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  1. Disabling "Radio Location Marker" and "Target Lock Markers" did the trick for me. Max Speed works constantly now.
  2. Rokkford

    [ALL] ModStation

    Same here. I have installed. Yesterday it worked like charme.
  3. "Show max speed of target at crosshair" works sporadically. On the first game of the day it does not work and during further games it shows "null kn" for about 50 % of the targeting time .
  4. Rokkford

    [ALL] ModStation

    "Max Speed of Target" works sporadically for me. During some games I get "null kn" as output. The mod "Ship-Info-Panel" shows the max. speed of the enemies ships without any problems. Windows 10 (10.0.19041) x64 [8 GB] WOWS EU (GameCenter) [31.01.2021 02:19:39] Crosshairs: + Max Speed of Target Dynamic Crosshairs: + Smart Horizon + Nomogram Classic + Nomogram Stiv372 + Nomogram Modern + Nomogram Modern Green + Nomogram Classic Top + Nomogram Classic Top Web Gun Markers: + Gun Marker V4 Zeiss and FOV: + Zeiss Zoom FOV x25 Battle Interface Design Kit: Detection Markers: + Markers «Battle Wave» Radio Location modifications: + Radio Location Marker Blue Target-Marker Modifications: + Target-Lock Marker «Green» Ship Icons: + Customizable Panels by Roslich Modifications of the combat interface: + Radar Timer + Detection Timer After Main Battery Fire Ship Info Panel: + Info Panel: Enemy + Info Panel: Self Minimap Modifications: + AutoSpy Minimap Advanced Chat: + Advanced Chat AutoSpy + Advanced Battle Loading Screen Navigator: + Navigator Big Port: + Good News + Extended MiniCarousel + Ships Win Rate + All Ships in Tree + Learned Crew Skills in Frames + Session stats + Camouflage Filters + MXcamo Bright Awards and Commanders: + Ships Modified Ports: + Hamburg Advanced Lighting + Night Ocean Other Modifications: Post-Processing Modifications: + Borderless Binoculars Setting the FPS Value: + FPS value: 60