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  1. I would agree, but it's difficult to manage really. Sometimes people just make a bad decision and sail in a wrong direction or perhaps something else happens during the game. I'd also argue the socially toxic players also need to be weeded out of this game, no matter their ranking. There is just no place for that kind of behaviour, in the game... fortunately it's rare.
  2. DumbleDerp

    Throwing 5 Star Op Missions - Intentional/Incompetent

    I do wonder if perhaps an element of this is that the player in question feels they had a bad game and so intentionally screws the game over to get another chance on their <50% XP bonus... of course, that's just cynical of me right?
  3. DumbleDerp

    Throwing 5 Star Op Missions - Intentional/Incompetent

    Well one replay I have sent to a YTuber, but I doubt it'll be featured. That replay was so painfully deliberate
  4. Hey all, It's been a while since I've been active on the forums, but I have been playing a little WoWs lately in between all the other things I've got going on. I'll been playing the hell out of the operations and have been noticing a disturbing and reoccurring action by a tiny minority of players - I have searched for this topic but couldn't find it - happy to be directed. I've been playing Op Killer Whale a lot and have had a number of battles where we reach 5 stars and when this happens, one player per battle seems to do everything they can to cause a defeat right at the last second by sailing out of the exit point. This morning alone I've had a 5 star defeat because one sailed out at the last moment, after sitting perfectly still on the edge. Again just before deciding the write this, a Warspite turned away from the exit and sailed away. We were only saved at the last moment but a heroic Graf Spee Captain (Juvenis80 - hero! ) who sailed into some torps and snatching victory back in the last 5 minutes. I just wanted to know how common this situation is among the community. I surely can't be the only one? It's exceptionally frustrating that the whole team puts effort into working together and that one person has the power, for whatever reason to screw it all up.... thoughts?
  5. DumbleDerp

    PSA - Patch 0.6.10 problems

    Nothing has changed.... nothing...
  6. DumbleDerp

    I have no shame.....Hood purchased on NA/EU

    In all seriousness, hope you enjoy it. I'll take a look at the other bundles later. Just not prepared to drop that money on this game anymore.
  7. DumbleDerp

    Campaign still locked and no Hood?

    Agreed. I really want this ship, but I'm going to wait a while for the other bundles. That price is just...
  8. DumbleDerp

    7 day ban

    I'm mostly surprised that it was only 7 days, but you seem well on your way to earn more.
  9. DumbleDerp

    Submarines Confirmed!

    Well, while I don't claim to be beyond the intelligence of a potato, I really do agree with you. I can't help but wonder what people who keep calling for subs in game think it'd really be like if they implemented them. I think about how they might play and be implement and just cannot imagine them being any fun what-so-ever.
  10. I have also requested something similar. I suppose the problem is that no one wants to come out and say something negative about the game, i.e. Our game is polluted by some filthy trolls. I think in this case though it would strengthen the community and help enforce this is as what it is, for 99.9% of the time, a friendly and supportive community. I should add that when I see people being racist or threatening in chat I use the report function, but also screenshot it and raise a ticket. I think if enough people would do that we can get this people out and gone.
  11. DumbleDerp

    The game is dust

  12. DumbleDerp

    Ticket raised - what do you think my chances are? ;)

    I remember that well. It's taught me a valuable... which was to never do that
  13. DumbleDerp

    Have anyone seen anything like this victory?

    I had a game some time ago, might even have been in CBT where some dd's went it and capped the enemy base without any ships being sunk at all. Depressing game.
  14. DumbleDerp

    British cruisers sneak peek