshots giving general idea of this issue.
  6. Matti_pl

    Nadpływają rosyjskie niszczyciele

    Mam pytanie - skoro Taszkient i Kijów nie różniły się tak bardzo - wg. Wikipedii(wiem, wiem niezbyt pewne źródło wiedzy) uzbrojenie było podobne, Kijów miał mieć 2x5 wyrzutnie torped, był nieznacznie mniejszy i miał gorszy zasięg oraz prędkość maksymalną. Czy w związku z tym to będą dwa osobne okręty w drzewku, czy może hull upgrade(naciągany, ale nie takie rzeczy WoT widział) czy jeden będzie premiumem(Taszkient?)? Sprawa wydaje się ciekawa, może ktośma wiecej info na temat tych niszczycieli bo mój rosyjski jest zbyt słaby, żeby się przebić przez cały artykuł na wikipedii.
  7. Matti_pl

    Wyspy Salomona - kreator Krzywej Gaussa by WG

    Fajna mapka, tylko z leksza mała. Przy 20km zasięgu dział robi się ciasno czyli T6 ma już problem. Grasz normalnie - nie płyniesz przez środek, chyba, że chcesz szybko skończyć bitwę. Jak jesteś w niszczycielu to zasadzasz się przy którymś cypelku i czekasz na jakiś głupi pancernik albo krążownik, zawsze ktoś sie napatoczy pod twoje torpedy. Podobnie możesz zrobić w japońskim krążowniku - czekasz, torpedy, odwrót i działa. W amerykańskim staraj się trzymać bardziej z tyłu, żeby nie spotkał Cię los który opisałem wyżej. Pancerniki i tak są wolniejsze więc zawsze ktoś świeci cele. Musisz wyczuć, czy można sie pchać dookoła cypla czy nie - to jest chyba najważniejsze na tej mapie bo po pierwsze możesz szybko zginąć od torped albo dział 10 przeciwników albo w drugą stronę - nie zdążysz się cofnąć, dopaść przeciwnika i twój team zostanie rozbity. TLR: Nie płyń przesmykiem między wyspami i nie opłyawaj cypla jeśli nie masz 100% pewności, że nie zginiesz. Mam nadzieję, że to pomoże ;)
  8. Matti_pl

    Nadpływają rosyjskie niszczyciele

    Wygląda na to, że mogą być szybkie w całej rozpiętości drzewka, ale szczerze powiedziawszy, jezeli Taszkient/Kijów są na T7 to nie mam zbytnio pomysłu na resztę gałęzi. Może Ognevoy (projekt 30) na T8(jest nawet na jednym screenie), później Skoryy (projekt 30bis) i na końcu Neustrashimy (projekt 41). czyli chronologicznie jak były wprowadzane na uzbrojenie WMF. Ostatnim przedstawicielem, który mógłby się załapać jest wczesny Kotlin (projekt 56) oczywiście bez uzbrojenia rakietowego, chociaż kto wie.. Typ 7/7U może na 5 tier i Leningrad na 6. Pożyjemy - zobaczymy
  9. Matti_pl

    How WG completely ruined the Tirpitz in two simple ways

    Nice discussion overall, but i think that You guys are forgetting one quite important thing - computing equipment. I am not an expert by any means, hell radars and radiolocation are bit far from my degree but i know that it's not only the wavelength that matters. You need to send, receive, compute, analyze and make use of data you collected because everybody can turn on his microwave owen and say that he's owning a radar - you get my point? Another thing - You are arguing which radar was better to obtain the range to target 3, 9, 10, 27cm or whatever the wavelength was. But does it really matter when this target is 200m long, 25m wide and 20m high? i guess that it could be an issue if we were using much lower frequenciens. Additionally we're talking about taking measurements from unstable platform during bad weather and maintenance conditions - land based cannons would have X meters dispersion on certain range in certain weather conditions but when You mount the same gun on a ship everything changes - constant movent of the ship - waves, own speed and vibrations, wearing of gun barrels and moving mechanisms(elevation and rotation), different muzzle speed of each shell! means that accuracy is lowered by certain factor. What more when your signal is finally back you need to process it - and in 1940's computers were a THING and a very big one - not especially fast but very fragile and complicated they would give you some distance to target and maybe bearing from ship but wouldn't track it in real time so guns had to be aimed based on assumpted position of the target what means that skilled crew was a factor too. So that's my point as an engineer. I might be wrong but as i said physics and radars are not my field of education. Anyway, please keep this discussion civilized. Oh one more thing - tirpitz seems bad because of "Loewe syndrome" lot of unskilled skippers have it and suck in it but if you spot a good one it can be as good as any T8 battleship
  10. Matti_pl

    Solomon Islands real world location

    Big island on the left of the map looks like a squshed Guadalcanal itself, little volcano thing resembles Kolombangara/Savo mashup. Closest to the right island is Tetepare island, but it's as close as Moscow to Vladivostok ;) Upper right corner could be based on Pavuvu or New Georgia coastline. And lower right corner ? Myimagination isn't vivid enough The thing is that taking real location would be hard to balance especially when you remember that Guadalcanal alone is some 100km long Anyway it would be nice to see how they came with an idea to call the map this way.
  11. Matti_pl

    How to make IJN carriers complete trash overnight FT. WG

    Sir, You said this "There's far far far fewer carrier plays, so Win Rate is influenced for carriers than any other ship (5.8% of players play carriers)" for me that means that number of battles played with carriers is LOW compared to other classes. And it means that you don't need that many battles to significantly change global or personal WR in short time. which means that any conclusion made 3 days after patch is or is very likely to be worthless.(I might have used wrong words in my previous post, but english isn't my mother tongue so i'm sorry for that) Data is data just numbers. Of course they have to analyze it properly, but guess what - WG has data dating back to CAT so they can see popularity and number of battles and avg exp and avg dmg and avg WR of any ship throughout it's whole "game-life". thats why i said that the time is needed. because every analyst need certain amount of data and context about it to do his job properly. And people posting only "QQ more" kind of posts... well, force isn't strong with them ;) I guess that there will be minor patch next week, then another one in 3 weeks and so on they will sort it out.
  12. Matti_pl

    How to make IJN carriers complete trash overnight FT. WG

    1. First of all wasn't that main point for this nerf ? to lower the global WR of CV's ? I think so, but most posts here were about personal WR that's why i called it out. We will see if the overall WR will drop to some 40% or stabilize at 50-55% there is to little data so far and You might be missing that point. We need to wait for actual DATA and it will take some time. Moreover You stated Yourself that there are quite a few carrier games compared to other classes thus CV's WR is more affected by external means so changes will be better wisible after week or two. Again we need to wait. 2. Yes and i wanted it to be clear. I can only speak as a BB captain and try to do an objective opinion on the current state of "CV wars". I think that it was clearny imbalanced and unfair before patch, especially with one team having no CV at all. What more in CBT i liked USN CV's with fighter setup more ;) 3.I did read it - It was simply copy-paste of patchnotes with Your opinion. You're eligible to it but again the point of the patch was to lower WR by lowering DMG output of IJN CV's. Fighters changes are in my opinion other topic as they affect both sides. So yeah i did read it and i really like the fact that there are points which You agree with but right after that discussion goes into crying that IJN CV's were nerfed into oblivion. Topic title doesn't help in this case. One more time wait for data, post and discuss Your ideas but don't make it "who screams louder" show. I really, really want CV's and other classes to be balanced and by this i mean no perma-nukes from torpedo planes on BB's on one side and no insta squad-wipes by AAA on the other side. there need to be some compromise.
  13. Matti_pl

    My New Mexico setup advice

    I've got my NM fitted with GFCS mod 1, damage control system mod 1 and propulsion mod 1. First slot is empty but i was considering main battery modification as i happened to lose 2 turrets once. With GFCS mod1 and regular GFCS upgrade you get 17.3 km range which is enough (surface detectability is 14.2km!) and with spotter aircraft on B and C hulls you can get 20+km range what is more than enough I decided to go with propulsion modification because of low top speed and mediocre engine power enough to say doing full circle with those mods leaves you with 13-14knt and that makes you sitting duck + C hull gives you 12sec rudder shift time which i think is perfectly enough for this ship. On captain i have got 3 repair perks advanced fire training 1 and turret rotation so far. Currently i have got 55k avg damage 1.5 k/d ratio. Just let some cocky cruiser get close and enjoy those citadels when in high tier battle make most use of your spotter airplane as you can fire some nice plunging shots and do good dmg on T8 ships. But cruisers are your primary targets as 356mm guns penetrate reliably. Oh and don't forget to angle against enemy BB's especially those with 16" guns
  14. Matti_pl

    How to make IJN carriers complete trash overnight FT. WG

    Sooo it's one hell of an entertaining topic! As a BB/CA driver i welcome any CV nerf, but is it really that big? I have already got nuked by T6-T7 IJN cv's after patch - alone BB not paying attention will always be tasty prey, especially in stock ship. But hey i don't cry on the forum like a little baby it's just a game one time you win 12-0 and other time you die in first 5 minutes. What i can say from my experience is that CV's had too big influence on game outcome especially when there was no CV on the other side. More - IJN cv could be useless when facing US cv with fighter loadout who would just wipe him out clean (was it balanced ?). I don't have any CV games played in OBT but i like to know that some fighters will be protecting my fat BB [edited]. Of course additional fighter squadron means lower dmg output for our CV but it works both ways and i think that high tier BB skippers will agree. Now about winrates. all provided stats showed that CV's had better win rates than other classes and damage up to 3 times better than same tier ships. I know that IRL carrier planes would attack one ship over and over but again it's a game so things have to be balanced or at least means must be taken to reduce biggest differences. More - stating that patch caused overnight WR drop by 30-40% is single most idiotic thing i have heard. Most players here have played up to 80-100 with every carrier (100 being extreme case!). For example if you had 100 games played with some CV and 70% WR it means that you would have to lose 40!!!!! games in a row to go down to 50% WR (70 out of 100 is 70% and 70 out of 140 is 50%). So in conclusion either you DON'T have enough battles to know EXACTLY that patch caused the drop( because in 40 GPL every battle affects WR and performance in every battle might be called a function of many variables (number and quality of players in que, connection quality, Your personal tiredness, distraction etc.)) OR you're real nerd+unicum (no offence though) who racked up 100 battles in single CV 3 DAYS AFTER the patch gone live and lost all of them despite playing as usual(what is i believe statistically impossible). Please think before you write something and start the argument on the forum.
  15. Matti_pl


    Soo today I finally unlocked Aoba and sold Furutaka and i wanted to share my experience with playing pre-buff Furutaka. First of all my stats: 42 battles, 19 victories, 840 avg. exp and 37k avg dmg. Nothing special, but WR was affected by my poor performance in first battles with stock ship, 1 DC with 0 exp/dmg done and 1-2 detonations/devastating strikes. All in all my real output is bit better. Although stats on my Kuma were way better with 1k avg exp and 42k dmg. Now the grind: Stock Furutaka is awful. No doubt. 200mm guns and stock FCS are just not enough. Especially the reload on those guns is killing you.literally. You often find yourself in perfect position to hit somebody showing his side, but you need to wait for reload. What more with 11.8km gun range you can't even play BB-like style as in T5-T6 matchup you're just fish food. However - concealment is pretty good -12.2 km detection range is your best friend in this ship and you need to use it to the limits! Try going parallel course some 13km away from target and when it's distracted shoot. Situation awareness perk is a must in this ship. Situation changes a bit when you mount better guns (203 mm) and FCS upgrade. It gives you way better puch and 203's seems to be better than 200's for citadel penetrations. Also FCS gives you whopping ;) 13km gun range Which leaves you with 0.8km safety zone to approach your target. So with such upgraded ship you can really start hunting. 203's are best T5 guns and you have to use it to your advantage. Kumas, Phoenixes, Omahas and even Aobas are perfect targets for you - with the help of RNGesus you can score multiple citadel hits on those ships and eliminate them in 2-3 salvos. Especially that the don't respect you go broadside or attack "easier" targets BUT again reload time is killing you so: 1. don't go alone EVER unless very favourable MM and plenty of space for maneuvering! 2. use your concealment to your advantage and let your allies soak the dmg while you play support! 3. learn where to shoot to score citadels! (eg. Omaha - under second smoke stack, same phoenixes and kumas - under smoke stack to the stern of the ship is citadel city and so on) 4. Pray to RNGesus - there are battles where you score 2-3 citadels even on cleveland but there are some where you can't sink kuma or st. louis. Latter are sooo annying. What more there are battles where they shoot you all time and no critical but there are some where single shot from DD sets you on fire, takes out engine or even blows you up. 5. Learn to change your ammo - I know that 17 sec. reload is long but you can't spam HE all day. simple. 6. Maneouver! 8 sec rudder shift and 35 knt are your other best friends. You can outrun your enemies if playing smart. Other stuff: You can't go without modifications - i personally used Main battery modification, GFCS 1 modification and Damage control system modification. They are very useful and first especially - i think that it helps to receive less citadels but it might be hoax. GFCS mod helps with dmg output! Personally i never used camo but it might be usuful, especially when stock. Don't rely on your torps- only 3 on each side and 7km range. only useful in CQB. What to do: First i higly recommend free-exp 1st hull, guns and FCS. and if you don't have so much free exp, try going for guns. you can live without some range but reload time is everything in my opinion. TLR 1. Stock Furutaka sucks! 2. Free exp guns and FCS 3. Use modifications! (main battery mod, GFCS mod and Damage mod) 4. Use your concealment and maneuverability 5. Learn to aim! 6. Pray to RNGesus! 7. Elite Furutaka is ok. I think that would be it overally it was not so painful gind with some frustrating moments and with some rewarding.