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  1. Airborne_Engineer

    Manual fire control

    Best information!.. I was using the ships AIM to select the target... not the mouse pointer... this is a great example of misleading or unclear information provided by WG... please amend to say this WG
  2. Airborne_Engineer

    Manual fire control

    CTRL+Click even when I used X to select the ship doesnt work... totally crappy explanation and CTRL as default makes mouse cursor appear... There really needs to be a better explanation and it needs to be an option in commands (where it is NOT listed in the game controls within the game!).. it is stupid that its not listed and you have to hunt high and low and it doesnt work properly
  3. Airborne_Engineer

    Manual fire control

    thanks for pasting that text in here... your link just takes you to the google result and the wiki thereafter... not to the text... cheers
  4. Airborne_Engineer

    Manual fire control

    ctrl+click... very difficult to use and just wouldnt work in my last battle no matter how many times I did it :(
  5. Airborne_Engineer

    Manual fire control

    WG please can you supply the correct and full list of commands in a downloadable file so we can easily understand how to master the game rather than relying on hearsay or trial and error, this is not a big ask as there must be one and it should be easily available and is clearly in your remit to do so. Many thanks
  6. Airborne_Engineer

    Manual fire control

    Thank you so much :-) I couldn't find instructions for it... where are they please?
  7. Airborne_Engineer

    Manual fire control

    Apologies if I am just dumb! I can't get this to work at all? I try selecting the target (x key) on the one I want to hit yet even at v close range the secondaries just sit there doing nothing, please can someone help me out here and tell me what I am doing wrong (hopefully without trolling me :-) ) Many thanks