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  1. Kleist_

    Kremlins AA

    Dunno guys. Peeps just keep on bombing me in ranked. Are u reffering to t8 or t10 cv's?
  2. Kleist_

    CV Rework Discussion

    Just had a battle in ranked. Enemy midway torpedo squadron flew into a fleet squadron consisting of a conq, wooster, yama and my demoines. Managed to torp the yama and exit with one plane lost. Working as intended. Left me speechless.
  3. Kleist_

    My Swan Song to World of Warships

    So tell me, please, the build in which I could invest so my i.e. Roma would beecome half decent in fighting aircraft. Tnx in advance.
  4. Kleist_

    RU BBs first impressions

    Got detonated three times yesterday in Izmail with a torpedo hit. One bow, one stern and for one I cant t remember. Think the flag is mandatory.
  5. Kleist_

    RU BBs first impressions

    Got t5 and 6. Both can be extremely punishing and may seem OP to obliterated ship. However, there are two things which balance them: 1. carriers love you as you dont have aa so to say. 2. A slight mistake in positioning and you're out. Deleted. For me, it's absolutely wonderful not to get trolled by rngesus when catching someone with their pants down. Hands down the best BBs I've played so far.
  6. Kleist_

    Which ship has the best horn?

    Yeah... weekend it is.
  7. Kleist_

    simple question about balancing.

    Ok. Our opinions on the matter differ. Good luck.
  8. Kleist_

    simple question about balancing.

    If they want you dead...you are dead. Nothing you can do. I mean you can stay in aa bubble, but what good will it do?
  9. Kleist_

    simple question about balancing.

    Gonna setup my Shima for AA...wait oh... Gonna take 20km torps and be useless. Yeah...dd can survive two cvs only if they're driven by morons.