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  1. MacHopper

    CPU spikes and FPS drop

    Hey. I'm having the same issue. I'm not sure what's causing it but my game keeps on...well, I don't know how to describe it. You're sailing along and you see an enemy pop up so you immediately yank the rudder hard over etc all of a sudden my game will get a audio and video stutter lag, accompanied by a brief flicker from the little red lag indicator. As the battle goes on over time, but massively exacerbated by hectic action, it will get worse and worse. Today it finally froze my game and PC completely. As in I couldn't alt-tab or control-alt-delete either. Oh, and it can be incredible regular like every 2 or 3 seconds and then suddenly only when there's a flurry of actions.
  2. MacHopper

    ShellShockers Recruitment - OPEN!

    Glad to hear it Yum, and welcome to the clan!
  3. MacHopper

    ShellShockers Recruitment - OPEN!

    Thanks Ken! We're glad to have you aboard. For those of you that don't know, Kenliero is an avid YouTuber and we love his videos! His Ship reviews are well worth a watch if you have a chance.
  4. MacHopper

    ShellShockers Recruitment - OPEN!

    Tonight Beta Squadron are scheduled for a run out, and I for one am hoping I can get a place in the team before they are all taken up! Do you want to take part in Team Battles? Sick and tired of the Solo grind and the frequent losses despite putting in a superhero effort? Wish you could swing the odds in your favour? Then do not hesitate! Join ShellShockers today and beat me to a space on Beta Squadron! Go on... I dare you!
  5. MacHopper

    ShellShockers Recruitment - OPEN!

    As you can see, folks, we are seizing the opportunity to get really stuck into Team Battles and we are learning more and more in every scrap! We want to provide an environment where the more competitive players are able to seize their chance - and they are doing so with gusto! But fear not, we also provide a series of fun-filled activities such as "Last Boat Afloat" and "Destroyer Races". We will soon be introducing an in-house 4 versus 4 tournament as well as other fun activities. The best way to stay informed of our plans and activities is of course to become a member. However, we are more than happy to permit a player to come in and spend a week or so getting to know us and experience the atmosphere here. If you have any questions please feel free to message us and we can chat! Oh and don't forget, we do not have a minimum tier or average XP requirement - we want to help players grow and achieve good results together! CptBirdseye MacHopper Supermint
  6. MacHopper

    ShellShockers Recruitment - OPEN!

    Welcome aboard P-nut! It's been great fun and laughs teaming up with you! For anyone still thinking about what clan they would like to join I want to add my voice in saying that ShellShockers is *still!* the best run clan I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of. There are players online around the clock (though naturally the bulk play during the European evening) and we officially support other great online games as well as providing social and "other" games areas. We also run competitions and events throughout the year where players have a fantastic opportunity to win exclusive prizes donated by the clan or generous members. Just recently we have been exploring Team Battles and we have learned a LOT! So if you feel like becoming part of a vibrant lively clan or you're just sick and tired of always being "that" guy who has a great game while the rest of his team are still working out how to avoid islands, then give us a shout! CptBirdseye MacHopper Supermint
  7. MacHopper

    Server off line ?

    I closed the game client and re-opened it & logged back in and that (appears to have) worked.
  8. MacHopper

    Looking for a competitive Clan

    Clan found. Topic Closed
  9. Greetings! I'm an experienced and enthusiastic WoWS Beta player with a preference for using DD, CA and BB. I cannot put my stats into context but from what I can tell I am better than average, but not by any stretch of the imagination a unicum. I usually finish within the top third of my team, but that isn't to say I can't make a poor positioning choice or misjudge a shot. What I am looking for is a multi-national and multi-cultural clan with a positive social environment but a commitment to being involved with competition play and the determination and discipline to learn, practice and become real challengers. I am strongly interested in naval warfare and I used to be an avid Navyfields gamer, so Naval warfare concepts are easy for me to grasp and implement. My current clan are an utterly incomparable bunch of amazingly great friends, but they are largely uninterested in WoWS and I am very passionate about it. I will always keep in touch with them, but I am looking to work with a clan with the same commitment as myself towards this game. I have ships up to tier VII (some tier VIIIs unlocked) on the tech tree and up to tier VIII from Premiums. I also have TeamSpeak 3 and headset.
  10. MacHopper

    german camo pattern

    +1, but for all nation's camouflage patterns as none look right - hopefully they are "proof of concept" placeholders only.
  11. MacHopper

    Wargaming Support AWOL

    I am a very experienced World of Tanks player. As a World of Tanks player, who has witnessed both in-game and in videos the kind of behaviour that "should" result in auto-bans, I am also incredibly aware of how ineffective it is. Therefore I always send through a ticket. I am not wasting "people's" time, I am a paying customer who is making a complaint about negative behaviour. And I will never stop.
  12. MacHopper


    Dear god no! Win rate as you're obviously getting at isn't under a player's control. I don't know what IS average for WoWS, but I know of myself that 99% of the games I play I am hopelessly average. Not a menace to the team but not a rock steady 2k+ XP monster either - generally a decent amount of damage and one or two kills. So when I compare the OP to myself what immediately makes me eyes pop is this series of stats. I can only judge by my own stats but... I get 1,498 avg exp, the OP gets 768 I have killed 741 ships in 747 battles, the OP has managed 267 kills in 469 battles. I can promise you, in my case I didn't get to ~500 battles with ~300 kills and then suddenly go mental! I cause an average of 30,517 damage on average, the OP gets 21,278 average damage. My average base points are 1.27 in offence, 5.53 in defence, by comparison the OP manages 1.36 and 4.59 respectively. So as I think of myself as hopelessly average, I have to consider that the OP does HALF of the experience-worthy things in battle, sinks HALF as many ships and does TWO THIRDS the damage that I do. The only one of those areas the OP beats my score is in average base capture points. I very definitely have to become a smarter and wiser player in quite a few areas, but it is a comparison of some value nonetheless.
  13. MacHopper

    Destroyers - is 'smoking' it up a selfish habit?

    Guilty as charged, M'lud! I often use my smoke canisters for my own benefit (usually after having tried an attack run on something that fails). The problem is whenever I try to help other players, you just cannot predict what they will do. Go "Ah, he's going this way I shall smoke for him/cover him with AA/etc" and within 30 seconds the player has sailed off in the opposite direction to you. You can try to communicate with your fellow players but here's the response my team got tonight when we tried to warn a parked CV that a whole fleet of aircraft was on its way and he should move: " ..i.. ". Yep, the team got the finger because we warned the cv he should move as there were aircraft on the way. Obviously once he died he started screaming about "yet another fail team" and how he would report us all and he demanded the enemy sink each and every one of us. This thread is NOT about "noob teams" or insultingly rude and pig ignorant players, but it is that experience that informs us when trying to decide "do I do this for me and my score, my experience" or "do I do this for the team".
  14. MacHopper

    I've come to play with ships...

    You don't play an MMO if your biggest issue is fellow human players. I understand it can get to you - its why I took 3 months out of MMOs and just went crazy during the Steam christmas sale - but to be honest to a great extent you can just ignore players (if sticking a post-it over the chat box is too MacGyver for you); especially as you know that at some stage down the line Wargaming will introduce both a "Mute In-game Chat" button in settings AND Team based game modes, such as Skirmish, Company and Clan Wars battles which will essentially remove the need to ever put up with a random player ever again if you don't want to. If however in the incredibly short time this game has been accessible to player, you feel that human players are such an irritation that you just cannot overlook them, then I'd suggest going back to real life, getting a console and avoiding MMOs ever again. I don't say it in a "don't let the door hit your arse" kind of way, I mean it in a "If its that bad, why stick with something that will only give you Ulcers, Acid Reflux and eventually a Coronary after you go apoplectic during your 11,376th game with yet another group of random strangers who act like random strangers who have no reason to listen to any other random stranger and consequently don't act like a slick Cybersports Squad".
  15. MacHopper

    Enable battle recording

    Switching on Battle recording can be done, but at the minute it requires you to make some changes to a couple of files. Technically because it was something revealed to players in Alpha testing and subsequently removed for the Beta phases we are barred by our EULAs from knowing about this - but if your Google Fu is strong you'll find a link to the deep dark forum corner that the post has disappeared to. There are also programs like Bandicam that can do the job, but costs for a legit full copy, is system hungry and has to be set up before you play. But check it out. Also, if you want to learn how to play then I'd essentially suggest The Mighty Jingles, iChaseGaming and eNtak on YouTube who are excellent gamers. Finally, a suggestion if you want to try out any ship with much less stress or pressure, go for some Co-Op battles. As its Co-Op games it doesn't matter what you take into battle as the server just mirrors the team and because its not where you would go if you want to earn serious credits and xp people are less likely to go bat crap crazy at you for flailing around trying to work out your arse from your elbow.